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The Sole Survivor is promoted to the position of the director and declares their standing on the future of the Institute and the Commonwealth (although it does not have in-game consequences other than their speech repeating on Diamond City Radio). Fallout 4. Make us whole again. In the end, it becomes a glorified Vault 81, being exclusive, but not overly xenophobic. Regroup and terrorize Narrative I think they'll fudge who actually blew up the Institute much as they fudged whether the Lone Wanderer poisoned Project Purity or not. In the eyes of the institute, the CPG was “out of control.” They realized it could represent a threat to their operations, so they stopped it from succeeding. Even though their missions have been accomplished, the Brotherhood does not leave the Commonwealth and continue with their other tasks. It hasn't resulted in an outcast situation yet, but it has caused some divisions among their ranks. A state-of-the-art subreddit from Vault-Tec. On top of that, they've mastered cybernetics and can extend human life exponentially. The underdogs. Working together. Dangerous objects taken from those who don't understand. Come on. You're wearing a lab coat. Before the bombs. No fallout has ever had the "bad" ending be canon: The Vault Dweller didn't side with the master. The road ahead will be hard. With that the Sole Suvivor and the Minuteman can make the Commonwealth a heaven for the people, and maybe able to become a powerful faction which neccesary if they wanted to make the Commonwealth safe a long time. I suspect they'll cheese it. I know the world has changed. A symbol for a better world. At some point, it happens to all of us. United. My speculation is that they used the FEV project as an excuse to continue trapping and transforming commonwealth civilians into super mutants, to keep the region unstable and undeveloped. But the Railroad dies with the Institute, without a synth factory they have no purpose. The lanterns in the dark. I think that's the cannon ending though it's not my preferred ending. It could be argued that the minutemen are the same way. I'm pretty sure that the only thing in Fallout 4 that will be canon is the Institute's destruction. The main reason Im sure its not The Institute though is because a running theme in fallout is that advanced Science! I want the minutemen to win, but either way the stage is set for a crazy showdown on the east coast. There is a lot of commerce, farming, and manpower. On other hand, the Synth is a bit different, they're new to the wasteland and BOS sees them another abominatiom created by mankind greed for lust and power, and they were right. We have little idea of what else in im between, Its going to be a bit in the timeline before they would meet, if both persist that long to meet at all. I just got done with the NCR ending and it's almost identical to the Independent New Vegas ending and the Mr.House ending.

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