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Yelawolf Tattoos “Stupid” on Forehead Published on March 9, 2017 in L of the Week by TheDailyL “ Y’all’s hatin’ just make me stronger and hungrier. rafalove33 liked this . I got 'Love Story' just for the cover of the album. My grandmother was pissed. We flew straight from Madison to Atlanta for a connection flight, and I got this before I got on my flight to Australia. '", "Forgiveness. Previously: Yelawolf – Down (Lyric Video), 3 days of inspiration, learning, art creation, and world class tattooing in Venice Italy. Lip tattoo is a popular cosmetic procedure that can be art or a type of semi-permanent or permanent cosmetic. If there's one thing to notice about Yelawolf aside from his music, it's that he's completely COVERED in tattoos! Tattooing and Fine art workshops and seminars for artists of all kinds. And they have a record called 'The Silver Stallion.' It's like his head is my entire back from the neck down to my waist. If you can believe it, he says there's still room for more. :/ Reblog - Posted 6 years ago - via / Source with 68 notes. So finding out about Cherokee roots, and I was all into Dr. York at the time, which was pretty much like a cult in Georgia about aliens, and Egyptology, and numerology, and all that. ". I mean wouldn't care, but I just know like a real redneck, like I don't even qualify. After nine is zero ... Nine is the highest number in math no matter how many billions, and trillions you count after nine it's all back to zero.". Some are more random as he explains his "beer grip" tat came about because that's where he grabs a beer. I mean I had my eyes, and the top of my hairline done, and no one reacted to tattoos like they did to this one. tagged as → #yelawolf #Tattoo #slum. This soundboard is a part of Complex's Yelawolf Week. I was getting heckled and at the end of my song I just jumped in the crowd, and I was like, 'Hey motherf***er, you wanna say something? ", "It says, Slum for Slumerican. It's like, call me a name for so long I'm just going to be it. And it was like a four and a half hour sit. It says 'Native' and it's got Pyramid of Giza on it, and a black sun. Little did his grandmother know, that was just the tip of the iceberg — fast-toward to present day and Yelawolf has lost count of how many tats he actually has. ", He adds, "One of the shins is a big elephant head, and then it's got the Alabama 'A' close to my ankle. Some are considering this the latest in a downward spiral that began in August 2015, when the MC took to Facebook to publicly defend the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston church massacre. And it's also just a time of birth. I was like in ICU for a few days, and then assisted living for almost a month and a half. When The Daily L checked in on Soulja … More, Listen To Tracks From Wu-Tang’s Unreleased Album, "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin," Including A Collaboration Between The Legendary Rap … More, When January 1 approaches, everyone boasts about their promise for the new, This week, the year’s most talked about rapper, Cardi B, made headlines. I like it, but Fefe was like crying and it was dramatic. Apr 16, 2017 - Explore Jennifer Adams Schanuel's board "Yelawolf Tattoo's", followed by 140 people on Pinterest. And it's like a testament to just keep going and growing and evolving. But then some of them he's gotten specifically for his music. The “turkey giveaway” was first popularized by Wesley Snipes’ character Nino Brown. He also said that after working on previous projects likePsycho White with Travis Barker, Black Fall with Three 6 Mafia, andThe Slumdon Bridge with Ed Sheeran, he wanted to "fine-tune all these sounds into an album. [It means] just to be forgiven. I'm not that good at hunting, I don't know how to fix cars, like I haven't even earned that. ", "Comin' up out of Alabama it was always, like you know, being called a redneck or something, you know, derogatory. This is only a fan blog. Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. “Y’all’s hatin’ just make me stronger and hungrier.” Earlier today, Yelawolf shocked Instagram followers with his newest ink addition: the … More, Atop a slight hill in Farmington, Connecticut, lies an imposing residence surrounded by dark and dreary woods. He's had a large tat outlined on his back for years that he intends to finish. The elephant's the mascot for the Crimson Tide [of the University of Alabama]. Leaked Tracks From Wu-Tang’s “Secret” Album, 14 Rappers Share Their 2017 Thanksgiving Plans. Being that Yelawolf is covered from head to toe, it's hard to keep track of how much ink he actually has. 13 Savage Slams From Remy Ma’s Nicki Minaj Diss, “Another One”. And that's been our song the whole tour. I got it in Canada on tour. Come closer, and listen to what Lord Jamar has to tell you! It's funny. ", "Me, DJ Clever, and Bones both got sevens. And the One-Eyed Jack of Diamonds we also got. That was just nostalgic to me comin' up under a house of Crimson Tide fans — my grandfather and great-grandfather, and generations of it. But he says there is still more tattoos in his future. It says, 'White Trash' on it. And I jumped out of the rafters, and I landed on a kid's head, and broke his nose, and I ruptured my spleen. This Tumblr is mostly Yelawolf, but I post other stuff sometimes, too. At the time I was really into [the] self-awareness type of thing. He told us of the meaning behind the song, "I was just thinking it was just probably a lot of just dealing with being taken advantage of, and putting my foot down, and kind of saying, 'Never again.' See more ideas about Yelawolf, Yelawolf tattoos, Eminem. And has the rapper explains, he believes it's doing so well because his fans can relate. It was terrible. As you can imagine, pain is an understatement. It's a small town south of Gadsden, where I'm from ... another small town. He tells iHeartRadio, "I had like cankles for two weeks. When asked to explain the motivation for the tattoo, the Alabama rapper/extreme sports enthusiast told members of the hip hop press, “Look, I’m gonna be whatever y’all want me to be, so I might as well cut the bullshit and write it on my damn forehead.”. I had heard Andre 3000 had went and recorded records there at this studio, and Erykah Badu, and all these people that were rad to me. And he started [saying], 'You f***in' redneck. It's like a taboo spot, almost. Three, three, three is nine. Three sevens is a jackpot, so now before every show we, you know, 'seven up.' It's just about wearing it. But I got it on my neck, because ... well for instance opening up for Wu-Tang Clan in Europe. So, 'Calm Down,' that's what that's about.". It's the traditional Jesus like looking up at the light. He says, "As soon as I turned 18, I went to ... On the "Slum" tattoo under his lip and "Forgiveness" tattoo at the top of his neck: "It says, Slum for Slumerican. People have seen this photo forever, but we literally took the canvas off the wall, and laid tracing paper and traced it. You know, let people know.' I think the reason why people can relate to it so much is not being taken advantage of, and like 'I can't give, give, give, give, give, and then I have nothing left. So what do you all think of Yelawolf’s head tat? Welcome back to Instagram. ", "It was right after I got a ruptured spleen injury. By Complex. And then months and months later it popped with another stage dive. And then the other one has got a big raccoon jumping out of a trash can. Find out how rappers are spending their November vacation in 2017. Yelawolf tells us that some of his tattoo meanings are deep, like the portraits of his children on his back, or the ink dedicated to his fiancé, Fefe Dobson.

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