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The map below includes both confirmed and unverified puma sightings in the larger SF Bay region since 2004.

About 25 fatal and 95 non-fatal cougar attacks have been recorded in all of North America over the past 100 years. Gary Elgin, a licensed commercial trapper who frequently works along Salmon Creek, said cougars could easily migrate into the greenway area from the east or west. Each year, hunters, meat processors and food pantries help families in need by […]. Don't Threaten.

Officials with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are working with residents to come up with a solution. NEILLSVILLE, WI (WSAU) – The Department of Natural Resources is confirming a cougar sighting in Clark County. “It kind of makes me nervous.”. The animal believed to have attacked the cyclists was tracked and killed by Fish and Wildlife police. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is seeking any information regarding two separate […], Below is a news release from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. Now, more than ever, the world needs trustworthy reporting—but good journalism isn’t free. ESSB5395 will begin mandating all school districts in Washington State teach comprehensive SeXXX-Ed (CSE) starting in kindergarten, unless we reject R-90 on this election ballot. Keep it Clean. Cougars prefer to conceal themselves in brush or forested areas. At small map scales the markers are clustered, but as you zoom in the markers will center on the county. Reach out to us directly if you have Nest or Ring footage. Yesterday at 6:28 PM. “They only want to attack something that’s a clear shot and is going to be a favorable outcome for them. The cougar has also been photographed in Clark County. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified about the sighting and is monitoring the situation. The agency recommends that people who encounter a cougar pick up small children, stand tall and try to appear as large as possible. “Kids that live out of town cannot go out and play right now,” he said.

Vicki Kraft has stood against CSE every time it’s reared its ugly head in Olympia. Please avoid obscene, vulgar, lewd, Be Nice. It was the state’s first fatal cougar attack in 94 years. The agency can more easily return lost pets if registered, Scarpelli said. The best way to respond when faced with a cougar is to maintain eye contact, Holman said. “So, please; have your pets licensed,” he urged. A second sighting was reported Saturday, but that turned out to be “a substantial and fine-looking house cat,” the city of Battle Ground said. Three were in the Vancouver area and two were in Camas. “Cougars live their life hiding and sneaking,” he said. To help reduce cougar encounters, the WDFW suggested keeping pets and livestock locked away from dusk through early morning and avoid feeding pets outside, or pick up food and water bowls well before dark.

Pick up any small children and rein in any pet dogs close to your body.

They usually ambush their prey from behind or above. “Dogs and particularly cats do go missing in situations like this,” Clark County Animal Control manager Paul Scarpelli said Friday. Many cougar sightings may never be reported, Holman said.

A person who encounters a cougar should immediately stop, stand tall and pick up any small children. Chance of rain 60%. “You’ve got all the right conditions for cougars,” Elgin said. Cougars can pose some danger, but attacks on humans are extremely rare. Don't knowingly lie about anyone Hikers should hike in groups and make plenty of noise to avoid surprising cougars or other wildlife. Dunthorpe is located south of the Portland city limits and northeast of Lake Oswego.

Be Truthful. “This time of year, there often is (an increase in sightings) with not just cougars but bears, because this is the time when, basically, the young of the year become teenagers and they start roaming around themselves,” he said.

Editor’s Note:This story was first published by The Reflector’s sister newspaper The Chronicle in Centralia. Cougars are most active at night; about 2500 of the cats can be found throughout Washington’s forests and natural areas – or wherever they can find a place to hide and something to eat. It also allows notification of pet owners in case pet’s remains are discovered.

Get an email notification whenever someone contributes to the discussion. You have permission to edit this article. The Columbian is becoming a rare example of a news organization with local, family ownership. A cougar’s instinct is to chase, so people should not run or approach the animal. If in the very unusual event that a cougar attacks you, fight back with rocks, sticks, bear or pepper spray, tools or any items available. He reported the sighting to a ranger.

Be Proactive. The Columbian. Low around 55F. “There’s plenty of cover, plenty of deer and plenty of house cats they can eat without any trouble.”. There have been no reported injuries to people or animals in the area. Winds SSE at 5 to 10 mph.

Notifications from this discussion will be disabled. 266,000 signatures were gather…. A mountain lion was recently spotted in Battle Ground. Please take a second to review our community guidelines, Salmon Creek Lions Club hosts shred event, receives donations, Chiropractic COVID-19 exposure might have spread virus to over 300 people. No racism, sexism or any sort of -ism

Social Services, Demographics, Faith, Please take a second to review our community guidelines, a cougar attacked two mountain bikers near North Bend, Hoff, Sinclair find common ground, diverge on much in 18th District race, Four people seriously hurt in crossover crash north of Battle Ground, Deformities found in some California cougars.

On Tuesday, a high school student said he saw a cougar about one mile southwest of the welcome center at Tryon State Natural Area. There are daily cougar sightings,” Ray Clark, local businessman, told KREM-TV.

Share with Us. If the cougar is acting aggressively, shout, wave your arms and throw rocks. If people see a mountain lion, they can report it to the non-emergency line, 311. BATTLE GROUND - A handful of cougar sightings in Clark County sparked social media buzz last week as residents used Facebook and Twitter to warn their friends and neighbors. In Washington, only one person has died of injuries caused by a cougar in a century. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Sergeant Carlo Pace said the department is dealing with cougar issues in different parts of Kittitas County.

An expected early week weather system did not manifest, pushing relief off until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. Across the whole of WDFW’s Region 5, however, sightings were up significantly in 2018, especially in Cowlitz County. “It’s not like there’s an occasional cougar sighting. “Cougars do a pretty good job of making a living in open spaces between homes and other civilization.”.

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