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"If you insist." It's not like Grandpa Max was there when he was growing up and you left when he was still young and never came back or offered any explanation! "It's true and you know it! Could it be that the great Ben Tennyson might actually have feelings for this welp? The team has arrived and sees Ben weeping over Derrick's motionless body. "I'm afraid that you'll have to be more specific, dear." "It's ok Ben, we accept you for are." "No. It didn't matter. Talking about this subject was probably safe, she assumed. You're sinful! A boy around his age prepares to jump. Think about it, Ben, you're no good to Bellwood if you continue to act like this. I just— I wish that I knew what to do," he admitted quietly. Grandpa Max replied, addressing my dad. After a scuffel with the Air Force, Ben publiclly critizes Rozum, calling him "a slimy undesive government agent who'll fuck you over even if you help them in previous dilemma's.". Humongosaur then turns around and slams his powerful tail into the floor which rattles the ground and puts the knights off guard. She enjoyed returning every week or so to replace the flower, and maybe catch a peek of her grandchildren from a distance. I said. Is that a threat child? Managing a smile, Verdona hesitated for just a moment before letting her arms slip around Ben. Gwen, what the hell was that for? Ben: Those bastards took the only thing I ever cared about. You may kiss the bride" said the priest as Ben kissed Gwen lovingly on the lips as they walked out of the church as the crowd cheered. "No. "Yeah....okay...". "You are such a brat, Ben Tennyson!" See you later. Ben uses his Ultimatrix to transform into Humongosaur and bursts through the wall of the warehouse. Carl enters the room and sits next to Sandra. He worked with me to smuggle autoparts to a crime lord. "I-I wanted to kill myself."'. Well to be honest, Ben, I have to say that you've done so much better with your life. The boy continues, starring at Ben. We met after Julie and I broke up. You stay here so you don't get hurt okay? Ben shields his eyes with his arm from the blazing light. I looked around the campsite for hints to where Ben could have gone, when I noticed footprints in the dirt. That little brat Jimmy Jones should have kept his big mouth shut. Gwen turns the light on, determined to bring him back into society. All he wanted was to be my friend and I've been such a jerk the whole time! She sighed. A cold is a common sickness found on Earth. She then decided to go to Ben's house so she could spend the next few days by him. Ben wasn't — ( he couldn't be , she reminded herself dimly) — an anodite, but the warmth of his mana and his weight in her arms felt like home. What are friends for? "Y-You know, the— uh, well, what I mean is—" he cleared his throat. "Like a give a piece of shit?" Verdona chuckled weakly. She was freezing cold. Ben doesn't like the experience at all either. No privacy and all these crazy fans is not the life for me. A hologram of Grandpa Max appears. No, Ben wasn't an Anodite, but maybe he didn't need to be in order to be important to her. I could use some company. Recently we've been getting reports of two bit punks getting their hands on weapons like Laser Lances and even Null Void Projectors. Ben winks. Ice this chump! Knight: Ha, that is so touching. Derrick: Damn, man. I looked over at my wallet, full of the allowance I had collected over the last year. "I was a addict, I got so far in, that, that I raped my own girlfriend. Pretty cute and romantic huh? "I'm going to go chance into different clothes, Grandpa." It's just a subject never touched on in this story. You don't understand Kevin. She let out a sigh. "Hi, son." Ben's date does indeed show up and much to Gwen and Kevin's surprise, it's a man. You were a bitch anyway. Ben: I am never going to get use to this. "Ben, you brat! Here, let me show you why. Ultimate Swampfire creates a blue fire around him to protect himself. Derrick starres at Kevin, "Nothing, Benjy. Derrick starres forward. Will Harangue: Hello there citizens of Bellwood, I'm here to discuss the casualties of Ben Tennyson. What if I can't find them? "Oh, stop it Grandpa. His face is all over the news and currently Will Harangue is doing a story on him. Narrator: Ever since I was a kid, I had always done the right thing and been a hero. He's tearing up streets, demolishing buildings, and has been caught doing several illegal under age activities. Your mother and I have been worried. Ultimate Swampfire: I swear to to god if you hurt him, I'll rip you apart! Gwen walked up to him and said, "Yeah honey?" ", Derrick quickly regains his balance and steps away. Verdona sighed at the thought. Gwen exclaimed. He was the only person outside of her species who had had the spark. Going years without any Anodite connections was harder than I would like to admit. Despite being a very powerful being of pure energy, there wasn't a lot for Verdona to be attending to. "Maybe I'll kiss yours later." Ben quietly creaks the door open. ", Ben screeches, "NO! Known species that can get colds are humans, Vulpimancers, Tetramands, Pyronites, Petrosapiens, Vaxasauriansand Chimera Sui Generis. I can't risk your safety. Do they know that I'm a guy? "How long has it been, sweetie?" My girlfriend and I just broke up. However, there is one person who hasn't given up hope. You're killing me! I blocked out the guilt and went back to the table, back to where my book was sitting. Couldn't he ask a less complex question? Chapter 1: Mid-Summer Night's Dream. I said, as I got up from the table. Your review has been posted. Neither of them spoke after that. There's nothing better than a casual flight in the skies to clear one's head. The TV then catches their attention. Ben: Guys, guys I'm not gay okay? Ben: Please, please! Ben: Yup. What comes after? Ben closes his eyes as the razor severs off his beard, and Ben 10 is reborn. Ben: Boy can I pick 'em. But not as beautiful as Gwen was…, Just as the sun disappeared beneath the horizon Ben said, Ben took out a blue plastic box from his pocket, opened and revealed to Gwen a beautiful diamond ring inside. "There's no reason to be afraid. Ben sighs then sits down on the sofa. "Well, I guess-" Gwen began to speak, but I interrupted her. We haven't talked to each other in months! Ben stands there sweating hard and completely bewildered on how he should act towards the Forever Knight who holds Derrick prisoner. I need your help! Ben vomits. Read to find out! Yes my date is a guy. "Ben?" He took control on things and asked us to bring blankets and light the fire place. "I'm done trying to get your attention." Now I can focus more on being a hero. I took off my Omnitrix and I decided to have a normal life. Ben mutters, throwing the remote on the ground. Hey dude! Ben Tennyson is watching before flicking a needle a few times then injecting it into his bicep. I just continued staring up at the sky, as I took a breath of air. In all honesty, you're the most special person in my life right now. Kevin: Yeah we do. Is it— is it because they're not Anodites? Calm down, Kevin. You know, to...catch up?". Verdona wasn't sure how frequent his visits to the lake were, or what the reason for them was, and she didn't ask. Right now, it was almost dinner time and once again, Ben was nowhere to be found. Gwen: Remember when we were little, Ben? And they looked really cute together…, Ben and Gwen have been a very happy couple since that Christmas Eve ten years back. What are you up to this time Derrick? Ben has to ask what they talked about though. Ben is soon greeted by a young man about his age. I asked with concern. She was staring at me, with a look of shock on her face. Ben uses his Ultimatrix to transform into Humongosaur and bursts through the wall of the warehouse. Disclaimer: I Don't Own Ben 10 Or Any Of The Characters. What the hell are you doing with Ben? Ben: Oh he should be here in You can come, just follow my lead okay? They made eye-contact for a moment, blinking owlishly before Ben simply looked away. Like I said in the first author's note, this story is going to be more hurt/discomfort than it is romance, at least until the last two or three chapters. . Mrs. Tennyson: Of course, honey. I heard the sound of the Rust Bucket's door opening from beneath me. I haven't had a drink in four months and I feel good about myself. Was I really the idiot here? I stepped out of the RV onto my front lawn and dropped all of my bags, looking at the house that I hadn't seen in months. "How about we go someplace....more private? Kevin and Gwen see Ben walk off in a huff of rage and both wonder how Ben is truly going to except his new found life. Absoring the floor, he quickly runs forwards and bashes Ssserpent's head in. Derrick: Nothing, babe. Ben was remarkably similar to Max, but with his father's hair color instead of the fiery-red that continued to persist in their bloodline. You're suppose to be a hero. I'm Derrick Watts. You still into autoparts? I still don't trust Watts at all. Mr. Tennyson: Where have you been, son? ", "Jeez, Gwen!" They're a genderless species and they reproduce every eighty years, so…" He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, managing a pained chuckle that Verdona didn't buy into for an instant. If she got too close, Gwendolyn would easily be able to sense her, and confrontation had never been Verdona's strong suit. Then, he only sighed. The Forever Knights are forced to flee for their lives. Knight: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It was a tad awkward, but Ben seemed to appreciate the gesture anyway. While I had been changing, I began to feel some guilt for what I had said to Ben.

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