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The odds of winning is especially high when there is a big jackpot, so make sure you buy a ticket when you get the chance! After you reach decent stats for each of your needs, you may be tempted to stop meditating, going to the gym, or studying in the library. You might not always get it, but you won’t know unless you try. You will still have to pay your loans and bills even if you are in jail, though. Sometimes you get rich, generous parents. There will be random events in your life where you will have the option to hit another person. It is not just about gold digging, though. You are also free to have a relationship with characters of any gender. You can also make crazy choices and just watch the hilarious consequences. Regardless of the choices you make, our compilation of BitLife – Life Simulator cheats, tips and tricks is here to help you achieve your goals! One doctor you should stay away from, regardless of illness, is the witch doctor. That means you will lose money without having any opportunity to earn it back. If you continue to hit the books, you will have better chances of landing a good job. Once you have enough savings from your military career, you can opt to get an advanced degree or find a new career. Of course, if your goal is to live fast and die young, feel free to ignore this tip. Make sure you only invest in a house that is in green condition. You would want to buy property with cash as much as possible. Just buy around ten tickets every year and you will eventually win. If you do get addicted, you will have to go to rehab. Doing so will give you a significant boost in happiness as well as improve your relationship with your family and friends. The good news is, these two are things you can actually work on. BitLife has over 100 endings, and they all depend on your choices. Even though the characters in the game are given specific tendencies, you can still choose a different sexual orientation. For example, if a loved one dies, the natural effect would be the loss of your happiness. If you feel like asking your spouse for a threesome, make sure your relationship is rock solid. Some things cannot be avoided, but you should still try to keep these things from happening if you can. Of course, the definition of best life is entirely up to you. It usually takes around four or five characters in order to win, but that is still a pretty good chance. Make sure you build up strong relationships and have a lot of money as well. If you have poor connection or if you are offline, the ad won’t play and you won’t get any boosts. Other times, of course, puberty does nothing and you end up pretty much the same. BitLife Achievements Guide – 1º-30º. If you decide that you want to go to college, you need to start preparing even when your character is still young. You just need to find the time to study once a year in order to build up your character’s future. Make sure you take your spouse to the cinemas often, especially after a fight. Sometimes, puberty will do its magic and turn your ugly duckling into a beautiful young adult. Buy low and sell high in order to make a lot of money! There are a few ways you can accomplish this. Spending too much money on unnecessary things could get you broke. You will need to work hard to recover any stats that you lose, so it is really better to play it safe to begin with. Keep working on your stats even if they are already good in order to maintain your quality of life. With version 1.32 of BitLife, you can make this fantasy (well, for 99 percent of us) as close as you could get to reality by heading to the Specialty Vehicles Dealer section of the Shopping menu and choosing from a wide range of planes. It is still a good idea to buy one to at least help you get things done. Another tip for these is to keep your health relatively poor. For example, if you are born to parents with low generosity, they might not want to lend you a lot of money even if they have plenty of it. For example, if a loved one dies, the natural effect would be the loss of your happiness. However, skipping college will make certain job opportunities unavailable to your character. When you reach 18 years old, it’s time to murder someone and get convicted. However, not a lot of people get the results they want. For Psychology, Biology, apply for medical school. A character can have strong heterosexual tendencies but can still become gay or bisexual through the choices you make. Make sure you get caught and pick a public defender as your defense lawyer. Not everything is within your control, though. Unfortunately, there are some risk factors in this as well. Studying once a year does not have immediate effects, but when you graduate from high school, you have a better chance of getting college scholarships. Low monthly expenses and a good job that pays six figures should do the trick. Download Bitlife on PC now. Much like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Kobe Bryant, you can choose to drop out of school or even not go to the university at all. If your spouse finds out about the affair, you would end up with a child and a divorce. You can also continuously join different gangs, which will have the same outcome. For example, if your character has schizophrenia, you will need to go to alternative doctors regularly, meditate, go to the gym, and spend a lot of time with your family and friends. Real estate is where the money is, so invest well on property. However, there will be times when it is better to just start over. Just make sure you have internet connection before going to the movies because the game will need to access the ads online. You could enlist in the military and make your career there. Some people say life is all about the choices you make. Keep in mind that there will be incidents that can reduce your stats. College is definitely a luxury option if you think about the loans you have to pay afterwards. When it comes to relationships, though, you will just need to spend time with your family and friends. You could end up becoming a single mom and never hearing from that stranger ever again. How to complete the Shawshank Challenge in BitLife . There are a few other needs to fulfill aside from money. Attacking will lead to some severe consequences such as fights or even a shootout. Choose the emigrate option and select Mexico from the list. The down side would be your student loans. Related: BitLife (iOS) Best Life and Legacy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Live a Perfect Virtual Life. The odds of winning the lottery is pretty high compared to real life. Before getting into a relationship, make sure you check how much money they have. If you decide to stick to one job for the rest of your character’s life, you may do so. If you choose to go to college, jobs with higher salaries will become available to you. The same is true for intelligence rating. The big one is making too much money, this can cause you to get some of the cash based Ribbons. The game will automatically result in you into a drug addict, drunkard, maniac or even mentally unstable. If your character goes to jail, you will lose your job and your relationship rating with everyone will go down. Try to avoid random hookups unless you can afford to have kids. Continuing good study habits throughout college will also increase your chances of getting interviewed for good jobs after you get your degree. Follow everything listed in our BitLife – Life Simulator guide and you will be achieving your life goals in no time! You will also need to invest in your relationship with them. Live life the way you want it in this epic real life simulator. Doing so will only make you lose more money. You will be faced with numerous choices in each year of your life, and your goal is to live out the best possible life. For medium illnesses like laryngitis, you will need to go to the doctor. Otherwise, you could end up losing your job, all of your money, destroy your relationships, and worst of all, you could die young. For minor illnesses like a cold or food poisoning, you could just wait for them to go away naturally. Other times, you don’t get any of the three. If you really want better looks, the plastic surgeon is your best bet. For example, someone could come up and insult you or a loved one. Avoid buying property that has high maintenance and mortgage costs. Is punching someone really worth all that trouble? Jail is a very real possibility in this game, especially if you assault someone. If they die, you could inherit their millions! All these are negative consequences that are not worth the benefits of trying out addictive substances, so it is best if you just steered clear of them. You should also pay attention to the condition of the house before purchasing. This could be troublesome especially if it’s just a one-night stand with some stranger you met at the gym. The locations are random, so you can either age or restart your app until Mexico shows up. You could choose to roll with the punches and try to make the best out of what you are given. Fortunately, we rounded up some useful tips to bring to the right endings. Resist that temptation. It is a matter of luck, but you would still be able to go through life without dashing good looks, so it is up to you if you really want to do something about it. Eventually, suppose your character is a hard-worker. Of course, you will need to find a job – but expect to get the lamest blue-collar work like a sales clerk in a grocery store or a janitor in a corporate building. You can go for the traditional route where you go to school, graduate, get a job, find a spouse, have kids, and grow old. The key is to play often. For serious illnesses like schizophrenia, there is no cure. It also helps protect you from negative events and increase your chances of good encounters. That is just for when you are still a minor, though. Doing so will yield great results like large family inheritance, healthier networks, and even fall in love and have a family of your own. If your target spouse is significantly better looking than you, the chances of getting that person to love you back will be pretty low.

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