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Best of all, it’s not necessarily the devil doing the damage to Ms. Logan, and her transformation ends up being anything but typical. See photos: Halloween in Hollywood Costume Contest – You Be the Judge! Sign up to receive weekly recaps of all Morbidly Beautiful posts, This is a post from one of our guest authors. ‘Horns’ Reviews: Is This Daniel Radcliffe Vehicle Worth the Price to Ride? They are immediately greeted by Deborah’s daughter, Sarah, who moved back home to help her mother as the disease progresses. Also read: Why Hollywood Isn’t Scaring Up New Horror Franchises for Halloween. The found-footage horror film that tracks the possession of the eponymous character, played by 67-year-old soap opera actress Jill Larson (“All My Children”) with demonic intensity, succeeds in delivering the thrills and chills the genre is supposed to offer after opening on a unique premise: A Ph.D. student is making a documentary to chronicle the mental disintegration of an Alzheimer’s patient. Catch up on the camp you may have missed in … Then things take a turn for the wicked as Deborah goes under 24/7 surveillance. Do yourself a favor, though, and don’t read the reviews or even the plot synopsis the studio offered up, because it spoils the surprise that made audiences fall in love with it, in the first place. Top 10 Best Suspense Movies On Netflix handpicked for you in 2020. But this film has wonderful cinematography throughout. And, the rest of the supporting cast are believable as unlucky bystanders in this unfortunate situation. Some characters behind the camera finally take the advice audiences have been shouting at the screen for years, and realize the footage isn’t worth their lives. “The Taking of Deborah Logan” should satisfy anybody who helped the critically panned “Ouija” movie become a box office success, as well as those horror fans, like myself, who are genuinely terrified of wasting their time watching another D-grade entry into the genre. Most found footage films tend to be on the awkward side. Watching it creates a tingling feeling on the nape of your neck. Veteran character actors John Astin (“The Addams Family”) and Chi McBride (“Boston Public”) play Fox’s comical dead sidekicks that help him pull off fake haunts he can easily solve, until an actual malevolent phantom begins wreaking havoc on the small town populated by spectacularly strange characters. This examination of a real-life boogeyman, who abducted and murdered Staten Island children in the ’70s, is one of the creepiest documentaries ever produced. What’s most refreshing about director Adam Robitel’s debut film is that it’s shot documentary style as a thesis on Alzheimer’s Disease for college student Mia Hu (one of three crew members setting up shop in Deborah’s house), lending an almost professional quality to the footage.

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