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House Wrens occur all the way through the Americas to southern Argentina. The vocalizations of Least and Eastern Chipmunks have been described in the literature (e.g., Bergstrom & Hoffman 1991, Burke da Silva et al. The chittering noise that some of them make when they see a bird is quite common to many cats. Excellent! Quail. I have tracked down the two sources Don cited; if you want PDF copies. Birds from southern Mexico to the south are warm, tawny brown, with less contrast. Their lowest frequencies were at the beginning and end, with higher frequencies in the middle of the syllable. For more on chipmunk i.d., with some discussion of calls, see my 3-page web set on chipmunk i.d. Sutton, D. A. I don’t know how many species of chipmunk Brand reviewed, but there are 25 species in North America. Place the trap in areas of known chipmunk activity, including traffic paths and near burrows (if you can find them). Bubbly and energetic, just like their songs. Gannon, William L. Special Publication the Museum of Southwestern Biology. If there is a mammal in California that sounds like this, then I want to know about it. I can confirm that the Michigan sound came from a chipmunk: after a few minutes of hunting I spotted the little guy on the ground only 10 feet away, twitching his head forward slightly with each call. They usually do it at birds or at every other animal they want to chase. Are they not even pygmy-owls at all? I have 6 cats and they all have there cute sounds they make.. Get your answers by asking now. Peterson Field Guide to Bird Sounds of Eastern North America. However, I have generally attributed the note to Mt. Birds from Grenada are uniformly tawny that contrasts with a paler throat. Cats make all kinds of different noises. 1994), but I can’t find a published spectrogram of this particular sound. The best evidence came from a 1976 paper by Leonard Brand in the journal Animal Behaviour: “The vocal repertoire of chipmunks (Genus Eutamias) in California” (email me for a PDF copy). that starts at But a few things about this recording are strange: Because the sound came from the ground, Andrew surmised that he might have recorded some kind of mammal. One of the major reasons for the split was the differences in vocalization between the four species. Dark barring on the wings and tail contrast with the more uniform brown plumage elsewhere. The trouble is by the time they’ve found their guide, the bird may well have moved on. I did visually identify that one as a chipmunk, although didn’t make a visual ID to species. Sounds like the "hey Mom I see dinner" noise. actually has two species, Least and Eastern: If I had been paying attention, I could have identified the little guy to species by looking at his size, shape, and facial striping — but I wasn’t paying attention, so now, alas, I have to use the recording to figure out which ‘munk was chipping. With his permission, I’m reproducing it here for discussion: A possible word of caution regarding analysis of chipmunk calls as discussed at I don’t necessarily disagree with your conclusions, but there are caveats to be considered. Small, nondescript brown bird with a short tail, thin bill, and dark barring on wings and tail with a paler throat. Birds from Dominica are a uniform rich reddish brown. She is chirping. If she chirps at you she wants you to play with her. Highly recommended, includes almost all known vocalizations of eastern US birds, with spectrograms and detailed analysis. It's normal behavior when they see and bird etc. Here’s another link to the sound: I still marvel at the uncanny resemblance to an owl! Found in scrubby habitats, often close to homes and buildings. Chipmunks, like squirrels, can easily climb bird feeders to get at the tasty treats.

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