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Even hairless rats will still display markings on the skin; you could have a hairless hooded rat. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge.

It is very different from the New World Porcupine that is found in the US and South America. Also I would like to note that this page is very well put together and has given me a much better idea of what I would like in a pet rat. Informative!

eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'officiallypets_com-leader-2','ezslot_9',112,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'officiallypets_com-leader-2','ezslot_10',112,'0','1']));For just the average rat owner, these are a pretty good pet. They feed on the red crabs Gecarcoidea natalis and other types of crab species on the island. They sleep through the day in the burrows they dig.

Standard rats don’t have any special needs or considerations. However, the last four mutations (curly-1, curly-2, kinky, and shaggy) appear to be extinct in laboratory rats (Greaves 1981).

But he has a tiny bit of light brown mixed with grey hood & stripe. There are two types of epithelium: The differentiation of the epithelium into different tissues and the ongoing renewal of skin depend on a complex cascade of cellular events.

Rats tend to be pear-shaped, but two of the most prominent features are the ears and tail. Interesting! I cant find anything that sounds like my rat Cricket, he is mostly white with a black spot on his ear and a few on his back and he is a dumbo. ttrash from Australia on January 31, 2011: Great hub, very detailed! Standard or normal coat type (This is my pet rat Sickle, R.I.P.). I have a (standard) Red Eye Dilute. If I breed them together what will the litter look like? A so-called “bad rex” may simply look messy all the time, but you can tell by curly or straight whiskers whether they are truly a rex rat. These rats have corresponding marks on both their back and bellies. Bristle rats are available in all colorations and patterns.

Genetics: The shorn locus has been mapped to a narrow area of Chromosome 7 (Hall et al. I bred it with a tan ruby-eyed female. They have a completely white belly, white feet, a white tail, and a small white spot in between their ears. The most common form of this is agouti but can be various styles including pearl.

I have to white with black spots with black eyes.They had one champaign with a whitr stripe down its head and nose and pink eyes.Then had 2 white w pink eyes and one white n black.Ive never seen one like the champaign rat. Some of the colors in the fur will even sparkle, and any white will appear golden. Immune function that does not depend on the thymus (killer and natural killer cells) appears to be normal (Chassoux et al 1983). Whn is required for the primordial thymus tissue to differentiate into a fully-formed normal thymus (Lee et al. I bet you can’t guess what makes these rats special. The middle layer of the hair shaft is called the hair cortex.

However, some have been documented in the wild to be as much as 7 years old. Hey, you dont have any siamese or himilayans on here!!

8 Essential Hedgehog Supplies - What To Get For Your Hedgehog. Its hind feet are bristled, and its check teeth are shaped like the number eight, which is why it’s called an octodon degu. If you’re looking to breed your rats, it’s best to stick with standard rats if you’re a beginner. The roof rat is most recognizable because of its long tail which drags behind it as it moves. Ragged rats have a ragged coat by age 10 days, then lose most of the hair on their backs by 5 weeks of age. They are usually dark gray or cinnamon-buff depending on the species. love my babies so much :D. thanks you have helped me find out more about pet rats i have two my self both brothers however they fight a lot dose anyone know why this is . The lack of the thymus leads to immunodeficiency (no cell mediated immune response e.g. is mom is about 1 1/2 meters long (white) father 1 1/2 meters (brown). Hairless rats are highly susceptible to injuries such as scratches, so it’s important that you make sure the bedding in their cage is free of any sharp edges. I do not know if it is male or female, therefore we call it shim (she/him) when referring to its sex. Odd-eyed rats have one eye that is one color while the other is another.

This coloring is called points just as with the Himalayan and Siamese cats. Oh my goodness, these rats are all so adorable, I just can't decide! I've had my rat for some time now and I've been wanting to find out what kind of rat she is so thanks. They look very similar but have longer legs and are larger in size. It’s important to consider things such as temperament, required grooming, health issues, and, if you plan to breed them, genetic abnormalities.

(from: Ahearn et al.

They have a brown fur coat that matches the color of the soil they live in. They have a short tail and a hairy snout. The usual "hooded" variety was most abundant, as were albinos and occasional black rats. A chinchilla has the densest coat of fur of any mammal living on land. It’s time to bring back my analogies. They came to me just weened, so we are still getting to know one another.

They can also eat seeds, fruits, cacti, and acorns. Rodents are found in nature around the world and are considered as pets, pests, and food as well as luxury prey for their furs. Or for more chance of dumbo ear? Even so, special care should be taken to keep hairless rats out of drafts, cold rooms, and away from objects that may scratch their unprotected skin. Surprisingly both of these species are not closely related. This rat looks to be cinnamon: an agouti rat with the recessive mink gene. With any of color style coloration, your rat’s coat overall will be one color, but the individual hairs can be banded with multiple colors. Humans can have the hr mutation as well. I've got a pink eye, dumbo ear, double Rex, Himalayan female rat, what would I breed her with to get a chance of more Rex/double Rex? A rat with color over its head, neck, shoulders, and down the back in a stripe to the tail. Bandit would be a good name for one of these rats thanks to their white body and small splotch of color that only surrounds their eyes and face. After the anagen phase, the follicle starts to shut down. 1978. Varieties like hairless and tailless are more suited for more experienced owners. Pet rats, often called fancy rats, are intelligent, clean, friendly, and trainable. The hairless (hr) mutation disrupts the action of thyroid hormone in humans and mice, leading to a lack of hair. They can jump very far in comparison to house mice and can run faster as well. The wild type, also called agouti, is A/-, and black is a/a.

It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Whichever rat you end up choosing, just know that you’ll be picking a lifelong companion that will offer you endless love and quality time, regardless of breed.

A black-based mink rat is simply called mink, and it lightens the black to an even brown color varying from grayish to chocolate. This thick layer prevents the poorly keratinized hair shaft from penetrating to the skin surface. It’s given its name due to its bipedal form and its stance that is similar to a kangaroo’s.

I have a black hooded rat with black eyes and a fawn hooded rat with ruby eyes. Despite this, there are differences between male and female rats; male rats have longer, coarser fur while females have softer, finer fur. This is one rat that’s needs an experienced owner who is prepared to prevent and cure any issues that arise. These four mutations are currently thought to be extinct: curly-1 (Cu-1): first reported in 1932. Recessive trait — A Manx rat, much like a Manx cat, is tailless though some have partial or stub tails. Rats have a wide variety of coat textures.

I couldn't quite figure out how all these dominant genes snuck through all of the parental recessive features.

(King 1932) Dominant trait — Normal, straight coat of most rats. Show quality rats will be bread to strict marking standards. A rat with color on its head, leaving the rest of the body clean and white. It can weigh between 6 to 12 kilos and can live to about 13 years. A mink agouti (called cinnamon) is lighter than mink, reddish brown in color with banded hairs, and brown hairs ticked through the coat. You have left out quite a few things so maybe it's time for a rewrite of this? As for tailless rats, they tend to suffer from bathroom issues, and they can be a bit messier, so it’s important to use bedding that you will be able to clean often. Fancy rats can be found in a wide and varying array of colors. They tend to need more food and protein because they have a higher metabolism to keep warm.

Cricket showing hair growth patterns. I have there cages open and they come go. 1995).

1978, Balciunaite et al. First time rat owners should probably stick to some of the easier varieties such as standard and rex rats. Festing et al. He ran right up to him and made friends. Rat vet! Longevity: In one longitudinal study of the health of fuzzy rats all males and 80% of the females were debilitated by kidney failure and were eventually euthanized. Before I jump into telling you all about the different rat varieties and how to pick the best one for you, I want to tell you a bit about how rats are classified. This was very detailed and helpful. They consist of six families, 19 subfamilies, and around 1750 species. Just like the name says, hairless rats are completely, well, hairless! You will notice a difference in texture and thickness of hair between genders: Male rats have coarse, … Some rats may be specifically defined by many factors. gave him some water and millet, i have 2 feamale hooded ratties love of my life they are so spoiled. American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association's Official Guide. Contributions are always welcome (there’s a contribute link at the top of each page), in the form of photos, information, or opinions on any listed or unlisted variety. 1999). Each type will be marked dominant or recessive. This husky rat is young so it has not yet lost its blaze, but the next picture in this hubt is probably the same rat at a later age!

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