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Input your search keywords and press Enter. The SHEIN site can be overwhelming, so don't expect to have a quick shopping trip, give yourself the time you need to browse the site. My experience is pretty on par with what I heard about SHEIN before I bought. If you log into your account and go to the order details page, you’ll see various links which you can follow to start a chat with a support rep. It’s also suggested that Shein supports telephone support service, but telephone support lines are not listed in the contact us pages on their website.

There are different ways to test for the legitimacy of an online retail store. The one good news here is that Shein will cover the cost of your first returns shipping.

amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "search"; This affords you better user experience than if you were shopping from the website. I purchased my first blouse from SHEIN last week. They offer students a discount of 20% on your orders. Required fields are marked *. I think it’s the best way to gauge the fit and quality of each item.

Great article. I spent about $300 on this site. As a result, the ideal store should support a range of payment options so that the situation will be avoided where a customer wants to buy from the store, but the store does not support any payment method available to the customer. The cheap fashion wears from Shein has these ingredients of quality clothing. You can use the Shein “returns label” to make easy returns. I looked at the sizing chart and the measurements; I have a 46in bust, 40in waist and 50in hips so looking at the chart I went for those measurements. (2020 Updated), AliExpress Review – Is Legit or Scam? Returned two items. After placing your order, it takes Shein 3 to 7 business days to process the order. So as not to be stuck with a product that you do not like or that does not fit, you should consider if the store you’re planning to buy from accepting returns. The site is rather overwhelming, so I haven’t purchased in a while. The sizing charts have gotten better recently in my opinion. Firstly, Shein doesn’t offer free shipping just like that. The website of Shein is mobile friendly; it’s compatible with Android, iOS, Windows phone, Blackberry and other mobile platforms. Though some persons would not pay a steep price for some perceived quality, even at that, they still will not want to go overboard. They also provide top quality product images. its a good way of making money and tricking people ...... don't be fooled.

More than likely, they keep their prices low by paying their workers less than satisfactory wages that most of us would never personally take in the United States. The supported currencies include US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Norwegian Krone, Australian Dollar, Switzerland Francs, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, Brazil Reais, Polish Zloty, Russian Ruble, Mexican Peso, Danish Krona, Argentine Peso, Saudi Arabian Riyal, Japanese Yen, Hongkong Dollar, and Singapore Dollar. However, there’s a catch.

| Payment proof, An online fashion retailer, established in 2008 and operated by Zoe Top Business Co. LTD, Primarily offers women’s wear, but also adds a men’s wear range and kids wear range, Offers competitive prices, as well as a host of price slashing promotions, Payment method – PayPal, credit/ debit cards, and e-gift cards. Shein offers a signup bonus which is meant to attract new customers. I love your commentary and tips and omfg you look more than amazing in those clothes that i am in envy and need to buy those! amzn_assoc_title = "Shop Related Products"; Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 30 Best Kids Movies on Netflix [Fall 2020], The 20 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix [November 2020], The 60 Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix [November 2020], The 80 Best Netflix Original Shows [November 2020], How To Record a FaceTime Call [October 2020], How to Scan & Fix Hard Drives with CHKDSK in Windows 10, How to Install YouTube Kids on Your Amazon Fire Tablet, How To Delete Your Gmail Address Permanently [October 2020], How To Speed Up Windows 10 – The Ultimate Guide, How to Install the Google Play Store on an Amazon Fire Tablet. There are other promos designed to make you buy more. These include 85% off fall tops, 70% off sweatshirts, 80% off coats and jackets and more. She is a happiness enthusiast with a passion for helping others, marketing, and red/purple lipstick. I had never heard of this site until a Facebook ad. So, the thing with SHEIN is you never know the quality you will get. These promotions serve to offer products to buyers at prices below their normal/ regular prices. !on March 06 contacted the customer service concerning the shipping information that I have not received yet and was told that they still have it in their side and waiting for pick up in order to provide me with the shipping details, and I said well I should be receiving the items by now not the shipping details and now since u still have it better to cancel everything and get me my money back and I was told that will be a charge !!!! However, if you’ll rather not use the return label, you can return items using your local post office at your own cost. Shein, though, offers free returns to the US and certain other countries. These are categorized into baby’s wear, boys/ girls (1 – 6), and boys/ girls (6 – 15). That might come out as a small annoyance. True, certain things (like a detailed product description, product images, etc) significantly reduce the risk, it is not completely eliminated. They ship products all over the world from warehouses in California, New Jersey, China, Dubai and Belgium. The cost of shipping is fast overtaking product prices as the most significant factor affecting online purchasing. You can hit the comment section below and tell us about your experiences. However, Romwe is significantly cheaper. I will definitely buy from them again!! I keep seeing their name everywhere now in the UK and was trying to figure out whether it’s worth the hassle so I definitely appreciate the feedback before looking at their clothes! For instance, if you are a Medium in one shirt that you’ve ordered off of Shein, it isn’t set in stone.

In the women’s range: you’ll find elegant blouses that are $10 or under; there are a host of excellent dresses that are under $15; many t-shirts and tank tops are $5 or under.

I love the website and I will be shopping there more often! Once you’ve achieved the free shipping threshold, place the order. thx for misleading the customer and let them spend that much money !!!! But this won’t be of too much help unless you are a tailor or know someone who is. Hey lady. Simply put, SSL creates a secure link between the buyer (your device) and the seller (Shein servers). I would often give up because shopping on the site was so stressful and I didn't want to end up purchasing a bunch of duds that didn't fit.
You’ll have to visit your Shein account to print the return label, then you tape it to the outside of your return package, and drop it off at a post office. With that said, the quality that Shein offers is better than Walmart and most other shopping mall brands. Shein offers a much better experience than Wish and Romwe. Some people put a lot on the line behind your products every single day. This practice is frowned upon by many customers because the whole point of a customer review is objectivity. Well, if you were there three years ago, you know how cheap they were.

It is not a scam. Thus, you can shop in Shein and make payment no matter where you are in the world. Truth be told, the most significant factor affecting buy decisions is price. However, there are some benefits that they’ve added that set them apart from their competitors. Jessie Richardson Read more March 10, 2020. Well, because their prices are very, well, competitive. The run around to get a replacement for the unwanted item does not make for pleasant customer experience. Don’t refrain from asking any questions that you may have, either. Romwe is more up Shein’s alley. Therefore, it’s important to examine if these resources are provided by the online store, as well as whether they are adequate to enable good buy decisions.

The best way to go is to make regular visits to the website and put things into your cart. So you’ll get your answers in a few hours. I’ve been looking at the Shein site for a while and wondering about the quality and prices. This fee will be deducted from your refund when it is being credited to you. The best way to go is to check the review section for each piece and try to feel out what size you need. I would just say to do some research, measure, order a bit bigger than you normally would! Plus, the blouse was on sale for $9.90.
But thank u for the tips I deff. Looking at the prices of their various products, we find that they really do offer some of the best competitive prices. They fit perfectly how I wanted them to be! In fact, with clothing, the risk just cannot be eliminated because of the issue of sizing. Some of my favorite pieces have been a cute palm print dress I showed y'all a few weeks ago; the pearl-embellished top I showed y'all earlier this year; and the red striped dress that I am showing y'all today. A product might be excellent in terms of quality but could turn out to be a little too small or too big. This is just something that has to be in the back of your mind as you are picking up a top or a dress from SHEIN.

Europeans and Americans tend to have bulkier statures, so this can be a bit of a problem. Keep in mind that, as a student, you get a 15% discount. This is because when you buy from an online store, you’ll have to share very sensitive information (such as credit card details) and personal information (such as your name, email address, mailing address, etc); and it would be bad for you if such information is obtained by the wrong crowd. The offer is really impressive, as it is rare to see sign up bonuses among online fashion retail stores. Overall, I wish the sizing was more forthcoming. As you can see, it’s very extensive and will answer many of the questions you have about the company, their offers, and your purchase. When it comes to the cost of shipping; its a no-brainer that express delivery is more expensive than the standard delivery.

You also get 10% off for your first order upon completing registration. Thank you for your Honest Review I love some of these on you. You might want to know that there are many customer reviews that score the customer support service of Shein very low. There’s no way I could have purchased this many pieces at the price and quality anywhere else.All of these could have easily sold for $30+ a piece, one dress I purchased was a formal gown that I would estimate at $200-300 range just looking at it. But you have to dig deep to get somewhat of an understanding of the size you are buying.

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