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Copyright © 2018-2021; All Rights Reserved. Which of the following statements about the moss life cycle is false? For revision questions download PDFAsexual reproductions, Bryophytes and ferns, 6 A-level paper 2 revision questions for photosynthesis Read More, Organs of neck and muscles on the chest, abdominal structures in undisturbed form, veins from digestive system, arteries to digestive system, urinogenital system, diaphragm, visceral ... Read More, Well discussed 30 objectives from national exams Read More, Your email address will not be published. Stomata appear in the hornworts and are abundant on the sporophyte. rise to the gametophyte generation. In a bryophyte, all the conspicuous vegetative organs—including the photosynthetic leaf-like structures, the thallus, stem, and the rhizoid that anchors the plant to its substrate—belong to the haploid organism or gametophyte. [34] Other bryophytes produce chemicals that are antifeedants which protect them from being eaten by slugs. This generation is called as the dominant The moss lifecycle follows the pattern of alternation of generations as shown in Figure 6. Sperm are flagellated and must swim from the antheridia that produce them to archegonia which may be on a different plant. The bryophytes show an alternation of generations between the independent gametophyte generation, which produces the sex organs and sperm and eggs, and the dependent sporophyte generation, which produces the spores.In contrast to vascular plants, the bryophyte sporophyte usually lacks a complex vascular system and produces only one spore-containing organ (sporangium) rather than many. Organs of neck and muscles on the chest, abdominal structures in undisturbed form, veins from digestive system, arteries to digestive system, urinogenital system, diaphragm, visceral ... Well discussed 30 objectives from national exams. Gametophytes produce haploid sperm and eggs which fuse to form diploid zygotes that grow into sporophytes. The haploid spores give rise to the gametophyte generation. More than 25,000 species of bryophytes thrive in mostly damp habitats, although some live in deserts. Figure 3 represents the lifecycle of a liverwort. [25] The contrast is shown in a slightly different cladogram:[26], "protracheophytes", such as Horneophyton or Aglaophyton. [14][15] Dioicous plants are unisexual, meaning that the same plant has only one sex. [14], In seed plants, "monoecious" is used where flowers with anthers (microsporangia) and flowers with ovules (megasporangia) occur on the same sporophyte and "dioecious" where they occur on different sporophytes. Cross-fertilization and self-fertilization. The alternation of generation in hornworts is shown. The two generations are dissimilar and one is dominant over the other. [34] Also, because of its antibiotic properties, Sphagnum was used as a surgical dressing in World War I. Without a vascular system and roots, they absorb water and nutrients on all their exposed surfaces. In bryophytes, the sporophyte is a simple unbranched structure with a single spore-forming organ (sporangium).

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