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Auckland's most expensive apartment is believed to be the new two-level "super penthouse" in the under-construction 57-storey Pacifica high rise, which has an asking price of $35m. If there were fewer seats available on a service each seat could be more profitable for the airline but fewer passengers would be able to fly. However, he made the decision to come home after being head hunted for the job at Air NZ, a company 53 per cent owned by the Government. House believes this new relationship threatens his friendship with Wilson. Amber followed him onto the bus in order to give him his cane, which he had forgotton and left behind. Air New Zealand was also known and trusted in Australia and many Australians perceived New Zealand as an attractive and glamorous overseas destination, she said. New Air New Zealand boss Greg Foran scaled the heights of America's corporate ladder to take charge of retail giant Walmart and now he appears to be returning to a lofty perch in Auckland.
So why is Ma being singled out?

Dr. Marty Hamilton tried to get on House's good side by addressing him as "Greg" in DNR only to have House pause and carefully emphasize "Marty" in return.

But the stock does have some perks.

Foran, who is also father of NRL player Kieran Foran, does not have an aviation background but then again neither did Luxon, who held senior positions at consumer goods company Unilever before becoming the boss of Air New Zealand. However, Wilson is no pushover; he often challenges House over his behavior and is not above tricking him to show House that although he might be right about almost everything, that skill doesn't apply to his own behavior. House's mental state quickly begins to deteriorate into hallucinations of Amber and delusions of a romantic relationship with Cuddy. House later finds out from the scientist who developed the compound that the rats grew tumors and started to die. After the ketamine treatment and eight weeks of recovery, House is pain free and ready to work harder. "It's huge. House of Travel commercial director says major airlines will continue to look for opportunities in New Zealand. The year this happened uncertain, as Wilson's age, and the years he was married to Sam Carr, and later Bonnie, are contradicted several times in the series. House uses his flippancy to conceal his affection toward his colleagues, and denies it to the extent that he himself sometimes forgets it. A week later, however, she moved in with him and the two stayed together for the next five years. (, Faking brain cancer to enter a clinical trial where a drug-dispensing chip would be installed into the pleasure center of his brain. “John has done a fantastic job at Sam’s Club, and he will continue the momentum we have in Walmart U.S.,” CEO Doug McMillon said in a statement. On average, House visits the HR department 2 times every day. As a result, Wilson is very protective of House. House tries to get along without a team, but after having a rough time with a case, Cuddy insists he hire new fellows.

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