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Although prepared foods like this absolutely have a place in your overall food storage, you should not be relying completely on these foods to make up your entire stockpile. The survival food list we’ve complied below is a cost effective way for a new prepper, or someone rebuilding their stockpile from scratch to make 1 simple trip to the grocery store and walk out with 30 days of long-term storable food … Often times this leads to newer preppers taking far too long to even get to 30 days of stored food, which is the bare minimum everyone should have on hand, right now, no matter what. Link to this comment. It doesn’t matter if the jar’s seal is opened or unopened, just make sure it’s stored in a dark place at room temperature. Name Olive oil will taste rancid once it has gone bad. I made a checklist of the long-term survival foods I discussed above. These potato flakes are guaranteed to last you up to 15 years. Their dehydration process guarantees a shelf life of up to 15 years. So long that there is no moisture or oxygen present, they can last up to 30 years. My recommendation is to mark your food on the front with a permanent marker. It’s possible that it will crystalize at some point, but don’t let that scare you! 34. Keyword here is “pure” maple syrup. It’s perhaps not the tastiest survival food, but it’s a good dose of protein for emergencies. If left in the freezer, it will stay fresh indefinitely. Another good option is to purchase fruit from long-term storage food companies. I was worried there for a minute! Raw honey can be kept indefinitely. If you’re ever in doubt of food being unsafe to eat, consider your health the priority always and go with your gut feeling. Good luck to all!! An unopened box of dry jello mix, or unflavored gelatin, will last indefinitely in the pantry. The list above is written with the consideration that the food discussed is in its original packaging and unopened. The key word here is “pure” since the artificial extract will not have nearly the same nutritional properties nor an indefinite shelf life. Powdered milk can last up to 25 years if properly stored. Ramen Soup Check your fruit periodically to make sure there are no signs of spoilage. Pasta can last up to 30 years when no moisture or oxygen is present. If possible, purchase these from a supplier who sells long-term food storage because their packaging and sealing process is designed to preserve whole wheat grains longer than the packages you often find at the store. 8. I considered re-stocking on MREs but after reading this I can come up with a blended meal package. 12. For long-term food storage, packages are often flushed out with nitrogen to remove any oxygen that is present and then an oxygen absorber is also added. Email Address The intent is to simplify the beginning stages of storing food and to get you to a minimum of 30 days of stored food as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. They are great options to have because they provide you peace of mind without having to worry about expiration dates and having to rotate your supply constantly. 37. Your food storage should be just as balanced as your daily food intake already is, if you wouldn’t eat Mountain House every day of the week now, why would that change in a long-term disaster scenario? 44. Not only are they tasty, but more importantly they provide a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that your body needs to survive. There are many different methods to preserve food. CORN SYRUP There are products that it’s nearly impossible to do this because they’re very water dense. I left more blank entry space on the tools template than any other knowing the list of tools preppers stockpile is not only nearly endless, but specific to the needs of thier location and skill set. Most likely, the shelf life of those products will be significantly less than a product which contains less moisture. No way to keep dairy, but there are some nut or rice milks that don’t required cold storage. Opened jars of coconut oil will last a few months after being opened. GHEE This statistic is inconceivable considering Venezuela was one of the richest countries in South America not too long ago. Adding a moisture absorber to the package might enhance its shelf life. 14. 30. For instance, how much to put in a 5 gallon can of rice? Water and food are our lifelines and we must have plenty of provisions to cover our future needs, not just tomorrow’s. 27. Pemmican is also known as the ultimate survival superfood because it can last fifty or more years if made and stored correctly. BAKING SODA Countries in extreme poverty deal with this constantly whether they’re involved in a war or not. Can you envision going to the grocery store and finding aisles and aisles of empty shelves? All you risk in consuming tea past its expiration date is quality. If opened, leave it in the fridge or freeze it. Instead, eat salt-free crackers, whole grain cereals, and canned foods … 21. Try out this recipe! Food can be cured, pickled, pasteurized, dehydrated, freeze-dried, and heat processed. Some products can have a longer shelf life if they’re stored in the refrigerator or freezer but they risk losing flavor or nutritional value. POWDERED MILK I would recommend you don’t store them any longer than that. Your email address will not be published. Canned beans can likely stay good for up to 6 years if stored under the best conditions, possibly longer. It may even last longer if kept sealed in a dry container and stored in a cool, dark location. Tools Inventory PDF Download. This used to be a food staple for soldiers during the Civil War. OLIVE OIL It’s recommended to grind it as you need it. Powdered eggs are an egg-cellent shelf stable option. FREEZE-DRIED MEALS Egg-cited yet? Your email address will not be published. The survival gear below, therefore, will likely be stockpiled by all types of survivalists and preppers alike. Unopened extra virgin coconut oil can last from 2 to 5 years so long that the  container is stored in a cool, dark place. Thanks for the printable list!

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