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Other straight cases from the 32-40 and the 38-55 to the 458 work well with the 4198 reloading powders. I was happy. Plastic wad? A Custom Reloader of Obsolete and Antique Ammo, Bob Shell, writes about the subject of Guns, Ammo, Shooting and Related Subjects. Unique is my go to powder for just about any pistol cartridge. Bullseye as the top dog followed by Unique. How did you use it? For .357 Magnum, I like slower powders (H-110 is top of that list, for me), but at low velocity and pressure, the fast burners are where it's at. I was using two propellants at the time Bullseye and WW 230, both of which I liked. Trailboss for me in 38s.It is little donuts and take up a lot of space in the cases. A forum community dedicated to Smith & Wesson firearm owners and enthusiasts. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. You can make it work well in pretty much any handgun cartridge although it may not be the best choice overall for a particular one. It does a good job in all of them. Easier to find than Trail Boss more of the time, and saves a little money. Part Time Duelist. I know Power Pistol does well well in my six inch barrels but haven't really tried it in my snubbies. It is also true that a good replacement load can be developed with another powder but I was disappointed when Alcan 7 was dropped as it was one of my favorites at the time. The key to those rounds, in spite of their “paltry” muzzle velocity of something like 825 feet per second out of a snubbie, is their diameter and mass: they will make significant diameter holes and penetrate respectably in … ... felix, 2.8 grains of Bullseye behind a 148 grain wadcutter. I have worked up some nice .38 special loads using 700X. Bowfin, I've considered ramshot enforcer for high-pressure .357 loads. Trailboss was good, but it's more expensive than other powders and cost is a real factor for me. Loading data is also available online from the powder companies, here is a link to the Hodgden online data. +1+1+1 bullseye,red dot then unique- in that order. bottle. These are the powders that performed the best in order: I started reloading in '62 (.38 Spec.) Many other similar size rounds have been used with 231 with success. With this old Smith & Wesson from the 1880’s muzzle velocity is right at 600 fps and at 7 yards will put all five shots into 1″. I kinda like leaving the range with soot all over me! If you want a higher level of performance, then Accurate No. I have loaded a lot of Red Dot and W-231 over the years, as well. They are all similar and as long as they are used as designed, they will do well. Just a followup to my above post about HS-6 and the FBI Load. I was using W231/HP38 for 38 Special, until I ran out during the powder drought. Extrapolating from my old Speer book, the 5.0 W231/158gr SWC-HP load should be spitting them out of a 2" barrel at about 900 fps. I've been using it ever since in 38, 44-40 and 45 colt. 4.3 grains of W231 158gr SWC for 38spl????? If you are a TFL member and can access TFL, please do not use this link; instead, use the forums (like Questions, Suggestions, and Tech Support) or PM an appropriate mod or admin. Per 1-lb. Makes perfectly simple and perfectly good sense.... For 38 special I haven't found anything better than Bullseye. That said I do use a number of other powders like Blue Dot, Tight group, Bullseye, Power Pistol and Hero. Varmint hunting. I like the "woman to woman to woman" analogy, Char-Gar! 3.2 grains of Bullseye with a Lee 105 grain SWC. I've been able to use this load to help some novice shooters get over flinching and really enjoy shooting. but we (my son & I) could use it in shot shells also (a plus). It does great at low power factor loads in .38 special. I use W231. What are a few good powders to use for 38 special and 45 colt? 357 Magnum. Bullseye is a classic, but I like Titegroup better. Moderate load? Bullseye; if you want accuracy & precision. Location: South West Riverside County California. Very darn flexible, too. The next powder is meant for magnum cartridges using heavy bullets. Is it safe to assume you are looking for cowboy loads? It has been around since the late 1890’s and is still one of the all-time favorite handgun powders in use today. In the last year or so it has been all too common to have your favorite not available. No issues and plenty of recipes. I have been at this shooting business for almost 60 years now, and I have never had powder residue/dirt on my face or looked like a racoon. 5, Hodgdon's Universal Clays, Unique and … Their health and their love.I love The people I have gotten to meet in sass and the ones that have just talked to on the wire.I do like to shoot and pick on people at the shoot.I love the hugs I get and the ones I will get when I meet some on you people. There are many good propellants available but some may work in a narrow range of calibers. You can buy .38 Special brass without spending an arm and a leg. I wouldn't worry about un burnt powder if you get the results you want. Bullseye, Unique, 2400 have been my go to powders for 40+ years but a year or so ago when powders were hard to come by I found some HS-6 and began playing with that in the 44 SPL. BP Subs- Pyrodex, then 777. Thanks in advance. Light load? I like 5g under 125g bullet both in .38 and .357 cases. It's a clean burning "fluffy" powder. Most accurate load I ever found for .38spl was HS-6 with a Lyman 358311, but it doesn't burn completely and can bind the cylinder. Get a good reloading manual and read it, that will help you a lot. Bullseye , Unique and 700X if I have it . of Green Dot, 5.0 grs of Unique under a 148 gr. I wouldn't worry about un burnt powder if you get the results you want. For .38 Special light loads, I would try Hodgdon's Tite Group or Clays. Someone said it above........the 38 Special is a very forgiving caliber for the handloader. I'll have to start wayy low and come up with this one, should have bought 50 extra to play with. For me the BE loads came back when I owned a Ransom Rest and was doing a lot of testing. It is frustrating to have developed good loads with a certain powder & then it is out of stock. It is also the accuracy champ at 4.2 grs with my 158 rn running right at 900 fps. I can’t imagine any loading bench operating without the next powder which is Alliant Powder Unique Smokeless Powder. 231 and Alliant Red Dot.Robert. I have been reloading for over 50 years; .. if I knew then , what I know now…. Also like rifle powders, in order to be one of my favorites it has to have been around for a long time and stand a good chance of being in production years from now. A really good cast bullet (made at home, but of course), and just about any powder that will make it go bang. Even works for shotgun shells. I have seen reduced loads using 296 fail to push the bullet out of the barrel, which can cause a dangerous situation. As a truly retro person, I am gratified to see Bulleye and Unique with such a strong lead over newer powders. If you have a firearm related question, please register and post it on the forums. Best? Don't load for 45 colt so can't give ya any info there. Another vote for Bullseye and Unique, they are the only two powders I use for 38 sp. 380 Auto. The bulk makes it hard to double load a cartridge. Unique is versatile stuff for sure. At 2,916 loads per pound this powder will last along time. Besides, if one has a history of success with something like Unique or Bullseye, would it be prudent to load up hundreds of rounds in the hopes of finding something that works just as good? And, in a pinch BP can be made at home while making smokeless propellent would be much more difficult. SWC. I use Trailboss in all of my cowboy/wild bunch cartridges--38, 45, 45 cowboy special and 45 ACP. Does this make any sense or am I just thinking too much? That is where the "racoon-face" would come from. Already tried that. The power of a full load of BP in a large capacity case should not be discounted. As you can surmise Power Pistol is now my preferred, over 2400, for +P loads while BullsEye remains my favorite powder for STANDARD loads. Can be loaded light without fillers and isn't temperature or position sensitive. I won't do a poll, as it would take 20 choices and I would still leave out somebody's favorite. Modern smokeless propellants are much more energetic, so a typical charge of 6.0 or 7.0 grains barely fills a quarter or so of the case volume. ha-ha!! It used to be somewhat dirty burning but it has been cleaned up in the last few years. I also use Titegroup as a backup. Understood. By I have loaded a lot of Red Dot and W-231 over the years, as well. Powders vary in their ease of metering, cleanliness of burning, felt recoil and somewhat in price. I really like the following and all are very accurate with a cast 158gn RNFP bullet. Can't beat Trail Boss for plinking loads. I have only been loading 38 Special for the last 4 months but have had really good results with the Jeff Bartletts Russian surplus 700X. A couple of thoughts: Even though Bullseye (my favorite 38 Special powder) has been around a long time and I use it exclusively for the 158 grain RCBS Cowboy mold boolit, I am glad there are a wide number of other powders out there that are as good or better. Like any propellant it might not be the best in all of the applications I use it in but it works well enough to produce good ammo. I'll jump in. I could load .38 spl completely with BE and no other powder. With .38 special light loads it's harder to find a powder that doesn't work well. Wonder if the age of the reloader has anything to do with the choice of powders or if it has to do with what you were shown or read about while developing loads? . 2 would be worth a look, too. Before the 357 Magnum came out in 1935 the 45 Colt BP load was the most powerful conventional cartridge around. Silhouette™ is a double-base high-performance spherical powder that's great for … Bullseye and Unique are the only 2 that I have used in .38 Spl, but all I have shot in the cartridge is 148 gr wadcutters. Bullseye for the HBWC. Real or imagined many folks will go on a buying binge if there is a threat to their gun rights. Clays for the smokeless cartridges on both 38's and 45's. . If I am making some general purpose cast bullet ammo in a 41, 44, or 45 Colt I always grab Unique. It's tough trying to get CAS gear and reloading supplies during this panic time with no inventory anywhere. I use a lot of 2400 with the 158 grain bullets. 3.5 grains and a 158 LSWC makes a sweet target load. with anything,to many of my friends are letting their guard down just because were have been granted a temporary reprieve but the day of reckoning is coming and when rather than if… Read more ». I n the past I've used 4.5 of 231 with Speer soft lead 158's from a 4 inch barrel and had some leading. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I have been lots of HP38 with Lee 158 swc lately. Choosing five Handgun Powders or Pistol Powders is not easy.

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