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Back in 2003, the German Army Aviation Corps (Heeresflieger) and the French General Delegation for Ordnance (DGA) laid down the basic requirements for a new heavy transport helicopter to replace the German CH-53G/GSs and older CH-47s in Europe. This was a downgraded S-65C-2, very similar to what the USMC introduced at the time. A six foot-wide aft ramp allows easy and fast loading and unloading of cargo and troops.

Block II includes the integration of new rotor blades, which increases its load capacity.

}); The loading height is more than five metres, which is not only higher than that of the KING STALLION (2.4 metres), but also higher than that of any other conventional rotorcraft. jQuery(".artImageLightbox").colorbox({fixed:true}); Obviously, flight testing performance was not as satisfactory as anticipated as technical problems were either discovered belatedly or not sufficiently resolved. While Israel is already looking at the CH-53K, it believes that the US will not be able to export it to allies until a few years after USMC completes the IOC. Its load capacity is 3 tons higher than the Chinook's. Currently, exhaust-gas is being sucked in again, which limits the service life of parts such as the main rotor gearbox. event.preventDefault(); The author has visited the production line in Philadelphia shortly after the new production of F-models and the upgrade of up to 300 older D-versions to that standard had begun. Chinese media welcomed the orange Mi-26s as they flew first aid and heavy earthmoving equipment to some of the devastated villages that could only be reached by air or trail. At the end of the day, during war, if you can’t get the stuff and the people to where it needs to be at the right time and at the right place, you are not as effective in the battle-space as you could be.”. “We have at the moment 14 helicopters in production, and within about a decade the Marine Corps will have 200 King Stallion helicopters,” Col. Henry Vanderborght, who has been involved in the CH-53K project on behalf of the US Army, said during the Berlin Air Show. By far the largest or heaviest-lifting rotorcraft anywhere, of course, is the Russian Mil-Mi-26 (NATO designation HALO). Germany was to procure between 60 and 120 helicopters, with France being another prospective customer. This helicopter is also larger than all the others in the West. The IAF plans to buy some 20 new heavy-lift helicopters—in other words, one squadron—which will replace the current CH-53 Sea Stallion squadron at the Tel Nof Base, whose life has been extended until 2025 following an upgrade of its tools. Israel will likely buy several units, CH-53K King Stallion. var str; More than ten years later, there are only US platforms left to choose from, as other alternatives (see below) are not politically feasible. They are truly versatile workhorses of our Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). var TitleTrimmed; In February 2006, the German procurement authority nevertheless began discussing the HTH with former EUROCOPTER. Specifications are 15 tonnes payload, a range of 630 kilometres and a maximum speed of 300 km/h. The Netherlands is pursuing both paths, with 14 new CH-47F acquired through FMS in 2016 and with an agreement with Boeing and the Netherlands MoD signed in December 2017 for upgrading six RNLAF CHINOOKs to the latest F-model configuration, ensuring commonality of systems for their entire fleet of 20 F-model CHINOOKs. However, air-to-air refuelling will be included in both variants. Due to the current climate between the West and Russia, it is not subject for considerations by European countries but with a length of 40 metres and a rotor-diameter of 32 metres. The first modernised CHINOOK is to be delivered in 2021.

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