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Previously, the largest scooters sold here were the Lambretta X200 (1966) and the Vespa Rally 200 and P200E. 1986: Pearl Satin White, Pearl Gold Black, Honda Elite 250 Performance modifications. This motor was liquid cooled and very low stressed, so it became a stalwart example of Honda reliability. The bike's only worth $700, and while it's running strong for now, I figure eventually a repair or crash is going to come along that will cost more than that for repairs. This mill was also 244cc and liquid cooled, but it was an all new design with a horizontal cylinder. Some parts (especially body parts) are either exceptionally rare and overpriced or completely unavailable. Helix handles great, very smooth up to 65mph. It's the scooter version of a grandpa car. Helix's are cool, When I first got mine it felt like I was riding a tractor trailer but once I got to know the bike it was great. Make your Honda Elite faster by addressing one of several key mechanical components of your scooter such as its airflow, exhaust, wind resistance and drive belt restriction. If you’re pulling one of a dusty shed after 10 years of storage then you might have some kinks to work out, but once it’s running well it should provide satisfyingly reliable performance for a vehicle approaching 30 years of age. - as that longer design allowed for better stow room. Helix: This bike has been built almost every year since 1987 with almost no changes, and the factory that Honda outsourced production to in the 90s also sells a knock-off, with nearly every part interchangeable, so parts are widely available and inexpensive. Honda did make a few tweaks to this motor for 1987 including bumping the compression ratio to 10.0:1 (from 9.8). The other half of the equation came in the form of Honda’s. The Elite 250 was ultra-reliable and cruised comfortably at 65-70mph with a top speed around 72 - 75mph. In this version sold from year 1985 , the dry weight is and it is equiped with a Single cylinder, two-stroke motor. It's a lot of fun, but it's not as efficient, fast, quiet, or reliable as a new 250 would be. This new ability was half of the equation for modern maxi-scooters. For highway driving, 70 miles per gallon is achievable, but mixed driving is more likely to drop you in the 55 mpg range. 55 - 60 mph is easy all day, and 65 - 75 mph is possible at low altitudes, not uphill, and for short stretches. Elite 250 & Helix are different machines. Many drivetrain parts and some of the controls, however, are shared with the Helix and are widely available and cheap. When the Elite 250 was introduced, it was the largest scooter ever to hit American shores. The downside is that it's very, very long and not at all nimble in the city or parking lot - you can do a U-turn on a 2-way residential street, but just barely. Regarding the chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride confort, the Honda CH 250 Spacy/Elite have a  frame with front suspension being  and in the rear suspension it is equiped with  . Elite is all drum brakes, shorter, and less comfortable on long rides. I loved my Elite 80. The first generation of Elite 250 used a vertical motor that occupied too much space to allow any underseat storage. It was a bit limited in the speed department, parts were a bit pricey (and surprisingly hard to find, but then again they updated the parts the following year, which are far more plentiful), and if I rode for something like two or more hours, my back began to kill me. The other scooter to consider from this era was Honda’s Helix. Fuel economy is typically 55-65mpg, which is solid performance for a scooter of this size. For the 1989 model year, Honda released a second generation to the USA market. Top speed and milage is about the same, as the Riva’s were quite fast for their size. This slow sales were likely more a reflection of the overall state of the scooter market than a cool reception to this particular model. I've had 3 of the older one, and 70 mpg is possible, on a good day, if you go easy on the accelerator and everything's in perfect working order (not common on a quarter-century old scoot). MPG and top speed are almost identical to the Elite, since they share so much of the engine / transmission, and there were no significant updates to the performance at any point in the production run. After 1987 the USA scooter market contracted and entered a. I've got a cute little RX-50 I'm customizing right now, but a helix (on paper) seems to be what I should be aiming for for my next scooter. Like the new Elite 150, the new Elite 250 did not sell well. The Honda CH 250 Spacy/Elite model is a Scooter bike manufactured by Honda . ), Yes, I browse craigslist too often, just looking at other bikes and going "I wonder how that handles?". It's the 2nd most comfortable scooter I've owned. At 250cc, the Elite was capable of comfortably cruising at highway speeds. How's the Helix's handling, how's the MPG (70 doesn't seem that great, if I'm honest, now that Honda's promising figures approaching that from a nearly-700cc scooter). The engine produces a maximum peak output power of and a maximum torque of . The second generation of Elite 250 used a new horizontal engine. Change consent The Elite 250 spawned the awesome Honda Helix scooter, which was a clear inspiration of future maxi-scooters like the Suzuki Burgman, Honda Silverwing and Yamaha Morphous. The new styling was more rounded, much like the redesigned ’87, . With the new 1989 model Honda was able to add a generous underseat storage area. 1983 to 1987 was the peak years of 80’s scooter popularity, so it’s hard to find good examples of the second generation Elite 250. scooter, which was offered from 1983 to 1991. 60 or 65 mpg is pretty easy, though. The 250 is a lot of power for a bike this short, and it's very torquey and nimble (though not as twitchy or light as the 80). The Elite 250 (CH250) was sold from 1985 - 1990 in the USA (’85 - ’88 in Canada) and is considered by many to be the grandfather of modern maxi scooters. Contact US. Stock tire sizes are  on the front, and  on the rear. - Visit the forum to chat about your scoot. Helixes were sold here up through 2007, and they are still sold in Japan so parts are not likely to be an issue. (’86 - 2006)., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Interestingly, Honda did not use this new engine in the Helix, so the Helix continued to use the older 244cc vertical engine right up until its final year in 2007. Underseat/trunk storage was one big advantage of Honda’s other 250 - the. It's super comfortable, if you like a relaxed, leaning-back riding position, and many people have used them successfully for long stretches, even iron-butts. Elite: There's 2 models, the boxier one was built from 85 to 88, and a melted jelly-bean looking one was built 89-90 (with some marked as 91). - Great tech info for working on your CH250. The Elite 250 was ultra-reliable and cruised comfortably at 65-70mph with a top speed around 72 - 75mph. By making modifications to these components or by installing after-market products, you can cut down on mechanical inefficiency and increase your Elite's overall speed by up to 10 or so miles per hour. - , with its long, low and comfortable design. How's the storage? MPG and top speed are almost identical to the Elite, since they share so much of the engine / transmission, and there were no significant updates to the performance at any point in the production run. Riding one is a lazy, leisurely activity - I think of it as a barca lounger on wheels. So you lose gas mileage. About - With this drive-train, the Honda CH 250 Spacy/Elite is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of . - Good site with write ups on maintenance and repairs. The Elite 250 featured a nice sized glovebox for keeping your smaller items. The built in trunk will hold at least one medium pizza, a 6-pack of beer, and a spare helmet all at the same time. ©2020 Ultimate Specs - Motorcycles - (I'd need something approaching 80 or 90.) The second generation of Elite 250 was virtually all new and featured all new styling and a new horizontal engine.

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