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If you have a generic cable, download from the same forum post you got the MSI, then extract it and install the generic FTDI D2XX driver. Please email for a price quote on a similar package for the AHU/1Z engine (1996-1998 Jetta and Passat) and BEW engine. Very responsive and forthcoming with information on questions or concerns. Very happy with my choice, I can’t begin to express how good Jeff went through the process of tuning my car, helped me step by step. V2 Hybrid Turbos for BMW M57 Diesels - 335D and X5 35D, BMW 335D World Record for the 1/4 Mile, OBD Tuning and New Hybrid Turbo Kits. Q Loader, tuning, chip, ECU, level 1, chip tuning, flash programming, Q, TDI chip tuning, tuning, TDI, kermaWare, Aligator, Malone Tuning. -Mike in Michigan. Super car territory...the BMW 335D JR4 Class - 464 WHP and 715 Ft. Lbs. Working with Jeff was an absolute pleasure. The real joy that comes from driving a fuel efficient car- that becomes really fun to drive. The file itself can be found at: %appdata%\Nefarious Motorsports\NefMotoECUFlasher. awsome tune , fast shipping, very knowledgeable, will reccomend to anyone in the market for a tune. quick to ship. Transmission Stretch Bolts are included but you may want to add the Clutch Lever, Release Clip and Pivot Pin or the Rear Main Seal. Super car territory...the BMW 335D JR4 Class - 464 WHP and 715 Ft. Lbs. At the top of the program choose Fast or Slow Init and Connect, Choose one of the program options (Read/Write/etc), You will notice the activity in the console window. Be forwarned, the power upgrade quest begins with this tune; be prepared to want more by installing a larger turbo, injectors, intercooler, etc. The only Single mass (solid) flywheel kit on the market able to hold the torque from the kit... and does it while remaining as unobtrusive as the stock clutch. ECUs can be read through the OBD port in about five minutes. My only regret is not knowing of his services earlier as I definitely would have had him tune my other two TDI’s! It’s designed to fully utilize stock injectors that have limited fuel flow to begin with. full emissions delete on my 15 tdi now. This is the most powerful tune you can get if everything else in your vehicle is stock. He is willing to help you throughout the process and his response time is spectacular! Just select the USB device and then hover your mouse over it. A KERMA exclusive! 2572 Posts 244 Topics Last post by nyet in Re: Open Source NefMoto ... on October 30, 2020, 03:39:08 PM Tuning. How to install. I got the stage 2 tune and dynamic high idle and it is well worth it! Got a stage 2 tune with egr delete and high idle and love it. They figured out a temporary tune that has enabled me to drive the car while they finish up the permanent tune. Treated me great. If the software is telling the arm to move all the way to one side but it's at its limits, adjust the physical range of movement. Your car will remain reliable for daily transportation, dependable for the long haul, and amazingly smooth and powerful. Power comes on very smooth and holds through the RPM range and has very little to no smoke. Jeff is an awesome guy he helped me through all the questions I had and also his tunes rock! Our ECU calibrations are individually personalized by the kerma tuning department to best use each particular car's modifications. Best tunes I’ve ever had and the fastest response out of anyone I’ve done Business with and very helpful with all. It’s like I am driving a totally different vehicle. Jeff responds quickly and is a wealth of information concerning your alh engine Highly highly recommend! Turn on your ignition (but do not start the car). All things related to the tuning of ecus and associated systems. Inventory Clearance Event 2019; Chevrolet C10 powered by BMW M57 Diesel Engine; V2 HYBRIDS from TuneMyEuro!!! (2003 ALH) Thanks Jeff! Well worth the price. This is vital, if the ECU loses power or voltage dips during any flashing operation recovery may require flashing through. eBay USB VAG KKL using the FTDI D2XX standard driver (Non-affiliated eBay stores: Any dumb OBDII cable using the FTDI USB chip, KWP2000+ Flasher (Does not support dumb mode), Old Ross-Tech KEY-USB (Does not support true dumb mode). increase! Does not allow you to edit any maps, value, etc. Not safe to use with upgraded fueling hardware. I look forward to working with Jeff and Darien on changes to the car in the future. Please enable it to continue. Reading and clearing error codes is also supported. Be forwarned, the power upgrade quest begins with this tune; be prepared to want more by installing a larger turbo, injectors, intercooler, etc. (early ALH 98-99 does not include a Q-loader, but requires shipping your ecu to us for reprogramming. I have a stage 2 on my alh bone stock wagon. The communication was amazing. throttle but behaves normally below that which is great for mpg. This package covers all TDI between model years 2000-2003, with the ALH 90 hp engine.

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