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If the engine became hot in traffic, and coolant escaped from the cooling system via the expansion bottle, the reduced volume of fluid left when the engine cooled down again fell below the level of the pump, which would eventually fail as a result. Some of these were due to the perennial problem of poor build quality, endemic to the British motor industry of the time, while others related to design problems in the engine. Envisioned as a luxury sports car, the Stag was designed to compete directly with the Mercedes-Benz SL class models. Braking was by front disc and rear drum brakes, while steering was power-assisted rack and pinion. Thus the average dealer sold only seven or eight Stags during the car's whole production run, or roughly one car per year. This combination of design, manufacturing and maintenance flaws caused a large number of engine failures. This fault may have been worsened by poor quality chains.[6]. †Rover, Land Rover, and Triumph were not part of British Motor Holdings but became part of British Leyland in 1968. The last production Stag (BOL88V) is kept at the Heritage Motor Centre. The wheels are secured with the usual four bolts, but the Rostyle trims have five false bolts. It has sometimes been alleged that Triumph were instructed to use the proven all-aluminium Rover V8, originally designed by Buick, but claimed that it would not fit. Change Location. The latter were more commonly found on Stags sold in North America on Federal Specification vehicles. These add up to an engine that now runs very well. A removable hardtop was a popular factory option for the early Stags, and was later supplied as a standard fitment. Works great, runs cool. Engines are still being discovered with casting sand inside, blocking the coolant passages and causing overheating. Inside, early cars had a slightly different warning light cluster and the instrument dial needles point down rather than up. At the time, British Leyland never provided sufficient budget to correct the few design issues of the Triumph 3.0 litre OHC V8. It has been alleged that internal politics meant that Triumph intended, but were unable, to use the proven but old technology Buick designed all aluminium Rover V8. Their agreement was that if Webster liked the design, Triumph could use the prototype as the basis of a new Triumph model. To meet emission standards in the US, a key target market, the troublesome mechanical fuel injection was dropped in favour of dual Zenith-Stromberg 175 CDSE carburettors. The car started as a styling experiment cut and shaped from a 1963–64 pre-production 2000 saloon, also styled by Giovanni Michelotti. The last production Stag (BOL88V) is kept at the Heritage Motor Centre. The most notable differentiating features between Mark I and Mark II Stags are the sills and tail panel, which are body-colour on the earlier car and low-gloss black on the later. Braking was by front disc and rear drum brakes, while steering was power-assisted rack and pinion. However, renovators over the years did iron out the V8 problems, rather than Triumph engineers. [8] For example, Mark II cars have been known to have Mark I wiring looms or door latches, and certain combinations of body and trim colour persisted past after they were supposed to have been withdrawn. The once-popular Rover V8 conversion powers fewer than 4% of surviving Stags. Consequently the engines were affected by electrolytic corrosion, so that corroded alloy debris came loose and was distributed around inside the engine. Mark III cars returned to having body-colour sills and tail panel, but some acquired a stainless steel sill cover. Modern rubbers used on radiator hoses, heater hoses, fan belts and the likes are technically superior and more reliable than those installed in the 1970s. This point was not widely appreciated by owners or by the dealer network supporting them. Rather unusually for a 4-seat touring car, the accessory list included a sump protector plate that was never produced. First, the late changes to the engine gave rise to design features that were questionable from an engineering perspective. According to the main enthusiast club in the UK, approximately 9,000 Stags are believed to survive in the United Kingdom. Harry Webster had also already started development and testing of a new unique, all Triumph designed overhead cam (OHC) 2.5 litre fuel injected (PI) V8 to be used in the Stag, large saloons and estate cars. The standard fitment was steel wheels with Rostyle "tin-plate" trims. The vision was to allow Triumph to compete in the V8 marketplace. It can in fact be made to fit the space, but the decision to go with the Triumph V8 was probably driven more by the fact that the Buick's different torque characteristics and weight would have entailed substantial re-engineering of the Stag when it was almost ready to go on sale. The end result, a two-door drop head (convertible), had little in common with the styling of its progenitor 2000, but retained the suspension and drive line. Consequently, engines were affected by electrolytic corrosion and white alloy oxide sludge collected in radiator cores, reducing radiator efficiency and causing overheating. The car was launched one year late in 1970, to a warm welcome at the various international auto shows. Anecdotally, this arrangement was used to reduce production costs, as the cylinder head mounting studs and bolt were all accessible with the rocker covers fitted. 1972 Triumph Stag Camaro 3.8 V6 and 4L60E 4 speed auto trans Heat and air by Vintage Air. Both had automatic locking differentials actuated by a viscous coupling and the same Dunlop Maxaret mechanical anti-lock braking system as used in the Jensen. Later cars were supplied with both roofs. Many owners simply replaced the engine altogether, often with the Rover V8, Ford Essex V6, Buick 231 V6, or with the Triumph 6-cylinder engine around which the car was originally designed. Power came from a 3.5-litre Rover V8 and the gearbox and rear axle were lifted from the Rover SD1. Furthermore, Rover, also owned by British Leyland, could not necessarily have supplied the numbers of V8 engines required to match the anticipated production of the Stag anyway.[4]. In 1971 Triumph built a one-off 'production' Stag coupé, called the Fastback, to Michelotti's design with minor detail differences to match the production Stag more closely. pp. Both these cars survive. Any such engine would have required mirror-image cylinder heads to be made, as otherwise the camshaft would have been at the wrong end of the engine.[10]. The block was made from iron and the heads from aluminium, a novel mixture that required the use of corrosion-inhibiting antifreeze all year round. Options included air conditioning, a luggage rack, uprated Koni shock absorbers, floor mats and Lucas Square Eight fog lamps, and a range of aftermarket products, most of which were dealer installed as optional accessories could also be fitted. Of this number, 6,780 were export models, of which 2,871 went to the United States. The no-fit story is probably a myth as Rover, also owned by British Leyland, simply could not supply the numbers of V8 engines to match the anticipated production of the Stag. Many owners adopted a popular conversion of the car fitting a Rover V8, Ford Essex V6, Buick 231 V6, or Triumph 6-cylinder engine but now such conversions fetch lower prices than a genuine Stag V8-engined car. These have become unofficially designated as "Early" Mark I 1970, Mark I (1971–72/3), Mark II (1973) and "Late" Mark II or Mark III (1974–77). The cars differed visually from standard by having a broad bulge in the centre of the bonnet; the engine had to be mounted slightly higher in the engine bay to accommodate the drive to the front wheels.

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