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Along the ride, it becomes quite apparent that Ursula is unstable, and each protagonist makes a different comment about Ursula: Once the player takes her home, she will give them her number and ask them to call her. Determinant CHARACTER Aside from the possibility of them not being available before a certain point in the game (which may or may not be the case, I can't say one way or the other), random events don't have spawn conditions beyond entering proximity for the spawn point. I (Trevor) can call her and pick her up even if I (Trevor) ran her over with a car so she died during a police chase. Vehicle(s) Picked her up at the marina in Sandy Shores, and had to go back to her house by the light house so it's a bit of a drive. Ursula inherited her house from her mother after her death and once employed a gardener, who became ill and fell off a cliff. Just because it didn't happen to you doesn't mean it's not a possibility, especially with scripted dialogue like above. because my Cargobob did some crazy dance & explode (Cargobob = I was planning to land a Dumper on FZ UFO), Careful with Ursula = my fear that Ursula might stab players in their sleep and use them as fertilizer for her garden. and what changes? If you try to call her again after, she says she only wants to get hurt on her terms and then her line is "busy" forever after that. As a made up example: I've heard you can enter the skybucket. Checked, couldn't find anything about this so my apologies if it's already been found and I'll remove this if it has. I think we should put this fine gentleman in for a Pulitzer Prize. Ursula is a random encounter in northern Blaine County. Thank you BW, yep I tested as much as I could think of hoping to make sense of it, but it didn't help-As to what it could mean you can almost shoehorn anything to the mural and this game, like the drunkguy from "RS" said 3 were needed and 1 of the 3 will lead to the other 2 or something, so this would fit that if 2 other booty calls were found with the same glitch thing. I mean there are people in the game who simply know that they are in a game, best example is Cris Formage. Since then our goal has expanded to also definitively *explain* unusual content found within the game, the UFOs, possibly cut game-file content, etc. Not wrong. Don't like Ads? I thought it would be more interesting if it was only Trevor driving his truck for the 32 ht skip. What if Ursula knows she is too, so that she can manipulate the game code, since she also seems to have absolved the Epsilon program (she has the tract that you get for absolving it). I play on PC, with and without various controllers. /r/ChiliadMystery was originally founded as a place to understand the mural found at the summit of Mt. Grand Theft Auto V 16 comments Call her, and if she's not busy burying a body or eating dirt, she becomes a stripper like booty call. search the forumgosh we were all obsessed for a while. So if you're booty calling Ursula to bring the rain make sure you don't accidentally cut her down with your helicopter blades (or kill her any other way). Sarah Sirota. Female My buttons all change, depending on controller, but the physical locations don't. Main affiliation Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In-game websites: Jessica Barlow | Bentley | Brianna | Dakota | Debby | Deonte | Derek | Derek | Derrick Detantall | Dowling | Kimberly Dubose | Carly Ferran | Steve Grayson | Mr. Henandez | Jackie | Jayden | Jeremy | Eileen Johnson | Harold Johnson | Eddie Joyner | Karl | Sammy Keller | Anthony King | Joe Lawton | Lennie | Lisa | Luis | Lou Macchione | Maureen | Keith McKallker | McKensie | Morales | Nicholas | Paco the Taco | Pathos | Don Percival | Kevin Prendegast | Everett Rogan | Rogers | Ronson | Eric Sanders | Captain Scott | Pete Shafer | Chidaatma Shashikanth | Shawna | Sammy Sincowsky | Softly Softly Catchy Monkey | Mr. Spittle | Johnny Sutton | Umberto | January Natasha Vasquez | Vicki

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