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HONDA pièces détachées 125 accessoires CG 1978 - vente en ligne pièces moto quad scooter pas cher - ToutPourLaMoto l'accessoire pour le motard et l'équipement moto Free shipping. Get the best deals on Complete Engines for Honda CR125R when you shop the largest online selection at If you'd like us to follow up with you, enter the details below. Haynes manual CG 125, ideal for use with the Skyteam ACE 125 engine. The bike weighed just 251.33 pounds (114.0 Kg). 1st                  2.769    Power was moderated via the wet, multiplate with coil springs. Universal CG style This is our basic but effective oil cooler kit for the OHV CG Ace styled engines. Due to its design success, several direct copies of the CG125 have sprung up (mostly from Chinese and Korean manufacturers), such as the Hongdou CG125, the Champ Commuter, the Warrior Dispatch and the Kymco Pulsar125. on Introduction, i probably wont be able to get all part numbers but i can put the parts that i got off ebay item numbers and i can convert the price to usd no problem, Will you please update with all part numbers, I have a Rebel that needs the motor rebuilt anyway so this looks like a great time to do this. engine case is leaking oil,clutch plates etc are damage.So then After My Father Died (May Allah rest his soul in peace) few months ago ,then i decided i will repair the full engine itself, Because this bike is very value able for me because it is last Sign of my best i started this project & Worked for a week & it is not so easy i work very hardly then finally i rebuild the engine & now engine are look like a new one please see in photos below, I appreciate your love for your father and you did great job by restoring your fathers motorcycle, now regarding the project you did it yourself that is obvious you must be trained mechanic else how can some one take decision & tear up cg engine and rebuild, i want to know more details about your project can you give more details about this work what parts you had to replace as engine is very old and mileage is very long and from how long bike was standing useless in garage and this must be 2nd or 3rd time engine opening as mileage told by you is very long 270k km, and can you tell me about condition of centrifugal oil filter how was it? Honda CG 125 Engine full rebuild itself at Home. i am interested in this centrifugal since i had pridor and i ask from mechanics about centrifugal mechanics say there is not really need of cleaning it i have asked 2,3 mechanics which includes honda antenna mechanic i have asked honda mechanic when i saw a pridor with over 20k mileage its right crank case wise opened for clutch plates replacement mechanic told me centrifugal filter is clean and that time he had said there is not really need of cleaning it i have opened several engines but mostly it comes out clean no need of cleaning it another mechanic who is in my city known for 125 work he says same no need of cleaning it, what i have learnt from search over internet there is not need of cleaning if owner changes oil on time but if oil change is skipped and oil came out dirty than this centrifugal oil filter should be cleaned, Currently i am owning cg dream i have been facing an issue with my since i have bought it used 1800km driven its techometer cable seal is leaking honda mechanic suggest right clutch crankcase cover needs to be open to install seal as bike was very new i did not want crankcase cover to open i found another mechanic who replaced seal without opening cover new seal worked for 3-4k km again it leaked now again i have done same from same mechanic but this time just after few hundred km its again leaking this time i am thinking of going to honda mechanic and get it installed by removing clutch side crankcase cover but i thinking of getting it done at 12000km as i personally want to see the condition of centrifugal filter and solve this mystery of centrifugal oil filter this will give me good idea and good experience on centrifugal filter, waise its not big deal cleaning it but the kinda mechanic here we have that is why i hesitate as they will try to play with otherthings uselessly when they will open crankcase cover baaqi process of accessing centrifugal is not very tough, and yeah on my recent conversation with honda mechanic he was saying centrifugal filter should be cleaned after 12000km why i don't recommend as people don't agree for this he was blaming bike owners now lets see what happens i have decided i will go to honda mechanic and will get this job done as bike touches 10 or 12k km on odometer, biggest doubt have in mind are as we normally see once crancase covers are open we see oil spots on seals i talked about this with honda mechanic i said to him if i replace crankcase cover seal or gasket will it leak? Wrench Rabbit Complete Rebuild Kit (47.5mm Bore) - WR101-018 Part #: 146890 Mfg Part #: WR101-018 $ 514.07. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of the most commonly requested services, and we specialize in Honda Maintenance, Transmission Repair, Brake Repair, Suspension Repair, Engine Repair and Electrical Service. Forgot your password or trouble logging in? Learn more about Dennis Kirk. The CG125 was fitted with a 3.57 Gallon (13.50 Liters) fuel tank. Honda CG125. 5th                 1.083, 669 State Circle, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108 where as the rebel engine had the 360 deg crank, so then i started to think would i be able to put this engine in my bike and it turns out that i could all i would have to do was change the cdi unit  on my bike doing this alown i would have got 17 hp thats a 6 hp increse Deep Hole in a Small Box, a Different Take on the Infinity Mirror. your going to have to get twin pick ups                         *      £16.96 $25.70 Huile moto 4T IPONE R4000RS  10W40 - Synthesis. cmx250 inlet rubber                                                           *      £17.53    $26.56 i only know what i know by hours of research on this engine and wondering why there is no performance parts available for it rebel  gear ratios  i know i said it was over fueling yesterday but now the side is off the air box its getting a bit to much air so im going to increase the carbs jets to see if it will give me more power and stop it from running lean  Orders placed during the weekends or the following holidays will ship the next business day. We're sorry, your search returned no results. It came with a 2.75-18 front tire and a 90/90-18 rear tire. Hello Friends i have a honda 125 2003 model basically it is my father bike they used for office work daily in wapada & bike covers about 2,70,000 Km in 12 years ,after used too many years the bike engine was full damaged.

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