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Did you ever think it would go by so quickly?! Even if it is just for one day — or one week. Could not ask for more. Thank you for this post and I am looking forward to day 21. It’s been good and today is my second days of that 21 days. Mind sharing how much you have lost total since beginning to change your lifestyle? I am really a brand new person in Christ! We will be ending our 21 Days of fast on Sunday, January 26, 2020. Difficulty and Danger I can’t explain or put into words. This time once day 9-11 came it’s been really rough. 2. Did you say 21 days dry? By the end of the fast, the stomach’s capacity for food is nothing like it was at the beginning. It's renewing spiritually, and at the perfect time. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, I AM SO GLAD BROTHER FOR YOUR TESTIMONY. (Maybe 18 but I think I had aimed for 18 and only made it to 16 so I’m muddled in my head with days) I’m 167cm, not sure off the top of my head what that is in feet but it should be in my flair? Thank you Jesus, and I want fasting to be my new lifestyle from now onward. I’ve been trying to go on 5:2 also. I can Hear God clearly , I can see clearly in the spirit. I have never fasted that long, just IF, do you regain mass amounts of weight post fast? 14 days on water and 7 days cransberry juice or green tea once a day but have been vomiting whatever I take today am failing to swallow any liquid not even water please advise. I literally thought I was sick. Day 13 now. I am a ‘pear shaped’ woman and weight loss from hips / ass / thighs is always tricky so to see I had lost so many cm was really motivating for me. You would make it. Thank you so much. Congratulations on beginning your journey of fasting. I'm sure I'll be asking questions. I’m proud of you for persevering to the end. Be careful! I think you probably meant it to mean more like what you said in the last half of that sentence—which I took to mean that you found fasting to be an expression of your gratitude to God… I assume gratitude for His presence, grace, and relationship, etc. This has truly been a great experience and I will definitely be doing this throughout the year as a 3 or 7 day fast. Weight Loss Be disciplined, fellow soldier. I fast once a week regularly . I feel God's presence more than ever before and I have seen fruits of the spirit bearing in my life. Looking forward to my new life. Another key difference between these two fasts is the weight that will be lost after you have completed them. In the midst of devastating illness, Natalie Nichols came to rely on the Word of God to sustain her – and now through Shades of Grace Ministries, she shares a heartfelt message of God’s comfort for life’s trials, inspiring others to seek and apply the Word of God in every circumstance. Thanks you Lord Jesus! Your donation is tax deductible Next, you could include a little toasted bread with a small slice of butter, but no cakes, pastries or cookies. Many people do not consume the recommended amount of water on a daily basis (a half gallon), so doing this cleanse can get you into the habit of drinking water. I think the key for anyone worried about regaining after a fast is that you need to plan for what you will do / eat, you need to think about what temptations may come your way and how to handle them. You could think of it as if the organs have gone into a kind of sleep which became deeper as the fast was extended. You've done well if you've made it five days so far!! One of the biggest perks of doing a water fast is the amazing effect it can have on your skin.

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