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That gives you time to aim and fire (and keeps you away from his ground-based attacks). ┣Free the Divine Beasts When you get to the updraft, pull out your paraglider, and rise up to the platform that has metal blocks on it. With the map you can tilt Vah Medoh's wings right or left, and that will be crucial to finding every terminal. Now that you have the map, you can tilt the Divine Beast at will. 1 of 8 The ball will roll twoard you. That will drop a treasure chest near the closed gate at the far end of the room. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Now you can return to the main room and ride that updraft all the way up…or you can just Paraglide off of the updrafts being created from the outside portions of Vah Medoh’s wings, like we did. Wait for them to stop darting about before slowing down time to take them out with arrows. Three to go (right). Now, move the Metal Slab back a bit until you can hop from the stone slab to the metal slab. Glide down here from where you are, and then activate the fourth terminal. Tilt the Divine Beast to the left. Paraglide down to where you placed the giant ball, grab it with magnesis again, and put it in the room across the way from the room with the first two terminals. Medoh has been calm for 100 years until Link woke back up, similar to the other Divine Beasts. Before heading in, turn around, and shoot the eyeball in the goo to unlock access to a treasure chest, where you can collect a sapphire. Then, drop onto the floor below. ┣Locked Mementos There’s a carousel attached to a rail that will move back and forth as you tilt the Divine Beast. Once you’ve carefully dealt with them, head on to Sha Warvo Shrine and then up the path to the Flight Range itself. Vah Medoh generates updrafts all around it, meaning we are pretty self-sufficient once Teba gets us close enough. Since it’s there, just shoot the Calamity Eye you can see across the way. Turn left and kill the eyeball. Teba will fly close to the cannons to draw their fire. Divine Beast Vah Naboris (Gerudo). Take the stairs all the way to the top of Rito village. -Solutions to all four Divine Beasts (1 of 2) Open this chest for a useful bow, Open this chest for a useful bow (left), You will need these for opening access to Vah Medoh (right). This allows the stone to freely slide and slam into the receptacle, opening the gate to the first terminal. -Solutions to all optional Shrines in Hyrule Try and activate it and a boss will show up. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Upon speaking to the Rito Elder, Kaneli, you’ll learn that the Divine Beast has gone rogue, terrorizing the skies above Rito Village and shooting down anything that dares match its height. Your stamina replenishes every time you reopen your paraglider. ┣Common Easter Eggs List If the gondola is not close to you, you will need to tilt Vah Medoh to the topmost position to get it to slide your way. © 2020 Paste Media Group. However, there’s another rock wall at the back. They stand on the tips of its impenetrable shield. When at last Windblight Ganon falls to your might, control of Divine Beast Vah Medoh will be yours, as will a new Heart Container. However, you can make use of the many turbines here to get into the air and out of harm’s way. Go to the bottom floor. That was fast. Make sure you equip the Falcon Bow that you can get from Teba after passing his test. These shards can be shot down temporarily, but you're better off just trying to keep moving around the arena and outrunning their volley whenever possible to conserve your arrow count. Tilt Vah Medoh to its highest position, which will bring a gondola toward your position. Terminal #5: Raise the left wing, and then glide back across to the central body of the beast. This page contains information on the main quest - Divine Beast Vah Medoh. At the Flight Range, you’ll meet Teba. Several Rito tried but get shot. Each cannon will need two Bomb Arrows to be fully destroyed. Before going into the wings, head back out onto the first stone slab and look down to spot an eye in a pool of Malice. Head back inside the room, and use your paraglider to take the upward draft up to level where you entered the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. You’ll be asked to meet with Temba, but the warrior isn’t at home in Rito Village. At half health, Windblight Ganon teleports back to the middle. Head back inside the room, and use your paraglider to take the upward draft up to level where you entered the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Head back to the fan in the main room. Open it for a Knight’s Claymore. Flatten the Divine Beast out and return to the lower balcony. Do you have max cold resistance? Don’t be surprised if you start calling him names midway through, because his voice actor has just the right level of smugness to his voice. The worst of which is when he teleports up high and sends them floating in a circle. Move Vah Medoh to the top position. If you don’t have enough money, sell your gems and various monster parts until you do. Turn off the air and tilt the Divine Beast back to let the boulder fall towards  your side. The shortest way to the last terminal is through the entrance currently blocked, but the eye is on the other side of the wall. First, you will want to speak with Teba’s wife, Saki. Head up the stairs and activate the last Terminal. (1 of 2) You can reflect Windblight Ganon’s bullets back at it, You can reflect Windblight Ganon’s bullets back at it (left), The tornado moves slowly and dissipates rather quickly (right). With bomb arrows equipped, fly around and start shooting. Keep moving and fire when you can. This will slide the slab you’re on over to the right wing. Anyway, in this first phase, it’ll occasionally throw whirlwinds, but its main attack is shooting you. Return to the entrance, taking care of the goop when you see it. ┣The Horse Fairy You will be teleported from Vah Medoh back to the Rito Village, while Revali pilots Vah Medoh up to a rock to fire a laser at Hyrule Castle. Head out onto the other underside of the wings. Use magnesis to bring it ot the other side of the room, where you put the bomb earlier. You’ll find the Rito elder, Kaneli, at the top of the village. The hallway you are now in has a massive battering ram that you will need to use to push a switch. Five down, a new terminal to go. With that, Revali grants you his ability – Revali’s Gale. Strike the orange crystal to open the portholes on the side of the wing, which will power the two mini turbines on the roof. -Information on how to obtain the legendary Master Sword After you do enough damage, Windblight Ganon will fall to the ground, immobilized. Tilt Vah Medoh back to level, walk up the ramp on the right side of the room, and tilt Vah Medoh to high. Fly there to start the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest. Return to the middle of the ship before moving onto the middle stone slab. There’s also causing a giant tornado that you need to avoid. Before moving in, head to one side of the wings and tilt the Divine Beast so that you are higher up. ┣Footrace Tilt the bird so that the right wing is now slanted upwards, and as the wing rises, use the Magnesis rune to hold the metal cube on turbine attached to the roof rail so that it doesn't slide away from the current of the wind. The left door is blocked by Malice, so take the right door outside. The gate will now open, allowing you to enter the room and activate the fourth terminal. Almost to the end! Then, using Magnesis, keep the second windmill in place to open the gate. The top and bottom positions indicate which way Vah Medoh will tilt, with the middle position being neutral. First screenshots for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, ‘Breath of the Wild’ is the most ambitious Zelda ever made, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild — How to recover Vah Medoh, No Man's Sky releases new Path Finder update. Be wary of your stamina because of how much you’ll use to slow down time for your shots, by the way — if it runs out, you’ll be slow and have trouble dodging. The last terminal is straight ahead, across a large gap. Complete his quest (which is no more complicated than using your paraglider, then holding ZR to shoot a few targets), and you’ll receive the falcon bow and 20 bomb arrows. If you’re low, just find hot area of ground and toss on some blue ChuChu jelly. Image via Nintendo. That'll transform it into red ChuChu jelly. ┣Hebra There’s two turbines that will lift you up to the top. He doesn’t like to play fair, and will try to keep his distance whenever possible, alternating between firing several cannon shots in rapid succession that you’ll need to sprint away from, or causing giant tornado gusts that need to be avoided. Hit the Sha Warvo Shrine on your way for an easy warp point and proceed to the Flight Range. The ball will roll, hit the switch and raise the gate. Jump of Revali’s Landing facing north to stop at the large stone pillar. As you approach, Vah Medoh will immediately cloak itself in a shield that can only be dispelled by destroying four cannons, each located along a corner of the barrier. Each cannon will take two bomb arrows, so you’ll have to make sure you get in close enough to make the shots count. Talk to Teba, who is sitting facing the Flight Range area and tell him you want to help him with repelling Divine Beast Vah Medoh. If you left Vah Medoh without actually freeing it, you just warp to it through the map, just like when warping to Shrines, Towers etc. It’s a pretty easy glide, but here’s where the cold resistance comes in. Catch an updraft, deploy your paraglider and press ZR to slow down time. After destroying the canons, you’ll land on Divine Beast Vah Medoh and automatically interact with the first terminal here and learn the way to the map terminal. Your goal is to interact with all of the terminals and then, ultimately, fight the boss. Then, pull the metal slab all the way forward before smacking the stone slab into it. If you need a bow, take the Swallow Bow and arrows in the building. ┗Cooking Recipes. If you look ahead in the room you will see the terminal is currently on a higher ledge with no obvious way to reach it. As you look at Revali’s Landing, you will remember a memory of Revali, the Champion of Vah Medoh. ┗Destroy Ganon, ■ Shrines Before you leave, open the treasure chest near Kaneli for great eagle bow. The second will then roll down and be blown across the room. You’ll then return to Rito Village after some more cutscenes.

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