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The Blue Mountains of Washington State offer a vast expanse of high plateau dissected by deep draws and canyons carved by numerous creeks and rivers. Elk are magnificent animals to spot in the wild, but in Central Washington, residents are seeking solutions to the prolific Colockum herd. Plumb said, “Usually the weather is what pulls them down.” Without feed covered by the snow, the elk have very little reason to head for lower ground. I’ve seen herds of 100-200 head. Time is on your side, as long as plenty of it is spent in good elk habitat and your knowledge of the local elk habits draws a more predictable picture. Here’s what he said about the elk migration and how it could affect your 2017 hunt. If the pilot program is successful, Dent hopes to expand it across the state. Following aerial surveys this past spring, Brock Hoenes, WDFW elk specialist, was concerned about overwinter calf survival in the area. Elk are magnificent animals to spot in the wild, but in Central Washington, residents are seeking solutions to the prolific Colockum herd. Latest. Dent, who is also a Moses Lake rancher, is sponsoring legislation that will hopefully help rectify these elk-related issues. Although it’s easier to wait at the bottom of the mountain for weather to drive a big bull to you, Plumb’s comments prove that it’s not always a viable tactic. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Plumb also said that late spring snows don’t have a measurable effect on calf survival rates, with predation being the main cause of early elk deaths. Download Now. Time and chance will always play a part in hunting success. When [elk] take a mind to move, they definitely will move. Based upon these discussions and feedback, Dent has proposed a new pilot program that “calls for the state Department of Transportation (WDoT) to investigate the costs of installing elk-proof fencing” along area highways to keep elk off the roads; WDoT has already installed a fence barrier near the “right-of-way fence along the highway,” according to the HeraldNet. Understanding elk habits, trusting your outfitter’s expertise, and showing up with the physical capabilities to go where the elk are will earn you the most meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. It could be as small as five acres. On my upper ranch, that is 7,500-8,000 feet. He said, “We did have a lot of cattle and a lot of sheep in this part of the world. They’ll hold there for a while and then as the weather progresses they’ll start moving on down to the lower winter ground. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. Zumper’s first ever migration report uses search data to analyze patterns and trends across the U.S. to see where renters are most interested in moving to and where renters are most interested in leaving. Look carefully for patterns. For whitetail hunters used to chasing critters that sometimes live their entire lives on 1,000 acres, hunting the elk migration can seem daunting. The following maps were designed to offer a high level overview of the entire state of Colorado and depict elk seasonal ranges, public vs private hunting lands, elk density by GMU, wilderness areas overlapping GMUs, and more. Hunting. According to Plumb, “[Elk] will get to the highest point they can find in whatever area they’re going to be in. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. As with anything in elk hunting, betting on the migration is not a sure thing. On my upper ranch, that is 7,500-8,000 feet. This year, right now, the first part of January, we’re just now starting to see a few elk down here at about 6,500 elevation. A Four-Season Guide to Patterning Big Bull Elk. These statewide elk hunting maps were designed to give hunters a quick look at the GMUs that may be of interest to them for their next elk hunt. Tagged as: The state manages a herd with populations ranging from 5,000 to 6,000. If it’s another winter like we had last year, those animals are going to be up in the higher reaches right through the fourth season.”. The trick is knowing when and why elk migrate and using that knowledge to your advantage on the hunt. Hunting. People move for a variety of reasons: housing, jobs, family, etc. A number of factors influence elk behavior. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. This herd is comprised of about 6,500 elk – elk that damage irrigation lines and hay storage and caused about 60 motor vehicle collisions last year. But if … A number of factors influence elk behavior. As long as they’ve got good cover and they’ve got water and they’ve got feed, they’ll stay there until it gets so bitter that they have to move. Now that the grazing and the land use has kind of changed, they don’t have to move as readily as they used to.”, Plumb said, “The only thing that would really affect the hunt is if, during the hunting seasons, a tremendous amount of weather pulled in. An experienced guide explains how the elk migration can affect your hunt. Are your kids ready to hunt out West yet? He said, “I think that the late season hunters that bank on [the migration] every year, the last couple years here in Colorado have had kind of a tough go of it because the elk just haven’t migrated down when they normally do. When everything’s down in the low country, it’s pretty much a turkey shoot then. Plumb said, “Your larger animals will a lot of times hang up in a nesting area. Using goHUNT Maps species distribution layers for Colorado elk and deer, How to use the measurement tool on goHUNT Maps, Four things I wish I knew when I started backpack hunting, Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg, OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt, Montana hunters survive grizzly bear attack. Plumb said, “It’s usually about 50 miles or so. Receive updates and goHUNT's most popular content.

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