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Here, the author is more than pleased with this hard-fighting, great-eating Chinook salmon taken on a trolled herring.

Live or dead, whole or cut, there are numerous “secret” ways to get your bait on that circle hook. Next up is covering which downriggers you should buy! Here are some of the best divers to use when trolling for salmon without downriggers. To a certain extent it is, but there are several key differences depending on what kind of salmon you’re fishing for and the time of year. One of the easiest mistakes to make when trolling for salmon is to troll too fast. With king salmon, you can go longer – up to 8 feet long. The more water surging into a bay, the more salmon ride the wave against the river current, allowing them to more easily cover water en route to their spawning grounds. I've broken down some of my thoughts on coho trolling into Ten Rules of Coho Trolling. The flasher imitates a wounded baitfish or other underwater creatures and piques a hungry salmons interest. Bait used for mooching is almost always anchovies or herring. Here are our favorite lures for the most common types of salmon. coho salmon, downrigger, king salmon, pink salmon We’ll get into more detail below, but downriggers with electric motors are more expensive than the manual ones. Kokanee will also go after small “wedding ring” style lures, pinks enjoy eating a similar diet to coho salmon, so we like to, You can also use a downrigger for this, just be aware of any underwater structures like rocks or logs you could snag the weight on. Most anglers use a 45 and 45 cut, meaning that the head of the baitfish is cut off at a 45-degree angle vertically and a 45-degree angle horizontally. If you don’t mind cranking the downrigger weight up yourself, it becomes a very affordable fishing investment. Dial in that speed and dial up a cooler full. Ask around, other fishermen will tell you what works and what doesn’t. You’ll need to experiment with different dropper line lengths and weights to achieve the best possible action. I don’t care where you’re salmon trolling for kings, always learn from your time on and off the water. If you do see success, check out our guide on cleaning salmon for what to do next. We like to troll hoochie squids on the surface out in the open ocean early in the coho salmon season. The bait should be mounted in a bait holder like the Pro-Troll Rotary Salmon Killer or new Roto Chip. by @lutzenate – #fishhawkelectronics #lakemichigan #lakemichiganfishing #salmon #salmonfishing #kingsalmon #chinook #salmontrolling #greatlakes #greatlakesfishing #fishon #fishing #fishinglife, A post shared by Fish Hawk Electronics (@fishhawkelectronics) on Sep 26, 2019 at 5:49pm PDT.

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