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} padding: 10px 27px; All parts listed are Agriline Parts and are not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer unless otherwise stated. "description": "Find out your Fordson Serial Number." Total Fordson Tractors Made: 1,227,964: Fordson Model F made in USA 1917-1928 Fordson Model F Made in Cork Ireland 1919-1922 Fordson Model N Made in Cork, Ireland 1929-1931 Fordson Model N Made in Dagenham, England 1933-1945 Fordson Model E27N Made in Dagenham 1945 - 1952: 747,681 7,597 31,453 20,4493 23,6470 589E 6 cyl petrol, 590E 6 cyl Diesel, 591E 4 cyl Petrol, 592E 4 cyl Diesel, see the later list for serial nos after 1967 as 592E still available with Industrial S serial number up until 1974. The serial number of the Fordson Dexta is found on the lip of the bell flange between the engine and clutch housing on the left side of the tractor.The engine number Case, Case-IH, Farmall, International Harvester, New Holland and their logos are registered trademarks of CNH Global N.V. "width": 220 "name": "Anglo Agriparts" All Rights Reserved. Most likely all these variations may be found in the Fordson major as a conversion either as 4 or 6 cylinders. ", FROM Scrooge: "You rave about this website like it was the best thing since sliced bread. Members must SIGN IN to gain access to Members Only areas of this website. 16 – MEDIA w/Creator Directory (Authors, Editors, Publishers, etc) + Lending Library.16.1 – Articles (w/Reviews).16.2 – Books (w/Reviews).16.3 – Magazines (w/Reviews).16.4 – Product Documentation (SpecSheets, Installation Drawings, Manuals, Parts Books,+).16.5 – Videos (Movies, etc.

th { I was told that the engine was a 135Hp engine but can only find the following numbers cast onto the block: 357406 4. hand side of block. To help us alphabetize the lists below, the beginning grammatical articles"The" & "A/An" have been moved to the end of the titles. Starting in May 1972, this plate is affixed to the flywheel housing at approximately the 2 o’clock position as illustrated on OpManual page shown directly above.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks, Gordon”, Academy Members' Comments & Reviews♥ Academy Members must be signed in to post and view ♥. text-align: center; Furthermore, I don't even own a boat. "headline": "Fordson Serial Numbers", Serial no gives the first number during the corresponding year.Fordson Major1952 - 12171041953 - 12472811954 - 12768571955 - 13225461956 - 13714181957 - 14124291958 - 1458394-1481013Fordson Power Major1958 - 14810911959 - 14944581960 - 1537893-15383906Fordson Super Major1960 - 15759711961 - 15839061961 (Nov) - 08A 300001M1962 - 08B 740000A1963 - 08C 781370A1964 - 08D 900000Fordson Dexta1957 - 957E 11958 - 957E 1441959 - 957E 225581960 - 957E 444321961 - 957E 719211961 - 957E 3120011961 (Nov) - 09A 3120011962 (April) - 09B 7025921963 - 09C 9320311963 - 09D 9000011964 - 09D 907332-09D 928248Fordson Super Dexta1962 (April) - 09B7105301963 (Jan) - 09B7314541963 (Feb) - 09C9000011964 - 09C907332-928248.


Their Members' Library of over 300 popular and obscure books and over 200 magazine back issues that can be viewed online is fabulous.

He explained that he had been given new guidance to follow and unless the VIN number (read chassis/ serial number) is on the tax disc, that form of evidence was no longer acceptable to them.

On the Lehman marinized Ford engines, this “PAD” may be partially hidden behind the coolant piping from the bottom of the coolant reservoir. And I wouldn't have a boat even if someone gave me one. ", FROM Huey: "I agree with my Uncle, I too have found the articles to be very enlightening.

td, "height": 500, What's in it for them?

For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. They all have serial numbers beginning with S and some can be found fitted to Fordson majors as replacements. See Comment Rules. Is your County based on the early 1960's Fordson Super Major tractor, or on the later Ford 5000 tractor? JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. And of course all of the girls, April, May, and June, love to be on the water too, especially when that is where the boys are. If you have any information about any model of tractor you think others would find useful please send it in to us and we will list it here. John Deere and its logos are the registered trademarks of the John Deere Corporation. Location: Blantyre, Glasgow ,Scotland. IF YOU ARE NOT YET AN ACADEMY MEMBER, CLICK HERE to discover how you can become a Member and gain FULL access tothousands of expanded pages and articles, and dozens of excellent programsWITH JUST A SMALL DONATION! There are gaps in the series of numbers that we do not have knowledge of. ^ Fordson Type. Writing such articles helps establish them as knowledgeable professionals. Serial no gives the first number during the corresponding year. Ford Power Products diesel engine production dates are shown on the Original Engine Build Data plate as illustrated on page 1-2 of the Ford Dover Diesel Engine Service Manual #194-243 below.

"height": 57, Oh poor Scrooge, boating is more fun then you could possibly imagine. EIADKN 7007F T1 On the block front left side F19X Under the seat on the axle housing. Ford Serial Number Location.

Get free Tractor Data and more for the Fordson Power Major right here! When did organ music become associated with baseball? I pointed out that tax discs had never had the VIN number on them they usually had, for example Fordson Major or agricultural machine.

We know that we have a lot more to do. Fordson Major Diesel, Fordson Power Major serial and engine numbers are stamped on left hand flywheel housing or right side of engine block. NB.

PATH: BOAT PRODUCTION » Boat Equipment » Propulsion » Engines » Ford UK », PAGE CONTENTS: Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? "dateModified": "2020", border-collapse: collapse; Thanks! color: black;

Sure, it has a lot of good information for boaters, and they're adding more every day, but it will probably never be finished. The Fordson tractor was produced between 1917 and 1964, primarily in the US but also in the UK and Ireland. Academy Members’ Comments & Reviews that only current Academy Members can view. display: inline-block; Does Jerry Seinfeld have Parkinson's disease?

Enter your email address below and we will notify you as soon as the product is available. up .Have had this info for over 25 years as i used to work for a local engineering company where we used loads of Ford engines from our local power products dealer to install in all types of industrial plant and equipment. Antique Tractor Serial Numbers [ Return to Main List ] There are 6 models listed for Fordson. In March 1965 the engine line at Dagenham started to produce the new 2700 range derived from the earlier range. Fordson Major 1952 - 1217104 1953 - 1247281 1954 - 1276857 1955 - 1322546 1956 - 1371418 Recalls, etc. But I have the following numbers that might help. The Academy's magazine is especially informative. • • • • • • Fordson Serial Number Breaks Serial no gives the first number during the corresponding year. Please keep up the good work. We have tried to keep this data as accurate as possible.

border-radius: 8px; The Casting Codes can have either of two formats: Until and including May 1963 the code consists of one letter corresponding to the month, one or two digits for the day and one letter for the year. font-family: arial, sans-serif; From How to Identify Ford Diesel Engines.

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