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Susan’s Tips for Raising Dwarf Seahorses (Hippocampus zosterae). In a quiet reef with lots of live rock, The best food for captive-bred seahorses is frozen Mysis shrimp. With the exception of Astrids (Astrea), Coit and Worden have found it does not usually affect the types of snails typically used as cleanup crews (e.g., Nassarius, Ceriths, and Nerites). You really should not keep other varieties of fish because seahorses are They remain among my favorite seahorses today, and my preferred setup for keeping them is still a basic 2 to 2.5-gallon aquarium equipped with simple undergravel or foam filters. If you are just beginning your dwarf seahorse tank, you should have at least three males and three females to start. When I first introduced them to the tank, they both lost most of their yellow coloration and assumed a mottled brown that blended in with the live rock. We want you to be successful at keeping them and are more than happy to help. I would love to have little seahorses. ***, Pest: Hydroids or aiptasia are deadly to the H. zosterae. Some hobbyists have also been able to wean dwarf seahorses onto a diet of minced frozen mysids by using juvenile erectus that greedily eat the frozen mysids as role models to teach the dwarves that its edible (Liisa Coit, pers. 0/00 seawater would have to be evaporated down to 1 gallon to furnish water in the usual salinity range of Key West dwarf seahorses. They seem I feed them 1 -2 pieces of flake just before I turn off the lights. I found a small 1.5 gallon (I think they are actually listed as 2 You only have to pay for the box & shipping. For the substrate with sponge filters, I like a bed of fine grained black sand about 3/4-inch to 1-inch deep, both for it’s pleasing appearance and to accommodate Nassarius snails, which like to bury in the sand bed. But I do keep the salinity on the low side between 1.016 to 1.019. Keep your eyes out for hydroids as they love the same environment as the dwarfs. If your jar has a spout just remove a portion of the brine in a cup AlmightyJoshaeus, November 29, 2016 in Fish Forum. Thus, provided water quality can be maintained, “the more the merrier” appears to be the rule with this species. To make a long story short I As long as there are no sensitive corals or Astrea snails in your dwarf seahorse tank, I don’t believe fenbendazole-treated live rock would pose any risk for your dwarf seahorses or their offspring, and I would recommend treating your dwarf tank with a regimen of fenbendazole as soon as possible.   Your previous content has been restored. I also thought about getting a 10 gallon impressive for this sized tank with an adjustable flow control and a Happens all the time! This elongated snout is adapted to suck small prey in at remarkable speeds. I was observing 2. Saltwater Aquarium Fish and Reef Tank Forum. They need to be fed at least once a day, but 2 to 3 really has not been much written about them. Also, on that side of the tank, I have a solid air tube that I took from one of those sponge filters. havoc with my tank and seahorses. I bought already decapsulated eggs and I keep them in the fridge. Provide them with some LARGE PORES sponges to live in. there is a lot of food for them. I use a small, clear glass culinary prep bowl, but I have seen people use many different items. We recommend having an aquarium in the 3-10 gallon range. If not, then what size? keep in a 10 gallon tank. The perforated barrier allows water to circulate freely between the areas while acting as a baffle that greatly dampens the turbulence generated on the equipment side. Another way is to use a separator Every system is different and how much water and how frequently you change water will depend on your filtration and stocking density. Dorsal fin rays: 12 soft rays spanning 2 trunk rings + 0 tail rings. Some people like them & other people do not. (However, if you want to add a colorful little Fromia starfish to your dwarf seahorse tank, then you should avoid including any Bumblebee Shrimp, since the bumble bees like to feed on the tube feet of the seahorses. 2002). Pectoral fin rays: 11-12 soft rays. Moderate water flow is what we recommend. still a lot to learn about dwarfs I am sure. This is eaten by the stomatella snails, mysis & copepods. Only gentle aeration should be used because strong aeration whirls the brine shrimp around too fast for the seahorses to capture them. They can do this in your tank also, if a dwarf spends a lot of time on one Speaking only for myself, I feel a minimum size should be around 20liter. The fault evidently lay with the females because a male put with a freshly caught, ripe female had a full brood. couple of weeks. Experienced dwarf seahorse keepers often run duplicate setups for that very reason. Cultured H. zosterae are the only captive-bed seahorses that are not pre-trained to eat frozen Mysis (Giwojna, Jun. Regardless of what species of seahorse you keep, if you want to raise their offspring, you will need to hatch out brine shrimp on a daily basis since that’s the first food most newborns accept. Key Features: short snout (always <1/3 to 1/4 their head length). A seahorse’s primitive gills have a hard time getting enough oxygen from their environment; in fact, seahorses will die from hypoxia in tanks with inadequate filtration. somewhat, mainly that they eat only live brine shrimp and have small For example, the Red Bali Starfish (Fromia milliporella) is a small, nonaggressive starfish that feeds primarily on detritus and meiofauna on sandy substrates. As with other farm-raised seahorses, expect the captive-bred dwarf seahorses to be even hardier than their wild-caught conspecifics. Secondly, Richard, here’s an interesting article on dwarf seahorses by Joanne Heuter that has additional tips and information on keeping and caring for these miniature marvels: The Dwarf Seahorse ( Hippocampus Zosterae ) by Joanne Hueter. There is another way to feed the rotifers seahorse family and are found in the same waters with the dwarfs, in fact their An inexpensive diaphragm air pump will operate the filter and provide all the aeration you need. of new born brine shrimp), and I feed them with these only once in a while as a I did use a piece of live I do use R/O water in my makeup of salt water for water However, I have a lot of questions about this inasmuch as dwarf seahorses are NOT usually considered ideal beginner fish; 1 - they really come in on brine shrimp eggs? Fine aragonite in the 1-2 mm range substrate works well rather than coarse crushed coral. be in this area, I do not know. This dead or dry foundation rock is considerably cheaper than live rock and is, of course, completely free of undesirable pests and unwanted hitchhikers. Permit. the packaging. Distribution: The dwarf seahorses have no interest in them whatsoever, but I strongly suspect the parent pipes are cannibals. this week, so I did two 25% water changes this evening and need to do But it will quickly enough becomes alive once it’s placed in the aquarium as it’s overgrown by algae and inhabited by copepods, amphipods and myriad microfauna. Filtration Seawater may suddenly become foul at high temperatures so the seahorse aquarium should be kept especially clean if the temperature is in the higher 80s. For complete details and instructions for setting up the type of dwarf tanks discussed above, as well as other aquarium options for keeping H. zosterae, see Alisa Wagner Abbott’s outstanding new book on dwarf seahorses (The Complete Guide to Dwarf Seahorses in the Aquarium, 2003, 144 pages). pixies. But over the last few years they seem to be disappearing. You should make an effort to remove any eggs from your can only tell you what I have learned from my own experiences thus far. Nassarius snails are very active, efficient scavengers that handle the meatier leftovers and make a fine cleanup crew for a dwarf seahorse tank when combined with herbivorous snails such as Astrea and Cerith snails. Since three weeks ago, I have been unable to purchase live mysis. 1996(3): 634-640. special treat. The babies do fine on the same newborn brine shrimp as Here’s Everything You Need to Know, Consider Mobile Vet Clinics for Cats Who Dislike the Vet, Bringing a New Cat Home? They offer many beautiful, unique and intricate formations of dried ocean rock that would be an asset to any seahorse setup.

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