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Skaket Beach is best known for its green, white, and some blue sea glass. One person might report having a great haul on Saturday, only to go back Sunday and return with nothing. Be sure to visit the website before heading there to get the most up-to-date information. Much of the sea glass found on Great Diamond Island has been formed from the remnants of a huge military dumping ground off historic Fort McKinley. 5. The beautiful white beaches along the Gulf Coast are always a treat to visit, and finding sea glass along the way just adds to the adventure. It is not open to the general public for walking and hiking. Love Maine? Since this beach is more sandy than rocky, a cat litter scoop may be a helpful tool to turn the surface for better finds. It’s spectacular, My family spent hours searching for sea glass on Skaket and at race point, with s total find of ONE piece! Both lovely locations with beautiful pebbles and sand If you can’t find anything, it’s just an excuse to come back another time! These 6 Restaurants In Maine Are So Good They Were Featured On Television, Your Tastebuds Will Take Flight When You Visit Pilots Cove Cafe On An Active Runway In Maine, Get Outside With These 10 Accessible Trails In Maine That Are Great For Many, The Most Haunted Place In Maine Is Said To Be Mount Hope Cemetery And This Is Why, Visiting These 10 Secret Maine Beaches Will Make You The Envy Of Everyone You Know, 7 Tremendous Tidal Pools Hiding In Maine You’ll Want To Check Out This Summer, 10 Little Known Beaches in Maine That’ll Make Your Summer Even Better, The Amazing Sand Dollar Beach Every Mainer Will Want To Visit,, mmcothern / Flickr (design by Only in Maine), The 6 Best Ways To Explore The Sebago Lake Area In Maine This Winter, There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Lobster Roll Trail In Maine, This Secret Maine Hike Might Be The Most Gorgeous In America, This Restaurant Way Out In The Maine Countryside Has The Best Doggone Food You’ve Tried In Ages, 10 Campgrounds In Maine Perfect For Those Who Hate Camping, The Ice Cream From Kettle Cove Creamery In Maine Is The Perfect Treat On A Summer Day. They have security at the dock. Sea glass is readily found on Spectacle Island, but be forewarned: While the best specimens can be taken the visitors center for display, removing glass from the island is, alas, forbidden. the glass of broken bottles and other miscellaneous objects lost in the sea are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years. Our advice: About an hour before low tide, start from Willard Beach and work your way along the shore. There's more than one specific area here to find some great sea glass, so be adventurous. This is a sandy beach, so hunting sea glass can be a bit more challenging, but there continue to be regular finds here for those interested in spending the time to unearth it. Note: Before you go, be sure to consult with someone with knowledge of the island to determine which areas are public and which are private.

There are peaceful … Pleasant Grove, or Sea Glass Beach, has one of the most abundant deposits in the area. Sea glass is produced naturally when the glass of broken bottles and other miscellaneous objects lost in the sea are rolled and tumbled in the ocean for years. Most of the land is privately owned, and the lack of lots of cars means it offers a lovely escape from the mainland. The waves bring in debris that becomes trapped for local collectors and historians. Far out on eastern Long Island’s South Fork are a number of beaches flanking a string of small seaside communities. That’s why true sea glass is getting difficult to find. Head to the southern end to find the best sea glass. Please note that businesses, attractions, and destinations throughout New England have been closed and/or canceled in response to the COVID-19 health crisis. Thank you! Sea glass is located in several areas on the cove side of the island. It is a private community with a hotel, homes and restaurants. Skaket Beach, located on the bayside of the cape, traps sea glass artifacts being propelled by this powerful current as it pushes past Maine, New Hampshire, the North Shore, and Boston. Sea glass comes in an infinite array of shapes and sizes.

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