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Living Books: The Berenstain Bears in the Dark. Introduction Being afraid of the dark doesn't just happened to you. Missus Ursula, the Sunday school teacher, takes he…, The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story, The Bear cubs and Papa are candy-crazy this Easter…, The Berenstain Bears: Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple, Join the Berenstain Bear family and discover all t…. Page 40", "Sunday Software's No Shelf, the Christian software we don't recommend", "With home computers becoming ubiquitous, software and computer goodies are joining ties and toys as gift-giving staples. When they go to bed that night, Sister begins to picture dark things as spooky, and has trouble sleeping. The first Living Book to use the current Living Books intro. She soon begins to learn that she was only fooling herself and there was really nothing to be afraid of the dark. Hurry! The next day, Papa shows Sister how to take charge of her imagination and in the end it’s Brother who is a little afraid in the dark. Slipper 2: Yeah. Also like, Extra Character Voices: Sam Comstock, Alana Guy, Bob Marshall, Don Albrecht, Erika Luckett, Kim Kerr, Mark Schlichting, Mark West, Michael Dashow, Olivia Raymond, Philo Northup, Robert Hoffman, Ron Seawright, Tami Tsark, Susan Adams-Graves, Lisa Hanou, Jo Carol Block, Trevor Marcam, Mikey Greene, Danny Greene, Esther Suzuki Arnold, Jayne Miller. Papa explains that her imagination has been taking control of her and making the dark look spooky. This is the first Living Books game for several things: The first title to use a 640 x 480 resolution, in comparison to the 512 x 384 resolution of the previous titles. Little Ark Interactive's The Story of Creation. That does it! This was likely done to avoid consuming disk space in order to make way for the activities and all the sampler demos. Berenstain Bears In The Dark. Children's Technology Review 2014 Editor's Choice Award, for both "The Story of Creation" and "Daniel in the Lion's Den". Harry and the Haunted House Winner of the 1995 Bronze Invision Award, Technical/Creative Excellence, Best Audio/Soundtrack, NewMedia Magazine, Winner of the 1995 National Educational Media Network's Bronze Apple Award, Rated "One of the Year's Top 10 CD-ROMs," 1995 Macworld. finish reading the rest of The Case of the Crying Cave. I'm the cutest. Just wait and see,with the speci…, There will be lots of bears who will need help tod…, A storm hits Bear Country, and Bear Country might …, Join Papa, Mama, Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear a…, 'Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a qu…, The Berenstain Bears: God Bless the Animals, An owl in the tree, an alligator in the swamp ... …, The Berenstain Bears and the Trouble with Things, In this new Berenstain Bear, Living Lights 8x8 The…, The Bear Family seems to be outgrowing the tree ho…, The Berenstain Bears Get Ready for Christmas: A Lift-the-Flap Book, Help Brother, Sister, and Honey search the Bear fa…. She cries out "Mama, Papa, hurry! The Berenstain Bears: All Things Bright and Beautiful: Stickers Included! Papa! Papa proceeds to show her his old night light, telling her that even he was afraid of the dark once, which puts Sister Bear in disbelief. Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear, The story opens in the library, where Sister Bear impatiently waits for Brother Bear to check out a book when she is at the check out desk. The Berenstain Bears in the Dark is the second Berenstain Bears interactive Living Books PC game from 1996, and it was based on the 1982 book written by Stan & Jan Berenstain. The Berenstain Bears: In The Dark 250px Living Books CD Rom (1996) Released May 6, 1996 Characters Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear Language English Pages 12 Previous Green Eggs and Ham Next Arthur's Reading Race The Tortoise and the Hare Winner of Best Entertainment CD in the Children/Young Adult's Category, Macworld, Winner of 1994 Invision Multimedia Awards Gold in the Games, Edutainment Category, NewMedia Magazine, Rated "One of the Year's Top 10 CD-ROMS," 1994, Macworld. This is the last Living Books game to use the original cover art packaging design, and the only one to have the current Living Books logo (with the company name positioned entirely beneath the anthropomorphic book) on this type of cover design. Arthur's Birthday Winner of the 1995 National Educational Media Network's Gold Apple Award.

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