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Just use Google Sheets or Excel. are looking for accounts to join repost chains, because the bigger it gets, the more valuable. Follow Us & Submit Your track!. “Sharing to friends, music writers and radio has the same feeling for me—it’s about having a relationship with the songs and knowing when the time, person and place feels right” says Joe Holtaway. Often sharing recordings starts from there with a note the next day, a shared song link” Make sure they are legit—and not just there to make a buck without doing the legwork. Use an ‘@’ before their SoundCloud name to link their profile. That’s another topic entirely, and that’s also why we have courses like EDM Foundations and Songwriting for Producers. Some recent radio plays with BBC 6 Music came this way. Knowing the playlist landscape is essential for promoting your music in the right places. Press J to jump to the feed. Publicists already have relationships with the media and they know the industry well. Now that the ‘Discover’ tab exists on Soundcloud, the aim is to get your music featured on this new avenue of discovery. It’s still key. Of course, you’d like your new single to end up on Spotify’s Rap Caviar (7 million followers), Fresh Electronic (1.5 million followers) or The Apple Music List. That’s why we made our guide about promoting your music on a budget. Getting and using the right social media profiles is important whether you like social media or not. Charts replaces Explore on the web, so you can get there from the link at the top of your Stream, or by going here. Once you’ve got a list, you need to find a email marketing service. It makes your promotion efforts what more efficient and streamlined no matter who’s listening. But making face-to-face and real connections by playing shows and participating in the community can push luck further in your favour. There’s no such thing as small peanuts when you’re just starting out. They’re serving us personalized playlists. Labels. Exchanging music and compliments with other fellow musicians you admire is a fantastic way to build your network. Get the ideas, tools and tips you need to grow your sound straight to your inbox. Because Google reads text, not your mind, and if it can see who you are and what your music’s called, it’ll help your chances of showing up. You can always do some research online to find who the Playlist Editors are (LinkedIn or a quick Google search). But oftentimes it’s simply not worth it. Those channels are great but always try email first. But don’t be spammy. They’re breaking artists who have data to back up their success. Be conversational – don’t just send a link, actually treat the person on the other end like a human, and you’ll get treated like one too. But the most important thing to remember is that the human element hasn’t totally disappeared—even from the most data-driven streaming platforms. Email. So while promoting music online is important, getting feedback and taking that into the studio will prove to be a much more valuable use of time. It takes up to a week or so to get the verified status. You don’t know what opportunities can happen if you don’t try. You wouldn’t spam your friends 5 times a day with a “check out my Soundcloud” post. So I shouldn’t have to tell you that as an artist, you are responsible for promoting your own music. This will encourage some nice cross-promo and the opportunity to reach new audiences with your music. So be selective.

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