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We focus on team spirit: The approximate 25,700 employees are the cornerstone of the XXXL Group. In the past three decades, the XXXLutz Group has stood out in the furniture business due to continuous and above-average increase in turnover and revenue. We are the digital organizational unit of the XXXLutz Group. *původní prodejní cena. / Všechny uvedené ceny jsou včetně DPH.

We are a diverse team consisting of Scrum Master, Software Developer, Product Manager, UX Designer & Expert, Cloud Engineer and many more working together in an agile setting from six different locations. Accordingly, our customers’ wishes are our highest priority. With the ups and downs of every market, the Lutz Group can guide you seamlessly through the purchase and sale of your home with professionalism, enthusiasm, open communication, and care. The goal was clear: Success through expansion. Circle of Excellence Recipient. The crucial factor is to know what people really want. Sarah welcomes the challenges and fast pace the real estate industry offers.

Price, quality, service and expertise – the success speaks for itself.

Caroline and her immediate family are all Nashville natives.

This course of action has been marked by success regarding turnover and revenue right from the start. Az XXXLutz szívesen segít Önnek! After Eric flipped his first home in Lebanon, TN and his second home in the Crieve Hall neighborhood of Nashville in less than 10 months, he was totally hooked!

A feltüntetett árak a jelzett kivitelre/összeállításra vonatkoznak, egységárat jelölnek, tartalmazzák az áfát, nem tartalmazzák a szállítás, szerelés, ill. a képeken látható dekorációs kellékek árát.

With the ups and downs of every market, the Lutz Group can guide you seamlessly through the purchase and sale of your home with professionalism, enthusiasm, open communications, and care.

Reaching a goal together is the basis of our success.

The Lutz Group with Benchmark Realty is the heartbeat of all of Middle Tennessee and we look forward to meeting you! In the following decades, the regional furniture shop has gradually turned into one of the largest furniture retailers in the world. 318 Seaboard LaneFranklin, TN 37067Phone: 615-979-4377Email: Tę stronę ostatnio edytowano 29 kwi 2018, 03:28. When you become the Lutz Group’s client, you will have the confidence and security of having a dedicated team of real estate agents that will be acutely attuned to your needs. Sarah’s first property was a flip and has since sold and purchased several additional properties providing her with the insight and knowledge of what is needed to be successful. The Lutz Group with Benchmark Realty is the heartbeat of all of Middle Tennessee and we look forward to meeting you! In 2001, our highly efficient logistics centre was established. Eric was awarded the Circle of Excellence in 2015. This is certainly reflected by the excellent price/quality ratio of our product range including all the latest trends. However, we still have a clear goal – continue to improve customer satisfaction!

One needs to identify with a company 100% in order to give 100%.

Eric has called Middle Tennessee home after attending the University of Tennessee in Knoxville with a degree in Biology in 2005. Zum Konzern gehören die Marken XXXLutz, XXXL, XXXLesnina, Mömax und Möbelix.

Locations: Barcelona, Graz, Koblenz, Vienna, Wels, Würzburg. We excite customers! In 2017, The Lutz Group was awarded the Leader Circle Award for $15,000,000 in sold homes. With a turnover of more than €5.1 billion, the group has become one of the three largest furniture retailers in 2020.

In 2003, the group reached market leadership in Austria with €1.25 billion in total turnover. Strona internetowa XXXLutz GmbH (Austria), Strona internetowa LN-Möbelhandels GmbH (Niemcy),, licencji Creative Commons: uznanie autorstwa, na tych samych warunkach, Korzystasz z Wikipedii tylko na własną odpowiedzialność. / **původní prodejní cena po slevě. Lutz became XXXLutz.

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