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He refuses to work with Jay any further in light of this revelation. Three college kids from Alabama with a couple of handhelds, no budget, and some neat after effects and a youtube account combine powers to create an incredibly engrossing and deeply disturbing descent into paranoia and hell. Although presented as a found-footage style film, I believe that it is one of the best examples of an otherwise cash-in genre in horror. The "Marble Hornets" channel is hacked by totheark. Tim suffers another coughing fit and attempts to hide from Alex in a room of the building. She's out there. Take me to the Ark my ass. Marble Hornets attempts to do this with an established internet bogeyman (the Slenderman) and brings it to a level most would not have expected. Whilst trying to escape Jessica inadvertently runs into The Operator who disables her and takes her away. Liars everywhere. A long-running web-series, "Marble Hornets" is something of an odd beast. Jay manages to barricade himself in a room from Alex, but The Operator appears in the room and takes him away. After seeing Jay's corpse lying on a load of Alex's drawings in Tim's own home, the teleportation stops with Tim attacking the hooded figure who is hanging from a ledge in the building they were originally in. They find evidence that Alex had been hiding in the attic for a while but he's no longer there. Tim's final encounter with Jessica ends ambiguously; Tim lapses into a coughing fit as the camera distorts and then cuts to black. After 15 minutes of silence on the tape from Entry #40, the camera is picked up and taken back to Jay's car, where it's revealed that the hooded figure was the one who brought it back. I saw you.". Totheark video that features a man's voice and imagery from the 1966 short film. Refresh and try again. As he walks around, he encounters The Operator. Time has passed since Jessica escaped the nightmare of The Operator's influence on Alex Kralie. Tim comments on the fact that he never received Jay's voicemail and that he realizes it was the effects of The Operator that caused Jay to turn violent in Entry #77. Mobile site. That was 6 years ago. Later in the series, it's made clear that the Masked Man is Tim. The Slenderverse Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. It's not clear whether Masky wants to help or hurt Jay, or even if he's just trying to use him. Troy, Joseph, congrats on a job well done. Jay goes back to Jessica's room, but finds that she is missing. Very cool ARG and really great use of the found footage aesthetic. Alex goes to the tunnel as shown in Entry #48. The hooded figure is recording the footage whilst Tim in his masked state is removing an unconscious Jessica from the hotel to the nearby woods. If you want the best experience watching the series, buy the 3 seasons on grampco, season 1 and 2 is remastered to 1080p for a better experience!

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