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The duration of this phase is three years beginning one day after the end of Active Retirement Mode. A Feature Release has gone through multiple & thorough engineering, quality, alpha, and beta test cycles and is being launched for general availability. Over time, products and services go through a natural lifecycle and eventually reach their end of life. These appliances were […] For more information about SonicWALL security appliances or upgrading from an older generation appliance to a newer generation appliance, please call our office and speak with your vCIO/Account Manager. A Feature Release is a candidate to move to General Release after the maturity criteria is met. Hotfix releases contain the latest fixes and patches, and are provided to customers who are looking to address specific issues. SonicWall TZ300; SonicWall TZ350; SonicWall TZ400; SonicWall TZ500; SonicWall TZ570; SonicWall TZ600; SonicWall TZ670; SonicWall TZ300 PoE; SonicWall TZ600 PoE; SonicWall NSa. SonicWALL recently announced that the first generation SonicWALL TZ Series appliances are at End-of-Life. The Distributed Enterprise and the Dell SonicWALL TZ – Building a Coordinated Security Perimeter, SMB and distributed enterprises are challenged by the diverse management solutions involved in managing the security, switching and wireless access points for their network infrastructure. A Feature Release is a candidate to move to General Release after the maturity criteria is met. Active Retirement Mode is the second phase of the Dell SonicWALL End of Life process outlined at the end of this document. As part of the broad Dell Security solution that includes identity and access management, patch management and encryption. End of Support (EOS) is an announcement to indicate that we will no longer provide technical support, firmware updates/upgrades or hardware replacement for the product, and that all remaining unique inventory or materials will become unavailable. endobj This is a big gain for distributed enterprise as well, as this release also allows each of these components to be controlled from the SonicWALL Global Management System. �so�w�[Jp���B*ǒ**��Y7�����������5 �dA*�`�|0�����j�j�B� �����꼪��"RS�ޠ{(�%2�������a�pG�_Ȼ;=���� 8bzZ�&ws��� � �EP�Vp��Ɂ` ��O��h�KA%[���S�}��h�0���b�={�ܡpC�i5�Dz�}��H'�L����1e2�0�T��߼}���?D� ~ �Ј��`���A�u���Vˊ�Ym釒~� S�\�(l�h�؜죢 !#i9k� ��B� ����t�M?|�СfO�P�����KW����qA��,� z�� J���ۑNo�y�%郿�A�C� ���]�0F6A��F1��M��P>2~A���Z{L_��n9R�f��o�X���ƈa��H��Ql�$�]E�'�! Dell SonicWALL, have a published lifecycle for their products which, when a box goes 'End of Sale' kicks in until the unit goes 'End of Support'.

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