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MIUWUs provide surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities for an integrated C4I-SR asset capable of self-sustained coastal warfare support. The principal task of security forces, with respect to waterborne vessels, is to determine hostile intent as far from the HVA as possible. 0000005794 00000 n of our Navy. When assaulting a position and a flare bursts, continuing your assault is imperative. The Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare designator program was developed for those in the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC) community. 109.11 Discuss waterborne defense in depth. 110.16 Discuss the procedure for setting up a personnel decontamination line. The attendant makes sure that ESA forms are properly routed and that outstanding ESAs are completed within the required deadlines. A landing site is a specific location within a landing zone in which a single flight of helicopters may land to embark or disembark troops or cargo. The following conditions are important for the proper functioning of a leaching field: 107.3 Discuss the following as it pertains to camp maintenance: a. RICK WEST, 12 MCPON- Most senior enlsited representative of the Navy and acts as a primary enlsited advisor to the CNO. The Enlisted Expeditionary Warfare Specialist Insignia is awarded to enlisted United States Navy personnel, and select United States Coast Guard personnel temporarily assigned to the U.S. Navy, who satisfactorily complete the required qualification course and pass a qualification board hearing. Commanding Officer, Naval Personnel Development Command, N7, 9549 Bainbridge Ave., Norfolk, DESTRUCTION NOTICE: Destroy by any means that will prevent disclosure of contents or, reconstruction of the document. The program was approved July 31, 2006 by then-Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Michael Mullen. CPO Inspection- Check the Packaging, Expiration date and look for "tears" or "rips" in the materials. 101.2 Explain the following as they relate to ORM: a. Two stakes are placed near the firing position to indicate lateral limits during darkness. If spots or streaks on the paper appear pink, red-brown, red-purple, or any shade of red, assume it has been exposed to a chemical agent. IBUs routinely operate with other NCW assets such as MIUWUs can C4I detachments to provide an enhanced force package for conducting small craft security and support for NCW operations in the littoral environment. Typically located in Alpha Company spaces. (AT), Active Duty Training (ADT), or an equivalent active duty. Mud should be used only when nothing else is available. It is used in solid, liquid, and vapor form, causes casualties, degrades performance, disrupts support, and restricts maneuvers. Landing sites are designated by color, such as landing site red. This instruction manual has been specifically designed for use with the automated text for Trouble-Shooting Electronic Equipment, NAVPERS 93083A-1 and 93083A-2. It corrects files (example: Open purchase was made, but receipt was never turned in, so requisition is still open. Small, open areas that must be crossed by vehicles or personnel operating in the area can be concealed with natural or artificial materials.

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