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I will work the dealer down to a "fair" price and then Wife gets all bitchy and says that she is not happy and wants to leave. You could probably try to negotiate a bit depending on how new/in demand the particular model is you're trying to purchase. 5%-10% discount is doable from most Porsche dealers. If dealers do not advertise very closely to their best price, automotive listing sites won’t rate it as a “great deal” which will get them less traffic. While the online services offered by DMVs vary state by state, New York does not seem to allow for online registration of vehicles bought via private sale. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Aircooled 911 (with M491 option) ... and a Macan. Then after two days I love it again. Everything is exactly the same. new or slightly used. Now you have an offer that is achievable and the dealer may understand the risk of losing the sale if they don’t compete. Got $3k off the car I bought, but got $5k more on the Cayman S I traded. Answer my question like I don't know crap, lol. Great experience and they were willing to negotiate with me on a custom order 2018 C2S. They are not going to voluntarily take an additional $15,000 haircut on a car without someway to off-set that. When you do buy it, make sure you put a nice sealant on it, instead of your grandfather's wax that won't last over a month. I am pretty good at doing this at a regular dealer, but this will be the first time at a high end place. With that being said, I would think that buying new from Porsche is a bit different in terms of negotiation that buying new from FordChevyDodge dealer. Got a car buying conundrum that you need some assistance with? Let me get this straight. Isn’t that what negotiating is - you set the price, I counter-offer, then we meet in the middle? The side bolsters would kill my legs after a few hours. Normally what we do (wife and I) is we work in tandem. Keep an eye on total costs as they relate to a total monthly payments. With the newer cars, you come out of a corner drop to second and power 300 plus horse power up to third. or will they laugh at me and expect me to pay msrp. We outright own our house and both current cars, so it's not too hard to do it this way. Cookies help us deliver our Services. With dealerships, often the best way to have them come down on price is not to just throw a number out there, but to find a more competitive bid on a similar car. This method had a bonus in states where you pay sales tax on registration. I hear in CA discount off MSRP is not very common. I had a '13 Genesis Coupe GT (really nice/ underrated car) and after less than two years of owning it had to sell. If they’ve priced a car at a given point, that’s because they’re pretty sure that someone will buy it, at that price point. On both there was no room for negotiation because demand was so high (for example, with the Macan, they were selling so fast they had zero on the lot). My own personal tactic is to pay the asking price... but fight like hell to get way more for my trade in than it's acutally worth. I am not a big dude, but I have some hip / IT band issues and there for bolsters are a no-no for me. It all depends on timing and inventory. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Now, it may be true that Porsche has more models that are in high demand, and thus will not discount. The following Porsche price guides strip these hidden dealer profits out and illustrate the MSRP, the invoice price, Holdback and the true dealer cost. It may be best to plan on flying to the dealership and driving it back home. Caymans are still incredible, so good luck! The last and only time Porsche did cash on 911 was in 2009 during the financial crisis. The more you get for your trade-in, the less you pay in sales tax on the new car as the net amount your paying sales tax on is reduced by the amount of your trade (at least that's how it works in MA). I know I can save some serious coin buying a few year old Cayman, but I have some very deep and personal reasons for buying used (I mean New). I do a twice a year tour of the local Porsche dealer just to dream and become somewhat of a familiar face. So let me just say this. Hello All - Planning to buy 2017 Mercedes GLS450 (Certified Pre Owned). The discount issue has only to do with market demand, just like any other dealer. Many will arrange paperwork prior, so all you have to do, is look it over at the airport, sign, then drive home within the hour. I have an 88 I have owned for 25 years which I will sell. Nope, the Macan is it's own car. Do people negotiate at Mercedes dealership or they simply buy what is mentioned on the papers? you'll get a better discount trying to pick something off the lot versus you custom ordering a stripper. I don't want to lease and am only going to finance for perhaps 5 years if that. Typical invoice pricing on Porsches (sports cars especially) are going to be around 10-12% off MSRP. There are some decent differences in price based on geography. Yeah, this is a tricky one, if you are buying from a private party you can’t keep their plates on the car, and with the DMV closed you can’t process the paperwork for new plates. Possible? It would awesome to just walk in there with a bank check for 45K and say take it or leave it, but I know I am sort of small potatoes when it comes to what Porsche normally deals with. A cayman, however, is definitely negotiable. Your 88 911 is worth $40K plus most likely. You will be selling an appreciating or at the very least flat value asset. Wait until he is so flustered that you can feel the tension, and you are sure you got his best number, then offer to go $500 below that and he's got a deal.

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