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Terms in this set (391) Aircraft approved for _____ operations. What hydraulic system(s) provide brake pressure? What emergency equipment is located in the cabin? 1-2 : 90 sec ground, 120 sec flight, co…. How is single engine taxi possible if nose wheel steering is on HYD 2? How many ADSs (Air Data Systems) are installed and how are they assigned? The 12 main airline variants are examined in this guide. In unserer Flotte haben wir 17 Flugzeuge des Typs Embraer 175. What happens if the TEST//RESET button is pressed while the flight deck O2 masks are removed from their storage unit? What does a red ATT or HDG flag on the PFD indicate? One controller with 2 channels which control the respectivew onside system, The remaining channel is able to control the entire AMS. In an electrical emergency can HYD 3 system power requirements overload the RAT? What color is the course needle (CDI) when using the FMS, VOR/LOC, and x-side data? How many multi-fuction spoilers are on each wing? In flight? What are three landing gear extension modes? In our fleet, we’ve got 17 Embraer 175’s. Can a single pack provide adequate temperature control and pressurization? Below that speed results in load shedding. Yes, the high rate bottle extinguisher button must be pushed twice, once to arm the bottle and once to discharge the bottle. When the gear is down, flaps are exxtended, or spoilers are deployed under normal conditions. TP 12296E (04/2008) TC-1002647 The information in this publication is to be considered solely as a guide and should not be quoted as or considered to be a legal authority. When does it appear? Maintain extended runway centerline, maintain pitch guidance according to slat/flap setting. Resources not working? No. Currently selected country: Germany, Currently selected language: Deutsch, Loggen Sie sich ein, um den Sitzplan zu sehen, ESTA-Reisegenehmigung für Reisen in die USA, Der Service für alleinreisende minderjährige Kinder, Besondere Betreuung & medizinische Dienste, Passagiere mit einer geistigen Behinderung, einer Entwicklungsstörung oder sensorischer Behinderung, Passagiere mit besonderen medizinischen Anforderungen, Ausgewählte Destinationen für Online-Meldungen von verspätetem Gepäck, Eingeschränkt erlaubte oder verbotene Gegenstände, Reisen mit zollfrei eingekauften Flüssigkeiten, Unser Flugzeug des Modells Boeing 777-300ER, Produkte und Serviceleistungen von und nach Asien, Aktuelle Fluginformationen per Telefon, E-Mail und SMS. How should the aircraft be configured for de-icing? What is the purpose of the collector box? What is the only primary flight control that is not FBW (Fly By Wire)? Will the cockpit dome light illuminate on an unpowered airplane? How long will the windshear alerting last? 660 lbs of fuel remaining in the associated tank. Warning? 20 terms. 4 Integrated Control Centers (ICC) provides power distribution and protection. On Ground - AT TO(GP) is armed and TLA > 50%. When will the EICAS display all of its information? ICC - No, can only be reset my maintenance, ORIGINATING/RECEIVING Checklist Required Pubs, How to power on cockpit dome light on an unpowered airplane, Flight Attendant Panel "COURTESY LIGHTS" switch to AUTO, 4 Emergency Light Power Units (ELPU) charged off the DC BUS 1. How many smoke detectors are installed the cargo compartments? GPU plugged in and outside GPU panel displays IN USE means: GPU in use and APU started. ERJ-170/190/L1000 Checklist - Indrek Paal. The respective IRS to the x-side IRS source. What is the purpose of the Transformer Rectifier Units? Die Embraer 175 ist ein Düsenflugzeug mit zwei Triebwerken und einem schmalen Rumpf, das von dem brasilianischen Unternehmen Embraer - Empresa Brasileira de Aeronáutica hergestellt wird. Embraer ERJ 170 Pilot Operating Handbook POH. Are the cockpit and cabin protected from fire? There is a business-jet version based on the E-190, called the Embraer Lineage 1000, which has an extended range and executive seating for 19. How is it known that an AC GPU is hooked up to the airplane and ready to provide electricity? Can the landing gear aural warning be silenced by pushing the 'LG WRN INHIB' button? Together with our partners, we have incorporated new sound-absorbing materials, produced lighter, quieter systems, and improved engine nacelle acoustics. What happens when a cargo extinguishing button is pushed if smoke has been detected? Will the autopilot deactivate during windshear guidance? MESA AIRLINES - GOM STUDY GUIDE (May 26, 2015) OTHER SETS BY THIS CREATOR. When it comes best cost per trip, its the leader in the segment. When +100' of selected altitude for 90 seconds. Speed on Elevator, thrust is fixed and pitch is adjusted to maintain airspeed (VS changes). If 'OFF' is selected on the ground, at what point will the anti-ice system become automatic? Currently selected country: Israel, Currently selected language: English, ESTA travel authorisation for travel to the United States, Passengers with an intellectual, developmental or sensory disability, Passengers with special medical requirements, Selected destinations for online reporting of delayed baggage, Travelling with liquid tax-free purchases. What type of approach is prohibited using the IESS? What is the primary use for APU bleed air? A flow limiter valve is used to reduce flow and limits pump electrical power draw to prevent a RAT stall. Adding to the sense of spaciousness is a two meter high cabin, near-vertical sidewalls and large eye-level windows, almost 30% larger than those on other aircraft, that let in lots of natural light. The widest point of the upper oval, which forms the main cabin, is at elbow level when passengers are seated. See how far the E175 flies by choosing a city near you*. If engine and APU bleed air are available simultaneously, which has priority? Compass Airlines Embraer 170/175 (Autoflight) 29 terms. Airspeed, altitude, or vertical speed cannot be determined by the ADS. Flashcards. The ERJ Study Guide will help guide you through your oral exam with confidence. Can fuel be transferred from tank-to-tank or be dumped overboard? In unserer Flotte haben wir 17 Flugzeuge des Typs Embraer 175. environment. What do the takeoff guidance crossbars do? Maximum Landing Weight … Will the APU shutdown automatically if speed and acceleration rate isn't reached in starting cycle time? Yes, by pushing the extinguishing button again. Do both ODS loops have to function in order to detect an overheat condition? The extinguishing button must be pushed again (2 pushes total). Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. LIM - The selected vertical mode requires more or less engine thrust than is available. When will the aural warning for the landing gear sound? This maximizes personal space and allows the installation of wider seats and a wider aisle compared to most larger jets. SPDe, SPDt, TO, GA, HOLD, RETARD (@ 30' RA). Mechanically releases the landing gear lever lock. This study guide covers all of the ERJ 170 systems in a Study Material format followed by a Study Question/answer review. What happens if the wiper is operated on a dry windshield? What happens when the dump button is pressed? Selects pilot or co-pilot as the data source for the AFCS. How is the low rate bottle discharged if the airplane is on the ground? When will the auto-throttles engage on the ground? When the main cabin or service doors are opened from outside the aircraft, Armed - Red "ARMED" appears above the respective door handle, Reinforced Cockpit Door "INHIBIT" button causes, automatic open function is inhibited for 500 seconds, 2 hours of voice and radio communications. Once the chemical O2 generators are started can they be shut off? Runways > 3500ft with a published approach. What is the O2 duration for the Passengers, Flight Attendants, and PBE? Where does the flight attendant check the potable water quantity and waste service tank system? Can a single bleed source power both packs? Embraer Pilot Training Cockpit Handbook & Airplane Diagrams & Schematics CBT When will the PTU automatically activate? APU running. Ground: Flaps > 0 and TL set to T/O, or Groundspeed > 50 kts. What is the priority for the trim system? When will the reinforced cockpit door latch automatically open? Caution - Amber windshear flag on PFD/aural "CAUTION WINDSHEAR". What are some things that will close the ECS packs? Sie können Ihren Browser entweder so einstellen, dass er unsere Cookies empfangen kann oder unsere Website ohne Cookie-Funktionalität nutzen. Also, certain 'private browsing' modes and similar web browser setttings may cause resources to … Used for APU or engine start if AC power or the ACMP is not available. What is the ratio of fresh air to recirculated air? Yes, the crossbleed valve opens to provide symmetrical ice protection for both wings. What will happen if batteries are turned OFF during the 1 minute APU cool down period? How many portable O2 cyclinders are installed in the cabin? … Gravity. What is the purpose of the scavenge pumps? Contact about Shop@KLM; Up-to-date information. How long will the emergency lights last once illuminated? Try to get them via a full-size PC or Mac. How long will the deicing system remain on after icing is no longer detected? How is bleed air directed for pneumatic anti-ice? FleetSmart. 1. Lock protects against inadvertent landing gear retraction when weight-on-wheels, Mechanically, during landing gear extension or retraction. The switch may be moved to the OFF position but the FADEC disregards the command. Pink indication: Bad. Created by. Cabin is scheduled back to the takeoff altitude if: What sources are used for aircraft anti-icing and de-icing? Inhibits the automatic de-clutter of the EICAS. Die Embraer 175 bedient Inlands- und Mittelstreckenflüge von LOT. What is the difference between normal mode and direct mode? Download Now. Touchdown - no braking until 3 seconds or > 50 kts wheel speed. Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 85,517 lbs . E-Jets are designed from a double-bubble fuselage concept, a shape derived from vertically overlapping two ovals to produce a four-abreast cross section. What does moving the APU start switch to "OFF" do? Do the cockpit crew and passengers share the same emergency oxygen? FADEC limits respective engine thrust to IDLE. Where does the CPC get Landing Field Elevation (LFE)? Will loss of airspeed data cause the flight controls to go into 'DIRECT" mode? Designed for short to mid-range flights, the Embraer 175 features a flexible seat configuration so you can match capacity to market demand. It may become obsolete in whole or in part at any time without notice. What does selecting 'ALL' on the MCDU provide? Learn. range. Visual (VFR), Instrument (IFR), Icing conditions, Category I and II. What will cause the amber IDG light on the overhead panel to illuminate? General Electric’s CF34 engine is designed to be more efficient – CO, UHC, NOx and smoke emission margins range from 26% to an impressive 98% below ICAO Annex 16 (Volume II) CAEP/6 limits for the E170/E175. Compass Airlines Embraer 170/175 (FOM Study Guide Questions) 80 terms. No, they automatically alternate with each engine start. *Ranges are indicative only, are based on ISA temperatures, zero winds, and maximum passengers in standard, single-class configuration and are not to be used for flight planning or dispatch. MFDs can be reverted to either EICAS or PDF. Where is the external ground source panel located? Blue indication: Good. What will the FADEC automatically do in case of a Hot start?

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