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Regarding the first film, Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone Ritsuko is primarily seen discussing with Misato. Ritsuko is held in very high regard at NERV by colleagues, superiors, and underlings alike, a reputation she maintains easily through her leadership skills and cool, collected composure. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. In the manga, his name is given as Lorenz Kiel. Take any measures necessary to correct this.

As revealed in flashbacks, she was one of Misato's first friends in college, following the Second Impact. To some viewers, the characters are psychological representations, while to others, they are philosophical, religious, historical, and even themselves.[1]. She was the subject of the Contact Experiment with Unit 02, but during the experiment her soul bonded with the EVA, causing severe mental damage to Kyoko. She became mentally unstable, believing that one of Asuka's dolls was her daughter. She was the creator of the MAGI system[25] and the former GEHIRN (ゲへリン, Geherin) head technician. When the angel self-destructs, like everyone else on the bridge, Ritsuko seems stunned. It is revealed in the later episodes that Ritsuko was romantically involved with Gendo, as her mother was before her. Especially when they're first introduced.

As Rei's emotional landscape begins to flesh out through constant contact with Shinji, she realizes the nature of Ritsuko's feelings for Gendo, causing Ritsuko to snap and try to strangle her, though she stops herself midway. They've known each other for a long time, but don't get along that well.

She has poor vision, wearing glasses at all times and having difficulty finding them when dropped after colliding with Shinji while parachuting. Someone they lost and totally … In the third movie, Kaworu, referred to as "Seele's Boy" by Gendo, tells Shinji that he was the "catalyst" of Third Impact, but he can change it by pulling the spears on Lilith's corpse. In 2003, Fuyutsuki discovered for himself the true nature of the events leading up to Second Impact and SEELE's involvement in initiating that catastrophe.

When Misato visits her for information regarding Kaworu Nagisa, she reveals that the Second Impact was the result of an attempt to return Adam to an embryonic state before the angels awoke. The Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Hideaki Anno and designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto. Shinji Ikari is the series' protagonist, a young child who is summoned to pilot the titular mecha. Afterwards Kaji, Misato and the children are all dining on the ship's lunchroom together, where Kaji teasingly asks if Misato's got a boyfriend, to which she sullenly replies that it's none of his business. [20], Voiced by: Fumihiko Tachiki (Japanese); Tristan MacAvery (ADV and films), John Swasey (Director's Cut and Rebuild), Ray Chase (Netflix) (English). In The End of Evangelion, after Rei rejects Gendo's attempt to initiate his version of Instrumentality using the grafted embryonic Adam, Rei and the absorbed embryo merge with Lilith. His original surname was Rokubungi (六分儀), but he changed it to Ikari following his marriage to Yui. He may control any Evangelion unit he wishes, even from outside the entry plug, so long as the soul inhabiting the Eva is dormant. Mari Illustrious Makinami[45] (真希波・マリ・イラストリアス, Makinami Mari Irasutoriasu) is an enigmatic Evangelion pilot introduced in Rebuild of Evangelion's second installment Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.
However, nothing revealed during the rest of the series ever implies that Kaji was seriously flirting with Ritsuko, and specifically flashbacks in Episode 21 to when Kaji, Misato, and Ritsuko were in college do not suggest anything of the kind. "Making something... Nurturing something is really great.

Kaji originally had a relationship with Misato before the series took place, but Misato broke up with Kaji after realizing how much like her father he was, though Misato’s descriptions of her father as an emotionally weak workaholic seem to be the opposite of Kaji’s personality. After her interrogation by SEELE, Ritsuko calls Shinji and offers to reveal Rei’s secrets to him. Shortly thereafter, he was directed by his superiors to initiate a similar arrangement with Gendo Rokubungi. Tabris' AT field manifested during the battle, effectively cutting both of them off from all contact with anyone outside. Although she frequently bickers with Toji, she reveals to Asuka that she has an enormous crush on Toji but is unable to openly express her feelings to him. In addition, he seems to maintain personal motivations beyond loyalty to any organization, and speaks frequently of his desire to \"find the truth.\" Kaji can be said to have a green thumb, as he cultivates a watermelon patch close to NERV HQ. Ritsuko is extremely intelligent, with a strong dedication to her work and a stoic, detached attitude which is frequently contrasted against Misato Katsuragi's hot-headness, especially during Eva combat. [7] At some point in the series he begins to confront his inner self, forming arguments and questions about life and reality.

Kensuke solidifies his friendship with Shinji after Shinji saves him and Toji during the fight against the fourth Angel, Shamshel. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Some time after finishing the phone conversation with Gendo (which he doesn't seem very pleased with), he prepares to take off in a Yak-38 custom plane saying that he's "got something to deliver."

[17], Voiced by: Yūko Miyamura (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (ADV, Movies and Rebuild), Stephanie McKeon (Netflix)[5] (English), Asuka Langley Soryu (惣流・アスカ・ラングレー, Sōryū Asuka Rangurē) is the Second Child and the pilot of Unit 02. At one point, during one of Rei's medical checkups, she loses control after Rei rebukes her and tries to strangle Rei. The Angel is being studied at NERV's Bethany Base in Russia when it escapes, and is ultimately destroyed by Mari Illustrious Makinami in the Provisional Evangelion Unit 05. Please discuss this issue, or begin editing the page. After the failed contact experiment, her violence was instead transferred to Asuka's doll, as she was clearly in a dissociative state from the trauma. Ritsuko is terrified when Eva 01 reactivates and goes into berserker mode. Mana Kirishima (霧島 マナ, Kirishima Mana)[48] is the main focus of Girlfriend of Steel, a game that is like an episode of the series. It will take until the devastation of the Rei dummies until Misato can really and fully oppose, and then Rit falls into the other extreme. [10] Though proclaimed dead, a part of her (her "soul") lives on within Unit 01.[26]. [13] As the series progresses, she and Shinji grow closer. She is Nerv's head scientist and is heavily involved in the repairs and maintenance of Tokyo-3's defences against the Angels, particularly the Evas. Voiced by: Yuriko Yamaguchi (Japanese); Sue Ulu (ADV and films), Colleen Clinkenbeard (Rebuild), Erica Lindbeck (Netflix) (English). Hideaki Anno (series creator)Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (character designer)

She is the first to realise that the Tenth Angel’s attack on Asuka is aimed at her mind. Ritsuko is presumably responsible for the selection of the Children (since, as Kaji verifies, the Marduk Report is a sham), and is shown in both the anime and manga as being the one to personally invite Toji to join NERV as the pilot of Unit 03. In the manga version of Kaji's death scene, he is portrayed as being already wounded, and instead of saying, "Hi, you're late! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She expresses amazement at his piloting skills in the battle against the Eleventh Angel. As the series progresses and Kaji informs Misato of the truth of the Human Instrumentality Project and how much information has been concealed from her, Misato and Ritsuko's friendship dissolves. Shinji, in Unit 01, was sent to stop him, but was forced to battle Unit 02 while Tabris proceeded to Terminal Dogma. The resultant being, taking the form of a giant winged Rei, generates a massive anti-AT field that nullifies the AT fields of all humans, reverting them to a primordial soup. When the abortive Third Impact is initiated, Kaji seems to understand the implications of the event and anticipates trouble from Seele. Voiced by: Mugihito (Japanese); Rick Peeples (ADV), Tom Booker (films), Bill Jenkins (Rebuild), D. C. Douglas (Netflix) (English). Gendo speaks an inaudible confession to Ritsuko - to which she responds "Liar" - then shoots Ritsuko in the chest, killing her. Toji is a tough boy, the stereotypical "jock," and is in constant conflict with Asuka. Shinji sees an image of Ritsuko in the Eva, trying to convince him to return. In flashbacks in volume 10, it is revealed that Ritsuko witnessed her mother killing Rei I and committing suicide by leaping from the top of the MAGI computer core. [39] Lilith, Sachiel, Zeruel, Armisael, and Tabris are featured under the "Angel-XX" line, as well as a figure called "Code:BE", which is virtually identical to the Lilith figure. As revealed in flashbacks, she was one of Misato's first friends in college, following the Second Impact. Ritsuko's surname "Akagi" comes from the Japanese aircraft carrier Akagi, while her first name was borrowed from a childhood friend of series creator Hideaki Anno. In the series, she initially holds the rank of captain, with a later promotion to major;[8] in the first Rebuild of Evangelion movie, she holds the rank of lieutenant colonel and then colonel in the second movie. Grinning, he turns to Asuka and asks her opinions on Shinji, and she replies that he is boring and disappointing. Misato - Kaji - Ritsuko.

They can take over the body of a creature but it also kills the soul of the original host. According to Anno's notes on the origins of his characters' names, "Soryu" is from the same Japanese warship as Asuka, "Kyoko" is also from a character in Shinji Wada's manga (Choushoujo Asuka), and "Zeppelin" is from a warship of the German navy, an aircraft carrier that was begun but never completed (named after Ferdinand von Zeppelin, German general and aircraft manufacturer). As it turns out, he is on the phone with Gendo, who is also intent on monitoring the battle situation.
Like her mother Naoko before her, Ritsuko was romantically involved with Gendo at one point. Also, Gendo approached Ritsuko on the day of her mother's funeral and asked her to take over Naoko's duties at NERV.

Shinji Ikari (碇 シンジ, Ikari Shinji) is the Third Child and the pilot of Unit 01. Aoi, a male friend she used to completely confide in, appears in a dream and asks her, “Your life… is that really it?” The next morning, Ritsuko is awakened by a phone call. She is conducting tests on Rei with Gendo and the help of Maya. During his stay in Tokyo-3, he formed a close friendship with Shinji. Like the other Angels, he is "born of Adam", although it is implied that he was created by Seele. Kaji seems to flirt with Ritsuko at the beginning of Episode 09, which might confuse some first-time viewers into thinking they have a romantic past together. [10] She and Ryoji Kaji were lovers during college, and slowly rekindle their romance over the course of the TV series.

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