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They’re very good at trill noises. I want everybody to head out to the beach, travel the county, cop some new shoes, do some player sh*t man. What drew you to these beats? I want money and I want to be happy. It’s prime real estate. Oh yeah I’m the ad-lib king, and you can write that up. I never really did Lyft before, but there was a situation where I needed money bad. The Mob Music was before and after the hyphy music, and I feel like Mob Music never really got to that [hyphy] level like that. Since ‘07, ‘08, it was always the plan to work on Cookin Soul beats. I imagine that you’ve been getting bites from labels since then. You got the flashy people who like to spend their money on flashy things, and you got the real ones who keep it lowkey and out of mind. I think most people associate the Bay Area rappers with Oakland, but San Francisco’s got some hitters as well. Back in the day, spots like Hunter’s Point had a lot of great rap coming from that area. Aired June 16, 2005 - 21:00 ET. CNN LARRY KING LIVE. I wanted to congratulate you on “The Scale” video. I don’t need that many people around me. Play for an hour straight, and you’ll be just [sighs loudly]. I’ve got a dope ass team, and they believe in me, and we can make it happen. So the urban sprawl of Atlanta made you appreciate the beauty of the Bay Area more? His influences are wide and diverse, but the two places where he grew up are equally dominant in his music. Following some major co-signs from superstar Post Malone, and a single featuring G-Eazy, Larry June is ready to unleash his new project Orange Season. I just flew back to the East Coast on a red eye.Thank you. It was Harbor Road back in the days. Do you think the Bay could dethrone Atlanta as hip-hop’s premiere region? Think Curren$y, if Curren$y came up under the old-school Bay Area bosses and grew up on a diet of the finest organic juices and weed and rides to steakhouses in old-school DeVilles. I love this kind of music, and I’m looking for ways to add it to my music. That’s that ’70s-type sh*t. You can just ride to this. His songs range from hyphy-tinged slaps to soul-drenched anthems that make you think of Marvin Gaye and ’79 Fleetwoods. We appreciate your support in allowing HYPEBEAST ads, where we can share contents from the latest fashion, to those culturally relevant. The only drama I want is a TV show or something. Modern soul-purveyors Cookin Soul handle production, while G-Eazy and Chuck Inglish come through for features. We rely on your support to keep POW alive. Were you into E-40 and Mac Dre? DJ Spicoli shot me the beats. lot of people want to ask me questions that I feel shouldn’t be answered during interviews. One with Warner Bros, and another one. Migos legendary. They came up a lot this past year. Appears in playlists realjamz by MF DEFSTROKE published on 2016-01-05T20:12:51Z Podcasts by CMOR34 published on 2016-04-19T19:54:31Z no jumper by Angel Ojeda published on 2016-05-02T04:38:22Z peepthis by TrainerRed published on 2016-05-24T11:21:48Z. I don’t listen to nothin’ but old music. Yeah, I guess I said that on a few songs because I didn’t think I could get the deal I wanted. I know people want it super turnt, but I gotta try new sounds. Would you be open to a cooking show? You know? I can’t really explain it, but let’s call it “smooth Larry.”. I was familiar with [Hemsworth], and I heard it and was like “Oh sh*t.” I instantly recorded it, and it came out. You know, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart have a show together. THIS IS A RUSH TRANSCRIPT. Any specific reason for that? June’s music reflects what San Francisco is today while honoring the grit RBL Posse came from. On “Choose Up,” you say, “I’ll probably never sign a record deal.” Now, it appears as though. What drew you to his beat? For this project, what made you want to connect with Cookin Soul? Not only for the music, but the culture in general. Oh yeah. I had my house and my car. I want to build something that’s forever. Need help? The video takes place, at least in part, in the kitchen. But just don’t f*ck yourself in the process. It just do something for me. All rights reserved. With artists like Jacka, Spice-1, Mob Figaz, they definitely influenced a lot. His raps contain nearly as much street-stories as Mozzy, his charisma is in competition with E-40 and Mac Dre’s, but the formula to his day-to-day grind combines the health-conscious lifestyle of every Silicon Valley one-percenter traversing the aisles of Farmer’s Markets and Whole Foods with the goon on the East Oakland block. If you’re ever in a bad mood or need something to get your mind right, go to YouTube and search for “Seventies Soul Mix” DJ Amuur. I’m glad you bring up ad-libs because, my friend, you’re a master of the ad-lib. Exactly. Who are some of the newer guys you’re liking? It really depends on what you want—you want the money or do you want the fame? I’ve been everywhere, and ‘Frisco is real project shit. HYPEBEAST® is a registered trademark of Hypebeast Hong Kong Ltd. Gain access to exclusive interviews with industry creatives, think pieces, trend forecasts, guides and more. You listened to that? Tonight I’m gonna smoke me a Backwoods and sip a mojito and get to work on that. A lot of manners up there. It’s one of the first lines. I don’t want no drama. On the real, the whole Larry EP—I just wanted to try something different. I just try to stay away from interviews unless they’re like genuine interviews. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), “I Want Money and I Want to be Happy”: An Interview with Larry June. With music, it’s about giving something to the people and making them feel good. You spent your high school years in Vallejo. That “YeeeeHeeee?” That one? This was six years ago. I still try new stuff—I go hiking, ride trains. I like to drive my own Prius down the street. At some point I’d quit doing certain things to focus on making music full time. My name was Young June, I had videos with E-40, RBL Posse. It’ll turn you out. ---- This is some real smooth shit, it’s simple; you might want to take chick hiking to this shit. I’d just hit for like twenty bands, and that’s the first thing that came to mind. It’s real, it’s going on every day. Yeah baby!” That was the turn-up back in the days. Why’d you decide to shoot the video in LA instead of the Bay Area? ‘Frisco is a machine. “Sock it to me,” “Yeah, baby,” that’s Bootsy Collins, that’s Jimi Hendrix, you see what I’m sayin’? His songs range from hyphy-tinged slaps to soul-drenched anthems that make you think of Marvin Gaye and ’79 Fleetwoods. You know RBL Posse? There’s some real gangster shit going on there, and it’ll probably never stop. I wanted to encourage the people that when you go broke, you don’t gotta do crime to make some money. When that “sock it to me!” came on, that was when it was time to turn up so I just wanted to bring that to my turn up. and follow us on Social Media: Yeah, and I feel like I don’t even really need to talk about that. Yeah, but I had all this already. Jesus said, I am the truth. I don’t listen to no rap music. The elevator wasn’t working; we had to walk up six flights of stairs—not an easy feat for me, a person who does everything he can to stay still. Larry June raps about turkey bacon, trapping, driving a Prius, Glock 40s, and seven-dollar lemonades. I kind of just don’t want to talk about stuff like that in interviews. How often do people tweet photos of groceries to you? Do you still stand behind this statement? If you were to judge June by the sound of his music, you’d think he spent his time bouncing through clubs or throwing house parties so wild the building might get condemned the next day, but June is a workhorse. There’s just a lot of other shit that others don’t really know about either. Just him. follow Adam22 as well: [He thinks about this for a long moment.] There’s a video on YouTube. We had the hyphy music, which was crazy and fun. The Bay Area is real small, and if you can make it out here, you can make it anywhere. With G-Eazy, I knew him back from MySpace days. With the adlibs and stuff, it makes people think, “what the f*ck, this n*gga is crazy” — it’s just about having fun with. THIS COPY MAY NOT BE IN ITS FINAL FORM AND MAY BE UPDATED.

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