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Baglio is Arabic for courtyard. We finished two restorations. We were very late so had to ourselves the lovely room lined with wine, like a library but with bottles. Below is Mayes’ homage and guide to Turin, adapted from her new book, See You in the Piazza: I'm at the wood-paneled Caffè Al Bicerin, intimate, with candles on tiny marble tables, when the waiter slides toward me a clear little glass layered with cream, chocolate, and coffee. After Cairo, the largest Egyptian museum in the world. It has been revelatory: Italy is truly endless! Always, there’s an exhibit at Palazzo Strozzi that will take you somewhere you’ve never been before. We have a protected grove and were somewhat spared. Publishers Weekly, The result was You can go a block in Genova and you’re in a souk and then another and you’re on a regal street of grand palazzos. The antique platters I found in Taormina. San Francisco Chronicle Kit, their neighbor, quickly decides to tell the story of the three intrepid Americans. In Washington, I was able to see the Sally Mann photography exhibit at the National Gallery. FM: Dialects are strong everywhere but everyone—almost—also speaks regular Italian so, no, it’s not an issue. I wish I could buy the trombette, the long zucchini of Albenga, the cicoriette, baby chicory, and a sack of multicolored peppers. Broadway Books, 2000. readers. You dedicated the book to your husband, Ed. There’s a demise with this. This will be his fifth summer of that, including one session in Florence. Collections of her Frances MAYES passed away. Home" line of furniture by Drexel–Heritage, and was Now for other winter pleasures–watching and reading. In this view, the color reminded me of the porcini mushroom soup I had at lunch! Under the Tuscan Sun: At Home in Italy The room is my museum of treasures gathered over the many years I’ve wandered around antique markets. I recently met Frances in person(!) The table settings all over the store seem like Edith Wharton should be pulling up a chair, and I’d like to sit beside her. The emphasis is on vintage Fiat, Lancia, and Alfa Romeo, though there are Bugattis, Ferraris, and others. My photo is not bad! Mayes' life changed after her 1988 divorce. more reasonable a price than buying a vacation home somewhere on the Thanks so much for the suggestions for travel! And you wondered why I’ve neglected my blog…. I read that you still get up to 200 visitors/tourists a day, just to have a look at Bramasole! The July 15, 1745 court for Amelia County ordered “Thornton” Smith to be one of the appraisers, along with George Moore, William Mayes and William Jones for the estate of John Lovell, whose admx. Click on EVENTS here to see the whole journey. What a great place for Sunday pranzo, dining among large local families and devouring that simple but complex pasta, cacio e pepe and homey roast guinea hen. The villa is ensconced in formal gardens, where wandering late, you might hear the distant roar of a lion from the zoo at Villa Borghese. At 45 months–amazing! Told that its water supply was excellent and dated back If you go to Italy, it’s worth the extra weight to bring back a huge piece of the almost four year old parmigiano. a paint job, they uncovered a fresco. Ask, in Italy, for sotto vuoto. Not to miss: The jewel-box shop at via Giuseppe Luigi Lagrange, 1. as she was in town for a book signing, and a few days later via email, we corresponded (her being back home in Tuscany and all, sigh...), about life, writing, travel, and of course bella Italia. This year he discovered tasting menus and had many surprises. Although the restoration of Bramasole is not yet over, in October we launched a big project at Chatwood, our farm house in North Carolina. Walking home along Via Tornabuoni, we were in a golden city. From Trento in the Dolomites, to Sicily and Sardegna; from the Ligurian coast to the boot's heel in Puglia on the Adriatic. There’s one–sitting with her cappuccino and notebook at a table under the clock tower. I’ll cut this short. They’re into the second week of that. to a career as a computer–research scientist. Exploring small or out-of-the-way places makes summer travel more fun. The writing here is so lyrical and heightened that I read passages several times. Italy and its pleasures have intoxicated centuries of travelers was Martha Lovell. two people by a shore, water, distant hills," she writes. It’s hard to start the year with a utilitarian gray spiral calendar. Many people are not even harvesting. They meet at the orientation. [Court Order Book #1 page 327-A] Will of William MayesAmelia Co, VA, Will Book 1, Page 98In the name of God Amen Aprill 13th 1751. (Minneapolis, MN), November 7, 2001, p. 1E; November 8, 2001, p. 6T. There’s little better in the wide world than big southern vegetable dinners! We were able to find old cotto bricks to replace the original ones. We added the dormer in the first photo to match the one on the right side of the room. Two blogs back, I mentioned that I had a great time exploring the Venetian lagoon last summer while writing for Smithsonian Journeys. combination travelogue/home–restoration diary complete with More later….. What a grand adventure to travel to little-known places, and to other places you know but hardly anyone praises the way Siena, Assisi, and others are praised? You need less  when sprinkling it over pasta. At the end of the lease, do they return, refreshed to the known and loved realm of the American South, or do they stay?

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