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Okay, so I need to wear glasses these days to do close up stuff like this, but it’s easy for me to tie this knot as it’s been my go-to leader knot for so long now. I’m working on my FG knots but do well with the double uni and wondering if that test stronger with a weaker leader than the FG. There is a version of the improved clinch knot that is stronger than a palomar. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. Many anglers like to double the braid by forming a loop at the end of the braid and then tying a line-to-line knot to connect the doubled braid to the leader.

I also try to use the same diameter braid to mono most of the time. Thanks. It will not cut mono, and is great for a short strand tied horizontally to a main line as a “stopper” for corks, beads, and swivels. I’ll add it to our list of knots to test out. The uni knot I wrap 6 times for 20 lb mono/fluoro leader. I have a suggestion, however, about the scientific method in performing your tests. Want access to our best fishing spots and tips, plus discounts to our online tackle store (where we sell these jig heads)? A friend said he was catching with artificial shad on jig head. Here’s what you’ll receive today when you join: Save 30% And Put An End To Your Monthly Charges. ****Please Note•••• all the knots tested and rated by the IFGA were tied to a Bimini Twist mono leader line. Also when once you have a dropper do you think that it would be stronger to tie a hook onto it with the palamot knot or just putting the hook through the loop and back onto itself like in the video.

So I’ve fished on and off my whole life, but after being in Florida for almost 2 years I’m excited to dive into fishing. I come from a freshwater bass background and had no idea how much to learn about saltwater fishing, and the wide range of line a connections/hooks strength for what looks pretty much the same.

It’s tying all materials together for me.

I’ve been using the FG knot for a while and always use a heavier Braid (15lb) to an 8lb mono and I have no issues. Finally I realized that my knots didn’t fail for once with something big on the line. That said, it is my understanding that the Albright Special works will with dissimilar lines both in material and diameter and the Zeppelin Bend probably doesn’t. What say you? Share: Previous How to tie a spade hook by hand. Struggling to successfully tie the GT knot in 14lb G-Soul x8 upgrade. Less wraps for both if using heavier lines. How to tie the Uni-To Uni-Knot (also created by Technical Anglers). I think 80% of all broken lines are because of abrasions in the line caused by either catching a fish or from dragging the line across all sorts of weeds, rocks and tree trunks for an hour. Yes, the curly tag end that you may have seen after a break-off means that the knot used was either a bad knot, or there was a poor job in tying a good/great knot. It is truly a ‘KNOT FOR EVERY SITUATION”, including Loop Knot situations (the only drawback being that it has to be re-tied after a fish, because it will tighten when more pressure is put on the line.) Will be sure to check it out next chance I get. Definitely worth a watch. How about testing the FG knot against the best ( according to your tests ) braid to swivel and mono to swivel knots to see which is a stronger connection? There are some serious claims about the strength of the GT knot in this video, but as it says in the info below, “****Please Note•••• all the knots tested and rated by the IGFA were tied to a Bimini Twist mono leader line. I’ve used that knot before (or at least what I think you were describing), and I did have some instances when it pulled out when fighting some big snook. I am very curios as to its strength. All you have to do is just tie them both onto the same line and then pull until the weaker one breaks. Con: Requires a strong cinch before cutting the tags so that it fully locks into place. Create memories that matter through fishing, Email: fish@saltstrong.comToll-free: (855)888-6494130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880. – If you think your angler friends or fishing networks would enjoy seeing this, please Tag them or Share this with them. Works great,very nice. And then a “dropper loop knot” tied next with the surgeon’s knot placed in the middle to form the T. I’ve tested a 4 turn “Surgeon’s Loop Knot” against 4 turn “Dropper Loop Knot”, and the Surgeon’s won which lines up with your testing. This knot orginated in India by fishermen trying to catch the Mahseer. This post will continually grow over time as knot suggestions come in, so leave a comment below letting us know of any other knots you’d like us to add to this analysis. It seems to me like one could get by in many situations with just the easy-to-tie Palomar and surgeon’s knot/loop and not sacrifice much knot strength. Note: The * symbols next to the knots listed above are the ones that I personally use for each of the respective connections. The IGFA test in which the GT knot won was specifically for thicker lines (50 lb braid to 80 lb leader). Otherwise, you can simply scroll down to see all of the knots. It’s core benefit is likely in its speed of tying… very quick and easy. All knots just take a bit of practice to get used to. Here’s what I found about the GT Knot after doing some research and testing on it:, Have you gotten around to testing the Red Phillips knot. And if you hear someone say that their knot is 100% without any exclusions, then they likely have never tested it out in a controlled test with multiple lines, so I be wary of their recommendation. anyway i will stick with the FG if for no other reason it just looks smother than the GT and will glide through the eye much better.

I get all the arguments that we are only fishing for bass, and bass are not exactly tarpon or GTs or bonefish and what have you, but with how good and strong the FG knot is (which I have been using for over seven years now), and how relatively easily I can break Improved Albright or Uni to Uni leader knots in my hands when tied with say 20lb braid and a 20lb fluoro leader - again I ask myself what’s the possible point in not using the best leader knot I know of? If getting by is the goal, then those knots can be a fit. So after I’d first recommend that you use a lighter mainline relative to your leader (especially if you’re using spinning tackle), then the double uni is a great option. Having an FG knot or a barrel swivel? There’s a ton of misinformation about the GT knot out there, as well as several different ways to tie it. How To Get A Hooked Fish Out Of Structure Without Breaking Off. For snug terminal tackle?

Based on that data I’d have to go with gt knot plus easier to tie as well. Not just thicker… much thicker.

I have a new tension machine that tells me exactly how strong a knot is so we can see precisely which knot is stronger and by how much.

Here’s a link to see the details:, Hey Luke great article. I splice for elegance and because I enjoy it. The Simplified FG Knot has been gaining popularity in the angling community for the past few years. Hey Rick, I have not yet tested the hangman’s knot. The FG knot did break well above 10 lbs., but the GT knot broke right at 10 lbs.

Welcome Ambassador! Yup I know a splice is not actually a knot and you won’t splice anything easily on a beach/ boat, but it is easy enough to do before a fishing trip and sure beats casting a knot through your guides. It is easy to tie and makes a nice connection. Thanks for the kind words Alastair! . Buy Your Fishing Line Brand Direct Online Now! Create memories that matter through fishing, Email: fish@saltstrong.comToll-free: (855)888-6494130 W. Central Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880. Here’s a link to the test if you want to see the details: If you’re a GT knot fan, this might surprise you! It’s not well known but in my testing it’s a strong knot. The only one that I think can beat the FG knot is the one shown in the video I linked above which requires a Bimini Twist to be tied first before making some difficult wraps with the leader line before tightening it all down… but that’s an unfair comparison because they were likely testing the GT with a doubled braid vs. the FG knot tied with a single braid. So if I even didn’t use that scenario of a line assembly, I would not use the FG knot and would instead use a 6 turn surgeons knot, double uni, or crazy alberto. How much knot strength do you think I lose if I use the FG to attach a lighter test leader to a heavier rated or equal rated braid? 358 303 63 Location: sw Cornwall. Caught a 5.6lb bass on 6 lb line using this knot. Google it! I found your discussion of knots to be quite insufficient, in that you left out the “speed to tie”, “ease to tie”, and “applicable to all situations” factors in evaluating overall desirability. I have tied a few knots (Davy, Double Davy, & Orvis knot) that are fairly similar, and they all worked well but just weren’t as strong as some of the more popular knots like the uni knot since they don’t spread the tension load evenly before the line makes its first hard turn coming from the rod. HI Luke – did you get my reply via email and the photographs I sent with it? Was that attempted since it was way up there in the braided line testing? Easy to tie , very strong, dose in my belief everything from line joining to tackle construction. Im interested in finding the strongest setup to make paternoster rigs, up until now I have just been tieing them very simply like this.

There are thousands of knots out there, but only a few that you will memorize or end up using often. Monofilament line is used by almost all anglers in some capacity, so I’ve done many tests with knots using mono line. In Sport Fishing's fourth reader knot challenge, 53 knots competed to win top honors.See which knots won and how to tie them. Sometimes in yellowtail fishing you need to have a leader smaller than the mainline that you’re fishing when the fish get weary.

For the average fisherman or the world record seeker, give me the Uni Knot over all others. When tying a larger diameter line to a smaller diameter line like is often the case with braided fishing line to monofilament you are going to want to put 3-4 more wraps on the braided line uni knot vs. the mono uni knotthis will make the braid uni knot large enough to meet up with the mono uni-knot.

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