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help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit … report. There's a purple dagger and skull at the end of a couple of these tabs, which I imagine culminate in boss fights. Been looking forward to this, it's from the creators of Valdis Story which is fantastic. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the StrategyRpg community. Voidspire Tactics, Alvora Tactics, Horizon's Gate.

I'll definitively still give Fae Tactics a glance and if it was on Switch I'd certainly get it, but as is on PC, it's a firm "Maybe" at the moment. save.



I don’t know the reason but hope the game would be good.

That's something that always matters to me in SRPGs so I'm definitely interested now. Thanks so much for any help here! Somehow it feels like vantage master tactics, but not enough information. I just checked and it is also launching on Switch which would be my preferred platform for a game like this. no messaging me please. This is the first time I've seen it, but I love its general aesthetic. Autonauts. Those that survived have forged new lives in the ruins of the old worlds, but growing tension between man and fae threaten to finish what began with the opening of the gates.

Closest a strategy game has come to scratching that Final Fantasy Tactics itch for me. u/PESnews. I seriously will give these developers money for every project they release just on the back of how much I liked it. GTREP. The meta game could have different strats suited to play around other peoples choices. IF YOUR GAME IS NOT IN THE LIST, I CAN STILL BUY IT. Banner of the Maid (Very unique but unsure how well it plays), For all intents and purposes, it's out. Final Fantasy Tactics is my favorite game of all time so I'm always open to games like this.

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My PC is an old Microsoft Surface tablet, but the required specs are so low that I think it'd still run the game very well.

My current in development game is essentially FFT with a modern twist, in terms of look and feel and tightening up some mechanics, without changing the core gameplay or tactics. No opinion on the game, but that annoyed me enough to give it a miss at launch.

Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae. will be removed.

XIII - Classic. SHOWTIME 2073. I am a bot.

Did it say when it would be releasing for switch? On the negative side, I much prefer gaming on Switch or PS4 over PC, so it being PC-only is a drag. If it is about Football Manager, then it belongs here! r/footballmanagergames: One of the largest Football Manager Communities/Forums on the internet.


Pretty straightforward questions this time. Manage the magical elements of your party to counter the enemies elements. Does saving the fae get me anything? The goal of /r/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming content and discussions.


For those who can't access the link, this is what this product is about!

Memes, comics, funny screenshots, arts-and-crafts, etc. Oxenfree. Official Discord … And Makai Kingdom? Summon allies, cast spells, and befriend a motley crew of characters as you dive into the growing conflicts between man and magical beings known as fae. Any word on when it comes out?

That's it for now. Long ago the world of magic was separated from the natural world by Elemental Gates. Is it better then to spend several attacks making sure they're dead? Wildermyth.


Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In Fae Tactics, follow a young magic user named Peony on her journey across a vibrant world full of mystery and danger.

Currently looking for Neverwinter nights 2, Distraint 2, The Letter, Detention and Pacify . I ask because I killed her by accident by returning after every mission and the days ran out :/ 1 comment. I'm really loving the aesthetic of this game, it certainly has a lot of charm.

(Assuming I'm not going for a victory wherein multiple leaders are in the downed status.

Story has potential, and it looks like there's going to be a lot of variety for players to experience.

Thanks for reading. I get to work early check my reddit feed, click through steam, finish my cup of coffee and then badge in and get started. Do I start all the way at the beginning of the sequence of three? What happens if I fail one of these missions? The Steam page says 2019 but uh, there's not much left in that haha.

I've seen Fae Tactics pop up as upcoming at least three times now. They're pulling something with the algorithm - which I believe Steam's put a stop to recently. Announcements. StoryLong ago the world of magic was separated from the natural world by Elemental Gates. Find powerful and unique Spells to help tip the scales in your favor. I assumed downed leaders would expire on their own if left alive until their timer ran out, but I was surprised when one of them seem to revive itself once that happened.

This looks like a classic tactics game which is exciting to see. Valdis Story is such a good Metroidvania. I AM ALSO INTERESTED IN PREVIOUS BUNDLES. Mostly interesting in story-heavy, rpg or 2d action games! I'm a bit confused about how to camp in a specific region, if that's what this side quest is even calling for. The worlds merging was imperfect and much of the land was torn apart. Vikings - Wolves of Midgard.

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Now that I know it's made by the same devs, this is a day one purchase. Message the mods.

As title says i'm giving a free steam code to the first person to respond in this post. Shadow: awakening. Is this the deal?

MyClub. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. u/AutoModerator.


Posted by 4 days ago [H] GeForce Now ($15) & Watchdog Legions ($35) [W] PayPal.

10. Title explains what I wanna do but in a bit more detail as to WHY I want to here we go, This game could have a lot of strategic depth, Assuming the rule set in place would have the same things available to both players strategy could develop and evolve around counter picking different stages and weather as well as characters and the like. If we have a map editor with this multiplayer I feel like a small competitive community could spring up. Ive only seen one play-through on youtube.

2.) An early gameplay prototype and mechanics video can be seen here:, More details and follow along for development here on my twitter:, Bonus: As something else I am experimenting with, is the transition from exploration to battle sequences, rather than a 2d overworld map, I want to have something more dynamic and fully explorable in 3d... here is a prototype of some 3d exploration mode I am working on too:

Fae Tactics. Formation/Tactics. I'm reading about recruiting Tom Tildrum, and the only info I can find says, "Once you’ve [unlocked sweets in the camping minigame], you need to get multiple perfect scores on the match-2 minigame in Smaragden.".

The devs hiding their work until today. Garfield Kart.

View All Moderators. u/Prezbelusky. u/Caveras. Dear KONAMI, News. Not to mention all the small random elements which would have to be played around. While it doesn't seem to make any significant changes to the srpg genre gameplay-wise I'm intrigued by the " menuless turn based tactical gameplay.". (More like streamlining some of the rougher edges of the genre as times have changed). did the part in emerald hills not sure what else I missed. Scouts.

If you are interested in Final Fantasy Tactics, you might like the current game I am developing called Voxel Tactics. Unique menuless turn based tactical gameplay. Patch Shame! ), 2.) Oooh that looks cool. It also looks like a very traditional (at least at first glance) Final Fantasy Tactics-like game, which isn't my favorite style.

(More like streamlining some of the rougher edges of the genre as times have changed) I’ve tried playing FF: Tactis so many times but I’m just bad at it? She leaves and says she will be back for her.


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