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We found out this week that deer have the ability to swim long distances in the ocean, and we can't stop talking about it. Saltwater crocodiles enjoy catching a wave and can travel hundreds of kilometres by "surfing" on ocean currents, a study suggests. It depends very much on the location, the state of the sea, and your strength and stamina as a swimmer. We were hanging out eating steak tips, drinking wine, and enjoying conversation when someone brought up the little-known fact that deer can swim. When under attack, it runs and lure its predator into a trail with lots of obstacles. Deer are amazing animals. All rights reserved. e9 = new Object(); A deer has the ability to bound very well since it can cover a distance of about 30 feet in one leap. You might think that if you come across a deer while going fishing in the ocean right? We were invited to Avalon Medical Spa's Grand Opening Gala on Tuesday night. One resident commented that he has seen deer swimming in the harbor for years as they make their way to the Norwalk Islands, which have now become overrun with deer. This deer was swimming for its life and it looked like it had been doing that for some time. We were invited to Avalon Medical Spa's Grand Opening Gala on Tuesday night. The Story of Leaner, a 197-Inch Wisconsin Archery Buck, How to Stock Up on Food and Supplies for a Long, Uncertain Winter, How to Build the Best Emergency Go-Bag for Your Truck, 35 Pieces of Deer-Hunting Wisdom to Read Before You Hunt This Season, 5 Western States to Hunt for the Ultimate Upland Road Trip, How to Kill Big Bucks in States That Allow Baiting...Without Baiting, Forget Boats—Bowfishing on Foot Is Cheap, Fun, and Easier Than You Might Expect, Struggling to Hit Birds? Try This Midseason Shotgun Tune-Up, Rifle Mistakes You Should Definitely Avoid This Hunting Season, USDA Strips Tongass Roadless-Rule Protections, Favoring Subsidized Logging Interests Over Hunters, Anglers, and Wildlife, An Ohio Hunter’s First Buck May Be a Record-Book Whitetail. Here's some video of a deer escaping a pack of wild dogs by swimming in the ocean. 'Show Us Your App' Contest Debuts This Weekend. This, it does, so as to slow it down. Well I guess that’s what these boys thought to themselves when they saw this dow while they were fishing quite a long way from shore in Chesapeake Bay. "How in the world can they do it?" A Bonnier Corporation Company. Copyright © 2020 Outdoor Life. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Deer are amazing animals. It amazes me that they aren't fearful of drowning and they know how far they can swim without tiring out. Despite what someone has said, sharks are probably one of the lowest risks in the open ocean. They can't propel water.". "Their hooves are so small. When it saw the boat it started to swim towards it but when it saw the guys it kept its distance. One of them had some cowboy experience and using a lasso reeled it in the boat. Believe it or not, it's true.

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