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Use of the most appropriate finning style for the circumstances can increase propulsive efficiency, reduce fatigue,[1] improve precision of maneuvering and control of the diver's position in the water, and thereby increase the task effectiveness of the diver and reduce the impact on the environment. Rotation about the longitudinal horizontal axis is called rolling, and is can be performed by using opposed leg motions similar to those used for flutter kick, but with the fins spread a bit wider apart and with the fins held straighter, to concentrate thrust vertically on the power stroke, and feathered for the return stroke. The downwards propulsion of water also disturbs sand and another bottom sediment, leading to a reduction in visibility. A good fit of the foot pocket helps with efficiency and is important for comfort. The dolphin kick is the only technique that applies to the monofin. Optimisation for one generally implies degradation of capabilities in the other, and other factors such as durability and cost also influence manufacture and selection. One of the advantages of the frog kick is that it can be used effectively with short, stiff fins, with little blade angle offset, which are also effective for the backward kick and helicopter turns and general maneuvering in confined spaces, but less efficient for the flutter kick and continuous moderate to high speed finning. [2][4], The technique has been described as half frog kick and half reverse kick, using one leg for each. Finning for propulsion involves methods of producing thrust with the intention of linear motion through the water on the long axis of the body. The movements are larger than those of the modified frog and flutter kicks, and the fins are more likely to contact the surroundings in a confined space. If you have ever seen a frog moving in the water, you'll know why this kick is named after our amphibian friend. [2][8] It may take a little practice to master, but learning this kick is worth the effort. Feel the fins flexing as a natural extension of the kicking motion. To maintain this position, known as proper trim, a diver may find it helpful to look ahead, arch his back slightly, thrust his hips forward, and extend his arms in front of his body. Because of the direction of thrust is mostly in line with the diver, or slightly upwards, it is suitable for situations where disturbing the silt on the bottom can cause dramatic loss in visibility, such as inside wrecks and caves, and at any other time when the diver needs to swim close to a silty substrate. [7] Frog kick is also usefully effective when used without fins. Nevertheless it is possible to loop forwards or backwards using only the fins for propulsion. It also brings the fins further out to the sides of the diver's body and may lead to accidental contact with a reef or other structures. The trick to the thrusting step is to make a slow, powerful motion. Frog Kick: How to Master doing the Scuba Frog Kick - YouTube When performed correctly, the frog kick places less stress on a diver's legs, knees and … [2] Reducing the available volume in the lower leg of the suit limits air volume without adding significant mass, and gaiters can also streamline the fastest moving part of the diver. Monofins are relatively efficient at thrust production for linear motion, but are incompatible with most finning techniques, and when optimised for speed or acceleration, are generally relatively bulky and fragile,[5] and are incompatible with most finning maneuvering techniques, which involve simultaneous different motions for each foot. [1], Forward movement through the water has been used as a substitute for neutral buoyancy, particularly before buoyancy compensators became available, and still is used for this purpose. He should be looking forward. [1] This can be done to some extent by streamlining diving equipment, and by swimming along the axis of least drag, which requires correct diver trim. The frog kick is an efficient and effective kick. The glide part of the stroke is essential for reasonable efficiency, so to be efficient frog kick requires good buoyancy control, and it is not efficient against a current. [2], Flutter kick is effective for acceleration and sustained speed, particularly over moderate to long distances. Whip kick pushes water backward to propel swimmer forward (law of motion--press one way, go the other) Knees stay close together--no wider than hips or shoulders but not necessarily touching. [5], The frog kick is a propulsion kick used particularly by cave divers, wreck divers, and those who practice the Doing It Right philosophy. 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The frog kick is the kick which is best used for most of the diving we do. Hazard identification and risk assessment, This page was last edited on 19 April 2020, at 12:08. There are many benefits to frog kicking. The frog kick is not as effective with split fins as it is with blade fins or turtle fins. My first dive was in a murky lagoon in Key Largo, Florida. [1][2] The modified frog kick arches the back and retains slightly bent knees during the power stroke, which keeps the thrust further away from the bottom when swimming above silt. [2] Diving equipment which is bulky usually increases drag, and reduction of drag can significantly reduce the effort of finning. The first step of the frog kick is to assume the starting position as shown above. However, a diver should avoid spreading his legs and opening his knees very widely, as this does not contribute to the kick and wastes energy.

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