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Before starting to work on your Brio, you might want first to change its oil and do all of its maintenance checks so that you won’t encounter too many problems as modifying a car can really be a challenge for some – especially if it is damage-prone. It can be a bit pricey though so you might want to prioritize this the last if you are on a budget. The headlights have been custom made with projector type lamps, LED DRLs and turn indicators. At the rear, the car get the same old tail light but the internal have been switched with LED lights for better looks. This would be a question you need to answer yourself, are you going to use your Honda Brio for your everyday drive or for your performance road trips? [Philkotse Guide], 2019 Honda Brio Review Philippines: How do you like its new look?

Honda recently added a defogger on the VX variant of the Honda Brio in India, but no wiper. Needless to say, an exhaust is probably the most commonly used modification. >>> Related: Car tuning for improved performance: Yay or Nay?

| Same topic: Modifying our car is one of our simple joys as a car enthusiast in life.
There’s also a small chrome strip and different badge placement. The car has been completely redesigned by MB designs.

You can visit our website to find out more. So what Honda has done now is to modify the rear hatch design to give it a frame along with the glass and has attached the wiper mechanism to the metal frame. The custom made body kits includes, front and rear bumpers, side skirts and a spoiler at the rear. All rights reserved. You can also upgrade your Brio’s braking system for better stopping power and improving your Brio’s overall performance. There are a lot of benefits to upgrading your wheels and tires. The car has been completely redesigned by MB designs. Car modifications in the Philippines: What do you make of this? This modified Brio is nothing like the one that we have seen so far. Right now, he is pleased to impart that passion for cars to a professional level under Philkotse. 4 channel pioneer amplifier with a Cerwin Vega monoblock amp for the sub-woofer is also installed in the car. Under the hood, this Brio gets a RaceDynamic Powertronic installed along with K&N air intake, Exedy clutch and lightweight flywheel. Also read: Honda launches refreshed Brio variants with more features. Honda anyway already has its hands full with scale production of the Honda Amaze, City and Brio filling up its 10,000 car a month plant capacity. There is no official word on when the refreshed Brio with the new rear-hatch design would make it to India, but most likely the car may come in during the festive season.

Other performance upgrades include the installation of a better suspension system that will provide steering stability and better handling. This modified Brio is nothing like the one that we have seen so far.

Honda is one of the most famous car brands that are heavily modified around the world – particularly speaking the Honda Civic for young adults. To compliment your color option, paint your Brio’s hood with black. It will not only make your Brio look good, but also shed off some weight. One such car that Honda used to sell here was Brio hatchback. The lower part of the bumper also get a front splitter or lip spoiler. For that, let’s take a look at the things you can work on in order to modify or upgrade your Honda Brio so you could take your entry-level hatchback on the streets with finesse. There is a bit of metal that has crept in although overall the design looks just as the Brio was intended. Here we have one such Honda Brio that has been extensively modified by Bangalore based Mototrendz Bangalore. Consider a less aggressive take with it as a bit too much can make it look too extra. Honda recently added a defogger on the VX variant of the Honda Brio in India, but no wiper. Look for a spoiler with a subtle design that can be installed on top of your Brio. Do you fancy a higher suspension and bigger wheels? Modified - What's the Difference? Gunmetal Gray + Gloss Yellow Wrap by Knight Auto Customizer [Source:}. It is basically installing a new software to your Brio’s ECU that results in increased horsepower and torque, faster acceleration, improved fuel efficiency, and better emission. Stock vs. So it is up to you to decide which color do you think best suits your hatchback. Updated May 27, 2020 Honda has always had a variety of cars on sale in the Indian market. Engine chip tuning is a great mod to add to your Brio. 3 things to keep in mind when applying for a student driver’s license in the Philippines, Buying a Car in the Philippines: Cash vs. Every motorist need to know these things before deciding on a paint job, Modified Ford Ranger Raptor: Tips & tricks to upgrade your sports truck, Honda Brio 2020: Subcompact of the year contender (A-Segment). Which 2020 Honda Brio should you buy? On the inside, MB Designs have blacked out every bit of the interior and also also placed 9 inch Android stereo system with Polk audio components and speakers. Base your choice from your paint job to make it as cohesive as possible. Installing an aftermarket exhaust to your Brio will not only give it a better sounding noise, but also help free up some of the gases in your Brio’s engine which results in more efficient engine operation and more power.

The whole car has been neatly designed and the final result looks quite unique as mentioned above.

Extensive amount of work has gone into this hatchback and sure it does look unique. The grille gets a black mesh instead of chrome grille and the air dam at the lower part of the bumper also gets similar treatment.

So today, we are going to talk about modifying and upgrading one of Honda’s hatchback in its Philippine lineup, the Honda Brio. Installing large spoilers that are attached at the bottom side of the Brio’s rear fascia and run all the way up at the top can make it look like it’s carrying a heavy load that your Brio can’t pull. Modified Honda Brio comes with a stylish exterior wrap To the rear end, the modified hatchback receives a dual exhaust, aluminium-garnished splitter, and black headlights with LED DRLs. Future Tata Sumo: What it could look like, Toyota Urban Cross: Rebadged Maruti Vitara Brezza may look like this, Mahindra Scorpio with train horn shows why exactly such horns are BANNED [Video]. If for your performance road trips, then remove its back seats and install a roll cage.

>>> Related: Modified Honda City: Tips & tricks to upgrade the small sedan. If the budget is tight, you can always consider a more affordable option and start climbing up little by little. Also read: Future Tata Sumo: What it could look like. It provides good aesthetics and better downforce. For most car enthusiasts, modifying their newly bought car is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Also watch: Honda Brio automatic video review, Cartoq is India’s largest auto content company with more than 20 million users accessing the latest automobile news, new launches, reviews & other trending stories every month… See More, © 2020 CarToq – India’s #1 auto content site, All rights reserved | Copyright Policy | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy, Honda Brio gets a modified rear with new features, Honda launches refreshed Brio variants with more features, Superhit formula: Why compact SUVs make the most sense for India. Reppin' for the low life [Source:]. Do you fancy a … A roll cage can look really good on a hatchback due to its generous interior space that lets roll cages be installed around freely. Installment, 2020 Ford F-150 4x2 Lariat Review | Philkotse Philippines, 2020 Subaru WRX 2.0L CVT Review | Philkotse Philippines, 2020 Mazda CX-30 Review | Philkotse Philippines, 2020 Suzuki Swift vs Honda Brio Comparison: Spec Sheet Battle, Sib Duel: 2020 Honda City vs Honda Civic Specs Comparison, 2020 Honda Civic RS Turbo vs Mazda3 Comparison: Spec Sheet Battle. You might want to refrain from using orange though since it is the color option that is commonly used in a stock Brio. Suspension modifications for city driving & heavy duty in the Philippines. A Php 3,000 aftermarket exhaust is a good price point to start. Extensive amount of work has gone into this hatchback and sure it does look unique. It is also the Brio in the country to get a custom valvetronic full stainless steel exhaust. Removing some of your Brio’s seats can reduce weight which results in a better power-to-weight ratio. >>> Related: Every motorist need to know these things before deciding on a paint job. Honda seems to have updated the Honda Brio in Thailand and the refresh is likely to soon make it to Honda Brio variants in India as well. But if it is done right, hatchbacks could look sporty and sleek. The modified Honda Brio is completed with a revised bumper and aftermarket roof spoiler on the rear end. Philkotse.

But to tell you honestly, it gives a distinctive look that instantly sets your hatchback apart from all of the common and practical hatchbacks we see on the road. It is basically installing a new software to your Brio’s ECU that results in increased horsepower and torque, faster acceleration, improved fuel efficiency, and better emission. Modified Honda Brio: Engine and Performance Engine chip tuning is a great mod to add to your Brio. If you have extra cash, then choose a carbon fiber hood.

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