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I was shocked at how much higher the head temps were on N891JF's VW as compared to my Corvair...about 100 degrees F! I have since replaced my pair of heads, but the quality of the replacements is pretty poor these days.

See This page was last edited on 8 May 2019, at 00:59. As you can see, they were quite deformed, and there were even chunks of stainless sprinkled around the keeper area (captured by the keepers until now). The slot is for the factory installed bellows control rod that opens the Beetle's fan shroud flaps. And then I noticed there was a large gap between the valve guides and the head material. I NEVER had valve issues with either one of them. One more comment I have on this, and I'll write lots more later...I put 1130 hours on my two Corvair engines in N56ML.
O-133 - - {3.622 / 3.228 / 133.1} / {92 / 82 / 2180}. Great Plains VW Aircraft conversion engine 2180CC Two barrel progressive Weber carb.

At 75% power (the usual value for continuous power), the VW engine would be at 60 hp. Great Plains VW Aircraft conversion engine 2180CC Two barrel progressive Weber carb. 4cyl; Great Plains 2180cc Liquid Cooled Geared Drive; 120hp@4200rpm (TO); 2005-present; Wt = 191#.

Tour de chauffe après la révision complète d'un moteur VW de 2180cc avionné par Great Plaints Aircraft aux USA Double allumage: magneto+électronique, volant moteur allégé et plein de choses spécifiques à ces moteurs avionnésDe quoi développer 75cv à 3400tr/min en toute fiabilité Vous trouverez plus d'information à propos de ce moteur sur notre weblog : run after complete revision of a 2180cc VW aircraft engine prep by Great Plains Aircraft in U.S.Double ignition: magneto+electronics, lightened flywheel and lot of specific things to these aircraft enginesEnough to develop 75 HP at 3400 Rpm with full reliability You find more information about this VW engine on our Weblog: I removed the TRW valves that came in the DRD heads and replaced them with these, given that I have had a TRW valve "lose it's head" and destroy an engine in flight, so I'm kind of funny that way. I'd seen this before as a VW mechanic, and always junked them in response. Same bore as O-67, O-112, O-133, OL-133.

This is what I settled on, a Chinese manufactured "043 OEM clone" that DRD Racing sells. Same stroke as O-139. KP4/00, 4/01, 4/02, 4/03, 4/05. 4cyl; Great Plains 2400cc; 78hp@3400rpm, 85@3600 (TO); 1982-present; Wt = 188#.

Other than between the two chambers, the only other two holes were drilled by me with a 3/16" and 1/8" drill. Amost all of the holes that you see here were drilled by me with a 1/16", an 1/8", and 3/16" long drill bits. I'm pretty sure these valves should be up to the task, as they are 21-4N stainless steel with chromed stems and hardened tips (made by HPC in Las Vegas). The small-diameter part of the guide is only 2.125" long, so there's only 5/8" of surface area remaining for the guide to dissipate it's heat to the finned head. Thermal conduction across an air gap is about a thousandth of the conduction rate of a solid material contact area, and this particular gap is HOT! The Great Plains Type 1 Front Drive is an American aircraft engine series, produced by Great Plains Aviation Supply of Bennington, Nebraska for use in homebuilt aircraft. So I removed the other head and pulled the valves out of it. I called Darren at DRD and left a message explaining the cracked guides and gaps around the guides, and to please call me back, as I was interested in hearing his story behind how and why this could happen, and if he had anything to say about this, and all I got back was "CRICKETS"!!!! Built to spec and fully blueprinted. These same two advancements were what ended crankshaft breakages in VW engines as well. It took about a nanosecond to tie this with the cracked guide issue...they are directly related. So...beware of DRD heads! Great Plains announced in 2005 that the firm was offering liquid-cooled cylinder heads for their engine conversions. I'm a believer... @ 321 hours - it spun a bearing and was rebuilt with new case, crank, pistons/cylinders, cam, lifters, etc. VW Type 1; Carbureted engine with single ignition; plans are for either a cut or complete crankcase, but kits are for a complete crankcase only. This head clearly has better air passages than anything else I've seen in the aftermarket world these days. Great Plains engines "are not" certified aircraft engines.

Besides that, the automotive Revmaster heads are very well made and about the same cost as the "other" brands, but the aircraft heads (with their special sparkplug machining) are about double the price of the automotive heads. Great Plains engines are built from Volkswagen auto engines into full and 1/2 VW aircraft engines by a conversion package developed and sold by Great Plains Aircraft Supply Co., Inc., initially of Palatine, Illinois and now of Boys Town, Nebraska. This is the fourth flight of a re-powered KITFOX 4 with a VW 2180cc Great Plains VW - here are the numbers: climb is 900 FPM @ 3200 RPM - Cruise at 2400 RPM is 80 MPH - … Aircooled VW Turnkey engine. That's just a guess...I can't imagine any other reason. So I removed the other head and pulled the valves out of it. Builder: Jerald Folkerts: Location: , - Aircraft: - Cygnet SF2-A: Engine: Great Plains VW - 2276 CC: Prop: Ed Sterba: Total Build Time: 21 Hours
Online Library Half Vw Engine Plans Full case Ragwing Sport Parasole (RW6): 1/2 VW Info An 1835 and 1915cc has a 69mm crankshaft, while the 2180 or 2276cc have an 82mm crankshaft. 2,276 cc (138.9 cu in) producing 80 hp (60 kW) for take-off. Same bore and stroke as O-127.

To place an order: Call us at 1-402-493-6507 The only reason I couldn't take more out is that the aluminum is so thick it appears to be structural, not just casting flash, and the holes are so small it's difficult to get anything else in there to expand them further. Applications: (Australia) Corby Starlet. The big problem I see with these heads (044 heads from CB Performance) is that there are few fins and very little in the way of air passageways around what few fins there are, even after an extensive session of deflashing (removing the casting flash with drills and files).

They can only be used in homebuilt aircraft that are certified in the "experimental category". This is an Auto Linea G01 head as sold by GPASC (a few years ago, at least).

I also asked the guy at HPC (the valve manufacturer) what he thought about the valve guides splitting, and he said he'd never heard of a valve guide splitting on the chamber end. 4cyl; Great Plains 1700cc; 55hp@3400rpm, 57@3600 (TO); 1982-present; Wt = 160#.

Now those are some fins AND air passages! Clearly this was an accident, and either was not noticed, or it was assumed that the end user wouldn't notice either. . Same bore and stroke as O-67, OL-133. All of this in a mere 50 hours of flying. Please contact us before ordering this engine to discuss your exact requirements, Aluminum Super Duty cut to length push rods, Copyright © 2020 ACE Performance Engines LLC. The above weights are for engines that include the Diehl Accessory Case package, intake manifold, Slick ignition system and oil cooler.Front Drive (Direct Drive) Great Plains engines (when driven off the pulley end) are for use with wooden propellers only.Metal or composite propellers are not allowed. The best looking head in 2010 article was a Chinese clone of the 043 head, and the passages are quite generous (even larger than the head above) and casting quality appears to be pretty decent.

"Racing" is not always a good thing...sometimes it means compromise to longevity. The 2180cc engine will be getting this treatment soon, if the DRD heads don't get the temps low enough. Theoretically, it'd go out the exhaust port first, but it's just as likely to punch a hole in the piston crown and start a major calamity. And for the time being, my engine is single ignition anyway, and as long as I have a robust ignition system with dual power sources and independent switching, I think I have that covered.

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