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This nation also specializes in eliminating minions and forces. A powerful card that is easy to use in any deck. 3 Rules of the Azura is an amazing finisher. This means that even the lowest costing minion from this nation can take out the most powerful minions in the opposing team. As minions typically cannot attack the same turn they came into play, most minions of this nation have the charge ability and can deal damage the turn they enter the field. They have unique ways of strengthening units in the field and can also return deployed enemy units back to their owner’s hand. It will take some time and several matches to get used to the basic mechanics of Zenonzard even with the tutorial. An avian kingdom, inhabited by angels and chimera. High synergy with purple force destruction decks, can’t turn a game around. For cunning strategies involving Magic cards and the manipulation of Movement. The official AI are the Pet Projects of the Beholder Corporation and each one of the Six AI are specialised in each of the Six nation Decks, ICHI-The red nation deck user (1 in Japanese). Additionally, cards have unqiue colors; red, yellow, purple, green, blue, white, and colorless. Perfect for toying with your opponent using combos and surprise attacks. Perfect for focusing on minion battles and using Forces. An elven country inhabited by beasts and treefolk. Magic block ability is trong, even when used alone. These cards typically have boosts that provide a wide variety of effects as well as other abilities that can complement any deck. Removal, Boardwipe and Finisher in a single card. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The strategies and decisions your AI makes in each scenario can change as he reaches higher ranks. Zenonzard Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Card Designation Cards are separated into total of 7 types: - Red: Aguma - Yellow: Kanatana - Green: Demete - White: Machinas - Blue: Poseido - Purple: Thanatos - Neutral: Wild … A country of androids, inhabited by human and beast-like robots. Perfect for toying with your opponent using combos and surprise attacks. Easy to use alone. Needs dedicated deck. Although most decks only utilize 1 color along with the neutral color, you are also free to mix as many colors as you want in a deck. A luxurious set containing 2 decks, 50 card sleeves, and 3 life count dies. Also focuses on blocking and protecting one's Force. Strong ability when summoned and when attacking. An aquatic kingdom of merfolk and sea serpents. Also focuses on the ability to call forth Token Minions and is quick at weakening opponent's minions. Strong Disruption for any Yellow Deck. Purple - Thanatos - The Nation of Darkness. Poseido’s strength comes from library management that can render it draw cards or look into and select the best cards from the library with conditions. This enables summoning creatures that have high costs fast and can overpower the opposing minions. You just won’t know how the story will unfold! If you see a lot of exclamation marks on the card roster, then you still have a long way to go. Easy to use. While you want to be able to do deck-building and dueling all on your own, it is best for you to initially go with your buddy AI’s recommendations. Deck-building is an important part of Zenonzard and with more than 700 and growing cards you can collect and use, it can be very challenging to build one from scratch as a beginner. Shuffles your deck. Specialties: Focuses on the Infiltrate ability, where a minion can only be blocked by a monster with the same mana cost. Also focuses on strengthening minions and returning minions to the opponent's hand. High Synergy with evoker-based decks. Cards in B Tier are still strong cards but need to be used with other rare cards or have  a high casting cost. Wolf's Gravestone On a more strategic aspect, this nation also utilizes minion movements more efficiently than all other nations. Easy to summon, even stronger when combined with Lucia. Even though they are AI, they each have a unique reason why they want to participate in the Zenon with you. Huge Stats and Excellent removal Resistance but high cost. It was released in Japan on September 10, 2019 for iOS and Android devices. Thanatos – Nation of Darkness (Violet) is exactly how it sounds, banking on the strength of the undead and having special abilities that activate whenever their minion is destroyed. Their unique ability is resurge, which enables minions to be able to maintain an active state at the end of turn even after attacking. There will already be 7 pre-built decks. These cards can be used alone, have a Strong Finisher and are easy to use with low investment. This nation is best for those who want to have forces that stay longer in battle. Machinas have minions that can replenish a force’s points as well as delimit the amount of damage enemy minions can inflict on it. Demete – Nation of Forests (Green) specializes in generating mana faster than all other colors. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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