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Dog House Size Charts – 440 Breeds, Metric And Imperial. So be prepared to take them on longs walks, or make sure your yard is properly secured for fun and games. The pointer breed usually stays around 22-24 inches and weighs about 44-66 pounds. Typically they are small-to-medium in size, and make wonderful house pets. These dogs were used to point at birds and given the name Gun Dog. They are extremely high energy, which can be concerning around small children that are unable to walk the dog or control them. The pointer’s coat can have solid coloring in any of these shades, however, white with markings are most common on the English Pointer. Sighthounds are usually very fast runners like the greyhound, while on the other hand, the scent hounds are more sturdy and slow like the bloodhound. They can feel your emotions and tend to emulate them. Why did my dog's nose turn from black to pink? This coat comes in a few different colors based on the breed of dog. Setters are not an aggressive dog, but they do not like strangers and can be very protective of their human family. My Setter St Bernard Mix Leia Englishsetter Lab Pointer Mix Is This The Right Dog For You English Pointer X Irish Setter Puppies For Sale Emsworth Hampshire Pets4homes German Shorthaired Pointer Vs English Setter Breed Comparison Both breeds dogs are bred to work so the pups will have plenty of energy and need lots of exercise. You’ll find dogs like the Affenpinscher and the miniature schnauzer in this group. They are an incredibly intelligent dog and extremely loving and loyal. The Hound group is the oldest of the groups. Your email address will not be published. They can be nervous around a human who is nervous or scared. The Setter family is very intelligent and can be trained, however, these canines have a mind of their own. Both types are great dogs if you are looking for a game hunting partner or a family dog. We will also look into the group these two breeds are in. This is not a complete description of all coverage terms, conditions, and limitations; see your plan for a full description. We use affiliate links throughout the site. Dogs in the sporting group are breeds that hunt. They are a medium-sized dog. These dogs are best with a very active family. It is important to care for your Pointer mix dog properly with the right exercise and feeding to prevent obesity and other concerns. That being said, let’s take a quick and brief look at those groups, shall we?. But what we really want to know is the differences between the two. The wonderful canines assisting their human in pursuing and catching their hunt. The Pointer originated in the 1650s in England. He would do 2 … He looks similar to the Tollers and simply the working Irish Setters. Keep in mind that both these types of canines need a lot of daily exercise.

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