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Definition of oh okay. Jackson may also have known the similar Choctaw word (see below). The great lawyer who successfully argued many Indian rights claims,[clarification needed (Who?)] "Nothing" usually signifies an argument that will last "Five Minutes" and end with the word "Fine." ", often not regarded politely, for example, "I want this job done, OK?" In Russia, OK is used very frequently for any positive meaning. George W. Stimpson. Lv 5. Okay is a term of approval or assent, often written as OK, O.K., ok, okay, okee, or more informally as simply kay, k or kk. Boston is a perfect blend of colonial record and cutting-edge innovation. [20], Subsequent Choctaw spelling books de-emphasized the spellings lists in favor of straight prose, and they made use of the particle[,] but they too never included it in the word lists or discussed it directly. Is it grammatically correct to say "in one of the universities". Others are silent on the topic. [36] Frederic Cassidy asserts that he personally tracked down this diary and notes that: After many attempts to track down this diary, Read and I at last discovered that it is owned by the grandson of the original writer, Professor L. Richardson, Jr., of the Department of Classical Studies at Duke University. Or the French aux Cayes or au quai. “ok” Simply means okay. It is pronounced just as it is in English but is very rarely seen in Arabic newspapers and formal media. Because he was born in Kinderhook, New York, Van Buren was nicknamed Old Kinderhook, and the abbreviation proved eminently suitable for political slogans. [57][58], OK is used to label buttons in modal dialog boxes such as error messages or print dialogs, indicating that the user must press the button to accept the contents of the dialog box and continue. It is observed that of all the things a newly arrived slave might be expected to utter in the presence of their English-speaking master, the single most frequent would surely be an emphatic yes. i have so much to give but you want none of it from me, i don’t usually post things like this but i used to watch a lot of dan and phil in middle school as young emos do. mean? These may have been influenced by the Low German phrase "Oll klor", which would have been spoken by emigrants from Northern Germany. As an interjection, it can denote compliance, or agreement. In formal writing, follow the requirements of your style guide. The current (2006) Greek merchant fleet, for example, is larger than both US and Japanese fleets combined. The extremely versatile okay and OK can express agreement, change the topic, check for understanding, and verify that things are all right. What does how did you fit the sun in your smile mean? So much love. Read gives a number of subsequent appearances in print. If you have ideas/suggestions of something I could do for you guys, just leave a comment. However, its usage can also be strongly approving; as with most slang, its usage is determined by context. What does "then"这个单词有什么词性? ("then", the word, what it is word class?) Remember, OK can be a noun, verb, adverb, or adjective. Thunder Take Out Britons Behind Strong Start. Rarely pronounced /ɔk/ these days, except by young children encountering dialog boxes for the first times. jenna marbles. There are plenty of actual words out there that don’t appear in the MS Word dictionary. Personal interview by Nu Alpha Pi. When a modal dialog box contains only one button, it is almost always labeled OK by convention and default, usually rendered to the screen in upper case without punctuation: OK, rather than O.K., Okay, or Ok. Or the Finnish word Oikein (that's right). oh ok. a real bar off . Is OK simply a shortened version of okay? One story says it comes from a railroad freight agent, Obadiah Kelly, who initialed bills of lading, or an Indian chief Old Keokuk who wrote his initials on treaties. The "OK" hand gesture, commonly seen as a way of indicating that all is well, has now been classified as something else: a symbol of hate. A verifiable early written attestation of the particle 'kay' is from transcription by Smyth (1784) of a North Carolina slave not wanting to be flogged by a European visiting America: Kay, massa, you just leave me, me sit here, great fish jump up into da canoe, here he be, massa, fine fish, massa; me den very grad; den me sit very still, until another great fish jump into de canoe; ...[27]. "Go Ahead" (with raised eyebrows) This is NOT permission; it's a dare! Occasionally a humorous form okee dokee (or okey dokey) is used, as well as A-ok. [2] As a versatile discourse marker or back-channeling item, it can also be used with appropriate intonation to show doubt or to seek confirmation ("OK? OK is first recorded in 1839 but was probably in circulation before that date. Has difficulty understanding even short answers in this language. what is the meaning of " begrudging gratitude"? “whatever” actually means i want to say more but i doubt you care. In India, it is often used after a sentence to mean "did you get it? Finish this sentence: Everything is going to be. [15] The evidence presented in that article was somewhat sparse, and the connection to "Oll Korrect" not fully elucidated. If something is okay that means it wasn't stellar, but it will do. , Faneuil Hall Marketplace is dating from the first 19th century and is now entertained by way of a vibrant choice of shops, restaurants, and exhibitions. Spelled out in full in the 20th century, 'okay' has come to be in everyday use among English speakers, and borrowed by non-English speakers. This language was used, in particular, for communication with the slave-owning[22][23] Cherokee (an Iroquoian-family language). Several Unicode characters are related to visual renderings of OK: Several terms redirect here. for Ohne Korrektur (German for "No changes"). Mencken (following Read) described the diary entry as a misreading of the author's self-correction, and stated it was in reality the first two letters of the words a h[andsome] before noticing the phrase had been used in the previous line and changing his mind.[38]. Some of them are thought to fall into the category of folk etymology and are proposed based merely on apparent similarity between OK and one or another phrase in a foreign language with a similar meaning and sound. [60], The Forth programming language prints ok when ready to accept input from the keyboard. 29 Answers. Later, they shortened it to the initials OK. Around the same time, President Martin Van Buren, nicknamed “Old Kinderhook” because he was from Kinderhook, New York, was running for reelection. The first recorded use of "OK" in this sense was in the Boston Morning Post on March 23, 1839, in the following passage (mostly probably written by editor Charles Gordon Greene): The above is from the Providence Journal, the editor of which is a little too quick on the trigger, on this occasion.

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