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These animals spend most of their days in over 20 acres of wood, foraging for nuts, roots, and insects in addition to their supplemental feeds. Florida Fields to Forks, Jan Pence and Brock Hall. Depending on the time of year, we may also have organically grown herbs, pork, rabbit, vegetables, hanging baskets, and fruit trees. Website:; Facebook:; Instagram: the best organic citrus value anywhere—guaranteed. We also offer organic seeds and organic gardening supplies. No antibiotics. The                                          , quirky, marketing arm of. A significant portion of George’s operation revolves around the production and conservation of forages. In an odd, quirky, way we wanted to draw attention to helping Cancer Warriors and Caregivers. MANATEE MEAT COMPANY. Pasture Prime Wagyu produces 100% Grass-fed WAGYU “American Kobe” Beef. Our system is also helping our earth! We have an open door policy at the farm. These cattle are raised on the best grasses that Florida can grow all naturally. By USDA law we can only sell you a whole lamb carcass that has been inspected by a USDA inspector. Find your ideal Sushi & Japanese Restaurants, Donut Shops, or other Manatee … Purchases can be made through our website, picked up at various nearby locations, and locally delivered. maintained with ample shade. Stalwart Heritage Stock is a family farm in Live Oak, Florida. We are one of the few American lamb producers in the southeast US that produce all natural grass fed (gourmet) lamb carcasses that have a dress weight from 65 to 95 pounds and are under one year of age. We do this by continually traveling around the state and tasting the individual products of each of our ranch and farm partners, before they are personally selected to partner with our farm. Our birds are able to roam around and do things chickens are meant to do on a spacious grassy area, rotated daily to allow the grass time to recover and give the birds fresh forage to munch on. Because we harvest under federal Inspection, they can also sell that meat legally to others. We have free-range, natural grain and grass-fed beef, fresh home grown eggs with future plans for adding plants, veggies, herbs, fruits, berries, citrus, custom meats, mushrooms, honey, cut flowers, Bahia hay and livestock from our registered heirloom breeding trio of New Zealand Kune-kune pigs, chicks, lambs, calves, gosling's, ducklings and Guinea hens. We brought a broke leg heifer calf home that had been stepped on in the pens and the Lord said, "Don't sell her, keep her." Proceeds from these sales help fund the monthly donation boxes to Share the Care and Florida Cancer Specialist & Research Institute. We are a NO-antibiotic, hormone, pesticide, herbicide or insecticide farm. (386) 330-2302. Manatee Farms (941) 794-1226. All of our products—dairy and eggs—are labeled “not for human consumption,” in accord with Florida law and regulation, since they are not produced or packed in an approved facility. Please E-mail E-mail: Beyond the Farm page. We are waiting to get certified organic This group, Share the Care in Orlando Florida, helped me, and I want to recognize their challenges and achievements. | California | Canada | Colorado We process regularly on the farm and can also provide free range eggs (for pick-up only). Our grazing management practices are low-stress and adaptive to our grasses and the nutritional needs of our cattle. Our animals are raised and slaughtered humanely, and we make sure that our pastured grass fed products are the best you can get. criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. $39.00 Price. All of the chickens are fed a high quality, non-GMO feed from Kraut Creek Farms. To ensure their diet remains healthy and lush, they are moved seasonally around the farm, always having access to fresh grass. Our Florida ranch and farm partners are all committed to beyond organic farming practices, and grow a variety of different forages for their various herds and flocks. Our family produces beautiful household and gift items from farm grown products and natural materials we gather. Manatee Farms is a wholesale florist and nursery plant grower in Manatee county 45mins south of Tampa Florida. W US 90, Greenville, FL 32331. This also allows me to control the genetics of my cattle population. We have high quality, tender, grassfed and grass finished beef available by request. Website: Raising trustworthy food without chemicals, medications, or factory farming techniques. On the farm we have an honor system in place: drive up to the farm fridge, grab what you like and leave cash, check in money box by the door, or use the Venmo app. We are a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise and a Fresh From Florida Farm. The pig was very good but the cow was horrible. We are a small family farm and milk around 120 cows and have about another 140 animals on the farm. Check us out on instagram @olivorfarm and on Facebook @olivorheritagefarms. the organic label even if they are. (850) 956-5175 850-270-8804. Our growing conditions are such that, with good pasture management, pasture forage is available every day. Website: To purchase our beef go to Lake Meadow Naturals is located just outside Orlando, FL and just one mile off the 429 and West Road with easy access from the turnpike. Hauling is available. They sleep in the barn and are milked once a day. Website: We do practice traditional, low stress methods of livestock handling, frequent moves to fresh pasture and humane treatment at all times. are made of fruits (fresh, farm grown or locally grown) and organic sugar. Management: The dairy herd—milkers and dry does—are pastured daily. These practices have been found to assure the healthiest beef you can eat. No antibiotics! We offer non-GMO chicken eggs, antibiotic-free duck eggs and turkey eggs. County, 13 miles from Lake City/ I-75. Website: Our pastures do not receive any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. E-mail: | West Virginia | Wisconsin Our small herd is 100% grass-fed on improved pastures, rotationally grazed for best feed values, land utilization and conservation practices. Visit our website and feel free to contact us with more questions. Blue Bear Farm & Cattle Co., LLC is a small, family-owned and operated farm in southwest Georgia conveniently located between Thomasville, GA and Tallahassee, FL. Website: Price Creek Farm, Scott and Kay Gove, 10191 SE CR 245, Lake City, FL 32025. Pasture raised and finished. We are proud to bring you all grass (forage) fed nutrient dense beef from our family farm to your dinner plate in individual USDA inspected packages and custom harvest by the half or whole animal. We are a small family-owned and operated farm. years to produce fresh local meat available to the public under USDA Email: or (850) 849-7131. Experience the satisfaction of knowing your food and your farmer! CANADA | All-Grass There I found some of the most dedicated caregivers who give tirelessly every day, all day. In an odd, quirky, way we wanted to draw attention to helping Cancer Warriors and Caregivers. E-mail us for beef availability and to reserve poultry. This is a point you need to investigate whenever you think you are buying grassfed beef. We offer home delivery and drop points within a 50-mile radius and attend the Haile Village Farmers’ Market (5212 SW 91st Terrace, Gainesville, FL) every Saturday, year round. Website: We also ship live, day-old biddies. My dream is to bring back the golden days of farming: when farmers could feed their food to their own children, when neighbors could trust their local farmers to provide safe and responsible nutrition.

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