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There is no doubt that suspension bridges tend to grab the headlines because of the style and way they look. This is a fairly complicated structure taking in a road, rail and pedestrian bridge between Sainte-Foy and Levis, Québec, Canada. Soldiers installing a beam bridge, Mosul, Iraq. its design is a closed-spandrel segmental bridge of stones. The supports carry the…, All bridges need to be secure at the foundations and abutments. Designing and building the Queensferry Crossing, World’s Longest | Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge, Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge – the world’s longest, Video of the Day: Millennium Bridge Disaster. It spans the Hooghly Rive in West Bengal, India with construction starting in 1936 and ending in 1942. Many famous bridges of the world represent the art, architecture, and culture of that place, and have become their landmarks. Also known as Sant Bartomeu, the bridge is a medieval structure across Llobregat River in Spain. The bridge has the longest central span of any suspension bridge in the world. There are six lanes for public traffic and four emergency lanes. The history of beam bridges began In early civilization, when logs were used to cross rivers or ravines. Located in Venice, northern Italy, the bridge connected the new prison to the historic interrogation rooms in the Doge’s Palace. Throughout the world there are several beam bridges that are famous. It is also the world’s “longest continuous overwater steel structure”. The bridge was eventually completed in August 1919 at a cost of around $22 million (the equivalent of $350 million in 2018). Carrying six lanes of traffic, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge connects Jiaxing and Ningbo in the Zhejiang province of China. At the time of completion back in 1937 it was not only the tallest suspension bridge but also the longest in the world. As recently as 2016, the official transport figures showed a staggering 120,000 vehicles using the bridge each day. Open back in 1864 the tolls gathered on the bridge have contributed to maintenance costs. A beam carries vertical loads by bending. There are a total of 167 arches of which 75 are single arches and 44 are double or 88 arches if considered as individual arches, followed by 4 single arches. The bridge itself only spans 31.8 m (104.3 feet) although in its current form it has a history which goes back to 1588. Stari Most was rebuilt in the 16th century by Ottoman across Neretva River in Mostar, Bosnia, and Herzegovina and interconnect two cities. Abutments of limestone were used in lieu of foundations. The equivalent cost today is around $1.5 billion but this is certainly money well spent. Spanning the Avon Gorge, and the River Avon, the Clifton Suspension Bridge links Clifton in Bristol to Leigh Woods in North Somerset. Construction began back in October 2001 with the bridge opened in December 2004 at a cost of €394 million. There have been numerous adjustments to the initial design but the bridge is currently 130 feet wide and 65.7 feet high. There are 19 spans though only 15 are visible. While 11,000 tonnes of steel provide a visible framework, two massive piers containing more than 70,000 tonnes of concrete were sunk into the Thames river bed. The bridge spans 149.1 feet on a single arch. The project started in 1968, construction began in 1981 and it was finished and opened in 1986. Construction began back in 1886 and it took just eight years to complete. Connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and spanning the East River, the bridge was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1964. The pedestrian-only footbridge was made of stone and has 4 spans and 5 piers in water. No list of famous bridges would be complete without Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge which is a prime example of a tied arch design. There are many famous bridges in India and the cantilever style Howrah Bridge is one of the best known. Like so many of Venice’s outstanding bridges, it is steeped in history. The project is said to have cost around $800 million with the causeways used by 25,000 vehicles each day to ferry an average of 52,000 passengers. The beam bridges can be made in different kinds of construction. The pedestrian-only bridge was built of stone between 1588 and 1591. While suspension bridges tend to grab the headlines there are actually seven basic types of bridges. The pedestrian-only bridge has a total length of 29 meters and a width of 4 meters. 1 mechanical design engineering portal with an integrated discussion forum and a strong social media following. The estimated cost was anything up to $200 million with no official costings available. There have been numerous adjustments to the initial design but the bridge is currently 130 feet wide and 65.7 feet high. The bridge is made of single and double arches which are reinforced by strong pillars. Construction originally began back in 1923 and the bridge was completed and opened to the public in 1932. It has a total span of 666 m and it is no surprise it is now a tourist attraction in its own right. The tied arch bridge design is a very eye-catching design incorporating an arch structure above the deck of the bridge. Described as a combined bascule and suspension bridge design, London Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in England.

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