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Saying our name right is a sign you’re a Wabobian.

We’re here to make sure you Keep Life Fun. Are you playing enough? Kids and adults should play Waboba at least once a day to experience an improvement in mood and general well-being.

We are big kids at heart who are committed to creating innovative, stylish, and super fun products that change the way you play. We are proud to bring people (and dogs) of all ages together to unplug and play until the sun goes down.

Discover out-of-this-world fun with the new Martian Moons from Waboba. Conquer the earth with these super high-bouncing Waboba Moon Balls in new colors to make your ball games more fun. With craters that help you grip and catch easily, these Moon Balls provide an interstellar experience you won’t forget!

  • Super High Bouncy Ball
  • Makes a unique “pop” sound when it bounces
  • Bounces out of this world
  • Size: 63mm / 2.48 in
  • Ages: 5+

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