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Either revelation could also possibly bring Revolver and theoretically even Specter back into the plot, with Ryoken reacting just about as well you'd expect to either option being true, and one of the duo just plain decking Specter if he says any of that 'you must have had a happy life if this is the worst thing that happened to you' garbage, for similarly understandable reasons. In this case we could have at least these 3 scenarios: In the first opening, we see the Eye of Horus for the first time since GX. Arc-V is airing slowly, and Teen Titans Go! franchise and have done so since 4Kids went bankrupt) might get tired of Nicktoons not treating the show well (I mean, with a lower viewership than Nickelodeon, Arc-V's ratings are impressive for Nicktoons, but not impressive for a franchise that ran in Japan since the 1990s), so Arc-V just might be the last Yu-Gi-Oh! Regarding Earth, while he was supposed to make his decision regarding humans himself, after learning Lightning orchestrated Cyberse Worlds destruction and is the reason Aqua is MIA, he'd possibly ally with Cafe Nagi on principle. This is what happens in Playmaker, Soulburner and Blue Maiden's battle against Lightning. Aqua could be a case of being freed from Lightning and Windy. Meta-wise, the booster after Cybernetic Horizon (which has a Ritual Monster as its cover card) is Soul Fusion. ARC-V. Un épisode introductif à la … Since Ai wasn't part of it, he may end up staying on the side of the heroes. VRAINS was first announced on December 16, 2016. Please try again. It has been shown to be capable of housing more than one AI, as evident by Ai sharing the disk with Linkuriboh. This has become a common theme in the franchise lately where the protagonist thinks his dad is the greatest person in the whole wide world only for them to disappear without a trace. Then again, this is from the same series which brought us a number of asshole relatives, so who knows. It's like that one spider kid that was one of the antagonists in the Zexal manga who manipulated his personality to control what his number cards become. anime series. A large portion of the Knights of Hanoi are Vietnamese. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. And behold, he summoned Crystal Heart and this is in fact what happened. Yusaku's Duel Disk is a hybrid model, also capable of using. Lightining plans to hijack Playmaker's body. Given that Speed Duels omit both Pendulum Zones since they now share Zones with the leftmost and rightmost Spell/Trap Zones, we'll likely only see them in action in a Master Duel. Akira will have a plan to have Aoi befriend Yusaku. He really was also the voice who encouraged Yusaku. She is far more loyal than Ghost girl even if she lacks her skills at infiltration. Nekroz, Evi/Gishiki, Black Luster Soldiers, Shinobaron/ess Peacock, Prediction Princesses, Cyber Angels (even though the latter two have been used in Arc-V). That doesn't joss it, though, it just makes it less likely. If Episode #45's preview is any indication, it sounds like one will occur that episode. It hasn't happened as of Episode #42, but Topologic Gamble Dragon does have an Effect that applies while it's Extra Linked. Did you have to make such an un-bear-able pun? Today we ask you to help keep free and independent. Jossed for Trickstar Holly Angel whose name stays the same. comedy, zexal, cute. This means that it is possible for Flame to be a Fairy Lee for Cafe Nagi; It would explain why Jin was targeted. Ema could be around the same age as Akira and Kengo could be in his late 20ties or early 30ties. Alternatively Bohman will absorb SOL Technologies's Ignis and become more powerful than ever before. franchise, so fingers would be crossed and we'll see how this plays out. It would certainly be delicious to see a dynamic like that if the TheHero played that role too. It's subtle, but the extra monster zones they use has a horizontal rectangle going across it, like the main monster zones. Yusaku will get an evolution of Linkuriboh via Storm Access. Expect Insert Song. Confirmed during Playmaker and Revolver's second Speed Duel. Most of the summoning upgrades involve using monsters of that type as materials for other, better monsters of the same type, and using Link monsters as link materials is already ingrained in the mechanic (a link 2 can be used as 2 of the 3 materials for a link 3, ect). She will feel comfortable talking with Yusaku the most because of their similar personality. Bonus points if he first appears as a Mysterious Stranger or Mysterious Watcher while wearing the same or very similar kind of clothes like those that he wore during the brief Flashback from the Synchro Dimension Arc, when he first arrived from the Fusion Dimension. Windy's Origin is unveiled in Episode 88 (albeit without his name revealed), and his hairstyle doesn't match Blood Shepherd's. there will be a duel that has Yusaku getting a bumb draw from a data storm, Ema Bessho is the assassin for SOL Technologies, The Data storm Link cards respond to Yusaku's desires. Confirmed, Aqua's Origin is Miyu but she partners up with Aoi. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from The same episode shows that Aqua also plays G-Golem. Furthermore, episode 71 used the term Origin to designate the six children the Ignis were based on instead of the word partner that was used in the preceding episodes. All the victims are 6 years by the time of LI and Windy's kid could be 16 and is still in high school in the present just like other victims. The unnamed faction were created by a rival company. Sort of confirmed! Yusaku will have to duel with his decoy deck one day. It will later reveal that this new villain faction will be. The Millennium Items/Shadow Realm will play a role in the plot. The past incident that Yusaku is pursuing just is him trying to find his father. Duel Monsters will have more in common with Digimon now. Vrains) might get picked up by Disney XD upon coming to America.I also have a feeling that the new Digimon anime (Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters) might also hop over to XD, possibly making it the first Digimon series since Data Squad to air on a Disney network.Transformers: Robots in Disguise (the 2015 series), which was put on hiatus by Cartoon Network, might also hop over to Disney XD (since Discovery Family overhypes My Little Pony during its children's programs, making it unlikely for the show to move to Discovery Family anyways). Seemingly confirmed, given that the cover card of Cybernetic Horizon, Cyberse Magician, will be a Ritual Monster. The Fusion Monster will be the evolution/upgrade of Linkslayer. VRAINS - Season on with Daniel J. Edwards and Emily Cramer. Mar 18, 2017 — I think that 4K Media (who dub the Yu-Gi-Oh! Unlikely to be the exact reason for how he would get past that situation as Yusaku's cards are still data constructs when he is in LINK VRAINS. This page was last edited on 18 January 2019, at 16:14. Bohman, in episode 58, says he has 'clear memories' of the Lost Incident and being replaced. anime (Yu-Gi-Oh! That said, I don't completely dismiss the possibility that even if Aoi wasn't the one female victim of the Lost Incident, she may or may not end up working together with Aqua, if only temporarily. It's not an Extra Deck Summoning method, but since his Duel against Bohman, he demonstrates his capability of Ritual Summoning. He must have likely survived the crash but is badly injured and hospitalized. Ex. When we see Revolver (or rather, the person using that VR alias) come out of Link VRAINS into the real world, the silhouette of his hair looks similar to Kusanagi's, as well as the brief glimpse we saw of Kusanagi's younger brother. His "Charisma Duelist Codename" will be changed from "Playmaker" to "Prince of Games". It didn't have anthing to do with the G-Golem archetype. Help us hold the powerful to account. Ai wants to use SOL Technologies to make new Ignis. This could basically turn the Knights of Hanoi/that Duelist into a TakeThat towards the fans of the card game who quit after the new rules were shown. Saiba is a pun of "Cyber", and Revolver is the first ever Kaiba. Shouichi will participate in a duel at some point... against Yusaku! Can you spare a minute to become a member today? Bohman describes himself as being based on Yusaku's heart and as his 'evolved form'.

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